Phonology and Morphology of Creole Languages

Ingo Plag
Niemeyer, 2003 - 376 pages
Until very recently, phonology and morphology have been neglected areas in the study of creole languages. This collection of articles presents intriguing data and new analyses from a wide range of creoles that call into question traditional claims about the nature of the phonological and morphological systems of these languages and give crucial insights into one of the major questions of creole studies, i.e. the question of how these languages and their grammars come about. The volume is organized into 5 sections, each focusing on particular aspects of the respective subsystems: >Segments and syllablesStress, tone and intonationMorphophonologyDerivational morphologyInflection

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Albert Valdman and Iskra Iskrova
Emmanuel Nikiema and Parth Bhatt
Sabine Lappe and Ingo Plag
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