Silage Making in the Tropics with Particular Emphasis on Smallholders: Proceedings of the FAO Electronic Conference on Tropical Silage, 1 September -15 December 1999

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2000 - 180 pages
Silage has always been an integral component of temperate feeding systems worldwide, as a means to ensure year-round feed supply for high production animals. However, its use in the tropics has been restricted to isolated cases, usually involving higher-return enterprises and, in particular, the dairy industry. What are the reasons for its apparent lack of application in the tropics? The paper "Silage making in the tropics with particular emphasis on smallholders" documents the proceedings of an electronic conference that examined both this question and the various aspects of silage making in the tropics. Specifically, it reviewed the potential for use of tropical silage for livestock production, with special reference to the smallholder situation.

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a case study from northeast Thailand
Use of ensiled forages in largescale animal production systems
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