The Plan (A Steamy Gay Romance)

Reya Karl - 346 pages


Bad break-up, moving to a new city, starting a new job.  Who hasn’t experienced that before?

I expected this whole thing to be cliché and predictable.

What I never expected was for my new boss, Greg, to be drop-dead gorgeous.

Six-feet tall, endless eyes, and a sexy-as-sin body that I could explore every inch of.

Just one problem, though… I don’t know if he’s gay.

I can’t stop thinking about my new boss… and of all the ways he could touch me.

Of all the ways he could love me.

I need a plan if I’m going to get this man.




I never pass up an opportunity, both professionally and personally.

So of course I took the opening to be the new project lead.

And of course I took an interest in the new hire, Simon.

What I didn’t expect was chocolate eyes and gorgeous curls.

What I didn’t expect was to want to take Simon home the very first time I saw him.

But there’s a problem… he’s my subordinate. I’ve never let rules stop me before, though.

I’m going to make Simon mine, and he’ll have to do what I say.


The Plan is a sexy novel-length gay romance depicting explicit m/m situations that ends in a happily ever after.


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Reya Karl loves to write steamy M/M romances that have happily-ever-afters.

If you like a read that's both hot and sweet, then Reya Karl's books are for you!


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