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My faith and hope may see the Lord,

Though veils of darkness lie between : Hope shall rest firm upon his word,

And faith rejoice in things unseen. Awake, my charity, and feed

The hungry soul, and clothe the poor : In heav'n are found no sons of need,

There all these duties are no more. Subdue thy passions, O my soul,

Maintain the fight, thy work pursue ; Daily thy rising sins

controul, And be thy vict'ries ever new. The land of triumph lies on high,

There are no fields of battle there : Lord, I would conquer till I die,

And finish all the glorious war. Let ev'ry flying hour confess,

I gain thy gospel fresh renown; And when my life and labour cease,

May I possess the promis'd crown.


Death of Mankind, Saints and Sinners, improved.

Long Metre.
TAS death such vast destruction made ?

Does ev'ry hour increase the dead?
Here I behold the guilt of sin,
That brought this spreading mischief in.
Great God! How awful and how just
Thy law, that turns our flesh to dust!
O let me learn how frail am I,
And all

prepare to die.
When impious wretches yield their breath
And go unpardon'd down to death,
Awake, my soul, adore the grace,
That gave thee a repenting space.

my life

But when a saint with chearful air,
Meets his last foe, and feels no fear,
Our faith, our hope, and courage grow;
We learn to face the tyrant too.
We could renounce our all things here,
And wish that moment would appear,
When we shall leave this world, and rise
To meet the joys above the skies.

The Doctrine of the Trinity, and the Use of it: Or,
Access to the Father through Christ by the Holy Spirit.

Common Metre.
ATHER of glory, to thy name

Immortal praise we give,
Who didst an act of grace proclaim,

And bid us rebels live. Immortal honour to the Son,

Who makes thine anger cease ; Our lives he ransom'd with his own,

And dy'd to buy our peace.

Immortal glory giv'n,
Whose influence brings us near to thee,

And trains us up for heav'n.
Let men with their united voice

Adore th' eternal God,
And spread his honours and their joys

Thro' nations far abroad.
Let faith and love, and duty join,

One general song to raise ;
And saints in earth and heav'n combine,

In harmony and praise.




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