The Cambridge History of Judaism: The early Roman period

Cambridge University Press, 1984 - 1254 pages
". The archaeology of Palestine 63 BCE-CE 70 Magen Broshi; 2. The Herodian temple Dan Bahat; 3. Archaeology in Palestine in recent decades: achievements and goals Eric M. Meyers; 4. The contribution of inscriptions of the study of Judaism Margaret Williams; 5. The social, economic and political history of Palestine from 63 BCE-CE 70 Emilio Gabba; 6. The Diaspora in the Roman period before 70 CE E. Mary Smallwood; 7. The Gentiles in Judaism 125 BCE-CE 66 Morton Smith; 8. Gentiles as seen by Jews after CE 70 Raphael Loewe; 9. The synagogue Hanswulf Bloedhorn and F.G. Huttenmeister; 10. The temple and the synagogue Shaye J.D. Cohen; 11. The early liturgy of the synagogue Stefan C. Reif; 12. Women in the synagogue William Horbury; 13. The Pharisees Joachim L.W. Schaper; 14. The Sadducees Gunter Stemberger; 15. The Essenes Otto Betz; 16. The Baptist sects Kurt Rudolph; 17. The troublemakers Morton Smith; 18. The Samaritans and their sects Stanley Isser; 19. Galilean Judaism and Judean Judaism Martin Goodman; 20. Jesus from the Jewish point of view W.D. Davies and E.P. Sanders; 21. Paul from the Jewish point of view W.D. Davies; 22. Jewish Christianity J. Carleton-Paget; 23. Apocalyptic: the disclosure of heavenly knowledge Christopher C. Rowland; 24. The Qumran sectarian writings Jonathan Campbell; 25. The Dead Sea scrolls and pre-Tannaitic Judaism Norman Golb; 26. Prayer in the Qumran texts Daniel K. Falk; 27. Philo of Alexandria C. Mondésert; 28. Josephus (CE 37 -c. 100) L.H. Feldman; 29. The Rabbi in second century Jewish society Shaye J.D. Cohen; 30. The Roman diaspora 70 CE -235; the archaeological evidence L.I. Levine; 31. The legacy of Egypt in Judaism J. Gwyn Griffiths; 32. Jewish elements in gnosticism and magic c. 70 CE -c. 270 CE Philip S. Alexander.

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