Topography of Great Britain: Or, British Traveller's Directory: Cornwall


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Page 90 - Who hung with woods yon mountain's sultry brow ? From the dry rock who bade the waters flow ? Not to the skies in useless columns tost...
Page 85 - Now morn, her rosy steps in th' eastern clime Advancing, sow'd the earth with orient pearl, When Adam...
Page 90 - Ross," each lisping babe replies. Behold the market-place with poor o'erspread ! The Man of Ross divides the weekly bread : He feeds yon alms-house, neat, but void of state, Where Age and Want sit smiling at the gate ; Him portion'd maids, apprentic'd orphans blest, The young who labour, and the old who rest. Is any sick ? the Man of Ross relieves, Prescribes, attends, the medicine makes, and gives.
Page 90 - Or in proud falls magnificently lost, But clear and artless, pouring through the plain Health to the sick, and solace to the swain.
Page 30 - Ross, its features occasionally assume greater boldness; though more frequently their aspect is placid; but at the latter town, wholly emerging from its late state of apparent repose, " it resumes the brightness and rapidity of its primitive character, as it forms the admired curve which the Church-yard of Ross commands. The celebrated spire of Ross Church, peeping over a noble row of...
Page 82 - Alban's ; and her grandson attained the honours of prelacy, and became the proprietor of that very episcopal palace, which almost adjoined the humble cot where his maternal ancestor first drew her breath.
Page 86 - Convent of the brethren ; the site whereof was up11 OH on a small hill, not half a mile distant from Kentland ; the ruins of which place, with its old foundations, are yet to be seen, and was a place dedicated to holy use : there it was that the great college for one hundred students was founded by St.
Page 80 - And pray Sir, who lives there now ?' ' I do, Sir.' ' Then, pardon me, Sir, do not lose sight of all these prudent examples ; but come out of it yourself, or it will tumble and crush you.
Page 87 - Welchman killed another, the relations of the deceased were to meet, and plunder the goods of the murderer and his relations, and burn their houses, till the body was buried about noon of the following day : the king was to have his third of the booty, and all the rest was to remain to them.
Page 49 - Maurice his Son who succeeded him in the Kingdom, that in the same place, he should happen to decease a Church should be built, and his body buried in the same, which was accordingly performed, in the Year floo...

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