The Truce in the East and Its Aftermath: Being the Sequel to 'The Re-shaping of the Far East,'

Macmillan, 1907 - 647 pages

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Page 467 - The preservation of the common interests of all Powers in China by insuring the independence and integrity of the Chinese Empire and the principle of equal opportunities for the commerce and industry of all nations in China.
Page 603 - China having expressed a strong desire to reform her judicial system and to bring it into accord with that of Western nations, Great Britain agrees to give every assistance to such reform, and she will also be prepared to relinquish her extra-territorial rights when she is satisfied that the state of the Chinese laws, the arrangement for their administration, and other considerations warrant her in so doing.
Page 66 - Having in view, however, their special interests, of which those of Great Britain relate principally to China, while Japan, in addition to the interests which she possesses in China, is interested in a peculiar degree politically, as well as commercially and industrially, in Korea...
Page 468 - Contracting Party will at once come to the assistance of its ally, and will conduct the war in common, and make peace in mutual agreement with it.
Page 622 - Western nations, and have declared that they are also "prepared to relinquish extraterritorial rights when satisfied that the state of the Chinese laws, the arrangements for their administration, and other considerations warrant...
Page 630 - In witness whereof, the respective plenipotentiaries have signed the same, and have affixed thereto the seals of their arms. Done at Washington, the fifteenth day of June, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty-six.
Page 482 - The Imperial Chinese Government agree that Japan has the right to maintain and work the military railway line constructed between Antung and Mukden and to improve the said line so as to make it fit for the conveyance of commercial and industrial goods of all nations.
Page 623 - Treaty have been carefully compared, but in the event of there being any difference of meaning between them, the sense as expressed in the English text shall be held to be the correct sense.
Page 625 - His Majesty the Emperor of Japan, and His Majesty the Emperor of...
Page 621 - The principles of the Christian religion as professed by the Protestant and Roman Catholic churches, are recognized as teaching men to do good, and to do to others as they would have others do to them.

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