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the King's march from Holyrood to Castle-hill, and had the most unboundthe Castle. This will occur next week, ed view. All round and below me and ought to be a very striking cere- looked like a city in a conflagration. mony. The High-Street, with its tower. Here a sullen glow, there a broad ing fabric, long ascent, and various burst of fire; dark and ridgy roofs and wild antiquity, is the finest path edged with light; steeples and pillars, for a pageant in Europe. Ranges of that, as the flame flashed partially upseats are already being raised against on them, seemed yielding and waverthe houses; and the civic authorities ing to their fall; the sky a Jurid, are holding many a weary council on smoky arch, that brightened and their distribution. Portions are set off darkened with every change below, for the different public bodies, the and, above roof and tower, Arthur's clergy, the magistrates, the officers of Seat, a mighty beacon throwing up a the army and navy, &c. The fall of column of Aame to the very heavens. one of these hasty erections a few days These things are, with me, matters since, attended with some unfortunate of reluctant description. No power casualties, has produced a city adver- of language can tell the feelings stirtisement, declaring that the chief fa- red by some of them at the time. bricator of those perilous prominences And how often, during my stand, I shall be responsible for any future allowed myself to be wrapped up in accidents. Is it not singular to find wandering imaginations, what glimpSwift's “wonderful wonder of won- ses of battle, of superb kingly festividers,” revived after the sleep of a cen- ty, of lands suddenly deluged by erup. tury. “A red-hot poker shall be tion of the fiery universal storm that thrust into a barrel of gunpowder in is yet to lay waste the earth,-what the presence of any number of per- whole cloud of dazzling and confused sons of quality, not one of whom, the fantasies filled up the hour, and made proprietor pledges himself, shall be so it like a busy and not undelighted much as singed by the explosion. The dream, passed before me, I will leave child of any person of quality shall be to your own conception. allowed to jump down twelve feet The Whigs were the most brilliant upon a board full of spikes, not one of incendiaries of the evening. Their which shall enter the said child.-Any mansions, and they have them many person shall be allowed to drive a and large, were in a blaze of lamps and twelvepenny nail up to the head in his loyalty. They went through the purown flesh, the proprietor being re- gatory of fire, and with me half their sponsible for any pain," &c.

stains are henceforth burnt away. The illumination in the evening This and other matters have thrown was peculiarly striking, from the local me into considerable doubts of the sinadvantages of the town. The devices cerity of Scottish partizanship. Whigwere innumerable, and, according to gism, like all other disorders of the the means and taste of the devisers, Aesh or spirit, must be greatly influwere some handsome, and some im- enced by externals. I can conceive it measureably grotesque. The King, his deepened into melancholy mania on much-loved and ill-treated Majesty, the howling shores of Northumberwas exhibited in a hundred different land, or exalted into absolute fuattitudes and associations ; but he was ror under the fiery atmosphere of generally in the act of being grappled Newcastle. Among salt-water marches, by two monstrous women, Scotland wildernesses of sea-weed, and the eterand Ireland struggling for him, like nal cry of cormorants, the blood nathe mothers in the Judgment of So- turally becomes serous and saline, and lomon, or fondly sharing his smiles, the man, left behind in the general like Macheath's wives, and stifling flight of humanity, may, like Lot's him between them. A butcher had wife, be rapidly hardened into salt or the royal shepherd, with a pipe at his stone. In the Stygian realm of Newlips, and a crook in his hands, con- castle, with the fume of steam-engines trolling the frolics of a large and li- for the air, the smoke of a thousand centious flock of sheep; and a writer fiery mouths of sulphur, vaulting the to the signet displayed him pouring Heavens with impenetrable dusk for out of his mouth endless rolls of sky, and the grim and coal-heaving parchment, inscribed with fragments population for man, what conception of loyalty and law, I went up to the can be formed of air, sky, or map ? What bitter ignorance of the actual the Malaria should stray beyond its state of the human race may not be natural niduses, and encroach upon naturally blackened upon the senso- the polished pavements of the New rium of the Cyclops, the sojourner of Town, is to me too strong a defiance of this cavern ? What igneous and nature, not to be a contradiction of fact. carbonic irritation may not urge the That men in the vision of hearth-rugs, Brontes or Steropes of this subterra- and pier-glasses, with pure air to innean midnight forge, to fabricate the hale, and productive parchment on arms of revolutionary plunder ? their tables, should feel honest in their

I can feel for those inevitable im- rabble politics, is altogether out of the pressions.

question. The Res dure may have Ancient Whig as I am, and there- first impelled them; the Regni novitas fore the antipode of modern Whig- may have subseqnently held them for gism, I began to suffer the endemic a while to the branch from which a discontent, as I permeated the clouds too sudden flight might have left them of Newcastle : and it was not till I on the ground ; but since their wings reached Berwick, that, with the sight have grown, and they can beat the air of the sky, and the respiration of un- without imminent peril, the adherence poisoned air, I revived to confidence in is insincere, useless, hypocritical, imthe constitution, and a respect for hu- possible. I will stake my reputation man nature.

to come, that in their Cabinet dinners, I can easily conceive Annual Par- with the doors shut, and the menials liaments and Universal Suffrage to of faction excluded, I shall find ex. keep a bitter hold in the attics of cellent fellows among them,- pleasant young and struggling advocacy in Ed- and liberal discussers of venison and inburgh. This is a disorder which vintages,-high-flavoured contemners naturally yields to the application of of Reviews, North and South, and the Briefs, and is to be treated like other choicest hands at cutting up, and beaffections of a low habit of body. But devilling the speech-making geese, how modern Whiggism should sub- Ducal or otherwise, of their party. sist out of the wynds and closes, how

Saturday, August 17, The Levee was held to-day. The racteristic. But a Highlander in a King dispatched it in two hours. This carriage is an actual offence in my eyes. was cleverly done, for he had no less When I see this, or a parapluie under than fifteen hundred visitors. I count- a clansman's arm, as it has been my ed Lords of various kinds up to fifty, misfortune frequently to see here, I and then grew weary of the tale. The feel an inclination to strip him of his King received this Northern invasion kilt, and wrap him in the effeminacy with great fortitude,-said something of our Southern investitures for the civil to every one speakable, wore his rest of his days. What! a fellow tartaus with address, and, tired as he palpably built for all weathers, with must have been, exerted himself to an impenetrable hide and physiognoplease and be pleased. In the palace, my which throws off rain like a pentthe presentees were crowded into a house,-an iron-ribbed, rock-visaged, mob. In the street they made the winter-proof loon, that might say to same motley and lingering line that the mist, thou art my mother, and has so often impeded the honester traf- to the frost, thou art my brother and fic of Piccadilly; the same succession sister, in snow was I shapen, and in of yawning Doblesse, and military storm has my father begot me! fierce with feather and frill; adipose In my old reveries of Highland life, members of the corporations, stuffed I had formed ideas upon those points three on a seat,-judges furred up and suitable to civilized ignorance. Time party.coloured into the look of huge has strangely diminished my credu. tiger-moths; and black Barristers, with lity; and henceforth I will believe their lean and inky physiognomies, nothing that has not passed before my fearfully darted out of their cages from own eyes, and perhaps not trust even time to time into the light and air. their witness with too fond a confi. One or two of the carriages were es- dence. My speculation was filled corted by Highlanders. This was no- with mountains and cataracts, solemn vel, and if the lounger within had led showers, and thunders keeping up pethem on foot, would have been cha- rennial battle through those verdure

less upper deserts of the world ; and this side of Paradise, may my right among them a race of men fearless of hand forget its cunning ; no, not for the torrent and tempest, that sickened in sublime of Southern beatitudes ; not to sunshine, and solicited the storm from be eminent among the picture-dealers the shade of the most embowering of the West, or the carcase-dealers of thistles, the hunters of the red deer, the East; to be familiar with every the scorners of the Sassenach, an un- waiter at White's, and plundered by fatigueable, unteachable, undrownable every blackleg at Newmarket; not to people, the legitimate, kilted abori- make the twelfth baboon in the hebgines of the land of Desolation, the yet domadal foolery of the quadrille at undried survivors of the general de- Almack's ; not to live in a hotel, and luge.

lounge six hours a day in the window Instead of this, I see fellows as cau- of the Thatched-house ; not to devote tious of a wetting as I am myself, with my sleep and soul to maudlin haumbrellas, spectacles, and other paltry rangues and contemptible partizanEnglish affectations. I speak of the ship in St Stephen's ; not to go from better orders ; or, in the language of home with a pursuing whirlwind of truth, the worse. I have seen faces curses, both loud and deep, linger in and figures among the clansmea as idleness and contempt, and return in much nobler than those of their mas- beggary and remorse. May my tongue ters, as the face and figure of man is cleave to the roof of my mouth, if I superior to those of a Cheapside clerk, would be tempted by those things ! or a promenader of Bond Street ; fine, no, not to see my peopled hills and bold, erect rovers, with a sinewy stride, valleys made desolate with the most and a haughty, deep-eyed counte- pursy sheep, and the most pleuritic nance, that tells the very hero of the black cattle that ever extinguished the hills.

human race. Lo! is not the heart of If I were the laird of a few hundreds man better than ram's fat, and the of such beings, I would not afflict my living soul nobler than the blood of soul or theirs with living five miles beeves ? out of their presence, until the grave But let us do justice to the Stafshould strip me of my sovereignty. fords. I believe that their proceed. The tartan should not be off my limbs ings have been, on the whole, contill it was off for the shroud. I would ducted with a view to the future bewalk on their hills and sleep on their nefit of their tepantry. But their exheather. My songs should be of the ample has been followed, where their Wallace, the Bruce, and the Mon- principle was forgotten. What they trose. I would bring civilization among have done in mercy, was done by them, in its sober dignity, the har- others in rapine. All forced wisdom binger of peace, knowledge, and manly belongs to pain. To take the gun from allegiance. I would teach them to a mountaineer's hand, and replace it be true to their love, their faith, and by a shuttle, may be wise, yet repultheir King ; and after this, when in sive enough to long-nurtured feelings the hope of having, in some degree, of personal dignity: to drive the tildone the duty for which I was sent ler of his hereditary patch of whips into the world, I should give way to down to the sea-side, and bid him the great summons, I solemnly be- thenceforth plough the sea, and live lieve that my last hour would be as on kelp, may be better for all parties tranquil, and all that remained of me in the end; but if I had been one of be borne to the resting-place of my the Countess's tail, I should have turnfathers with as true laments, and that ed short, and insisted on not being for many a year to come, my grey- dragged across the land, after her haired companions would bring their sweeping and relentless inhumanity. sons and daughters to the spot, and I should have felt myself justified in point to their old friend and master's sending the fiery cross through every grave, with as glistening eyes, and as bladeless valley and trackless swamp fond a remembrance, as if I had been of her kingdom. The thistle should the most crushing, opulent, rack-rent have spoken its parable against her, scoundrel in the whole court calendar and flame should have come out the of sheep-feeding and absenteeism. If brambles of Sutherland. How could I would have abandoned, or expelled, I have borne to leave the bones of my or broken the hearts of those noble fathers, and the place made memorbeings, for any profit or possession on able to me by all the sweetnesses and VOL. XII.

2 M


sorrowings of my life? With what but before I should submit to be drageyes should I have looked for the last ged from all this, and squeezed into a time on the spot where every tree and fish-smelling cabin, or compelled to rivulet was impressed with some recol- petrify my substratum by the eternal lection made almost sacred by love sitting of the loom, I should have tried and time ? All this may be idle to a bold defiance, have barricadoed my dames and dukes five hundred miles door, and, with the flints of the mounoff, and five hundred times farther off tain, and the clods of the valley, have in feeling ; sailing up and down life made a remarkable example of the in the bustle of levees and loo-tables ; factor.

Monday, August 19. Yesterday the world was quiet, and tomary sentences, they limit themall Edinburgh went to church. The selves to gazing, and when he at length aspect of the people, both within and returns from the chase of his own conwithout their chapels, was decorous. ceptions, feel not less relieved than the And I can vouch for the falsehood of exhausted declaimer. I rejoice that the report, that shaving on Sunday is the soberness of English reform did not contrary to law. In the rigour of pound either the Cathedrals or the prelate-hunting times there was some Liturgy in pieces. popular connexion between infidelity To-day the King received deputations and a brushed coat, high treason to from the public bodies. The Church of the majesty of Knox,

and the riddance Scotland, an establishment curiously of a week's beard ; it has altogether combined of lay and clerical powers, perished here. In Glasgow, I will probably surprised him by its mixture allow, and other places remote from of military and civic costumes with the civilized life, the barber still performs dresses of the clergy. His reception at his peril, and is accountable to the of this diversity of strange faces and Stocks for every smooth chin in his stranger tongues, was graceful and digdistrict. A saintly and antisaponace- nified. Some of the addresses affected ous magistracy hold the terrors of the him, and his marked attention to the law over every believing professor sus- venerable head of the university, may pected of the heresy of a clean chin; be presumed to have laid a long claim and the licentious Sunday shaving to learned gratitude. which has taken place in the general The leaders of the Bar here figure joy and dissolution of manners on his in so many public capacities, that the Majesty's arrival, has been already majority have had frequent opportuvisited on the purses of the more daring nities of standing in the sunshine of barbers at the rate of five shillings a the Royal Presente ; and party is said piece.

to be rapidly melting down. The The congregation in the chapel to King must have been appalled at the which I went were well-dressed, order- sight of this formidable and volumily, and attentive. But, in place of the nous array of litigation. The Bar of one sermon that sometimes exhausts Edinburgh supplies enough of advoEnglish patience, the Scotch must cacy to drain the population of an emprovide patience for three.

pire. A few Leviathans are undispubefore and after what ted Lords of the Brine, but the mulis expressly called the Sermon, are ac- titude who live upon what escapes tual discourses, long expositions of the those capacious devourers, is altogether pastor's opinions upon disputed points, astonishing and unsuspected among meanderivgs through mazy theology, the causes of the fall of farms and the different in nothing from the address general sapping and suction of the between them, but in the facts of the provinciality. Yet, but for its Bar, people's standing up and the preach- Edinburgh would have been half uner's shutting his eyes. Far be it from known, a cypher in the sum of cities, me to speak with levity of these forms. Even now, in the midst of all her butI know how closely things unimport- tresses and fulcra of literature, many ant and obsolete sometimes cling to and curious as they are, let man grow our nature. But I also know that honest and the Bar perish, Edinthe congregation find it utterly impos- burgh, before the lapse of fifty years, sible to follow the deviousness of the would resemble an English borough prayer ; thus, after the few first cus- town in its look, as much as it now

The prayers

does, in some points, which I shall or grove, tent or tea-table, shall be not at present notice, but reserve seized at any expense, and hung up in for some other occasion. Pedestrians terrorem, with a bust of Harpocrates might come to wonder and breakfast round his neck, at the turn from the on the spot where Judges read novels high road. from the Bench, and where Erskine But it is no breach of confidence to parted his mantle of puns among the speak of the Scotch as among the most remanent and aspiring exhilarators of liberal and hospitable entertainers. the Bar. Men of virtu might gather to The Scotch are hospitable just to the guage and measure the twofold Bar- extent that they ought to be, and all row, the biceps Parnassus, which it rational men will be. If you are known, will be the dying labour of Edinburgh you will be civilly received ; and if to raise to her last two great names, you are not, you will be left to regale the orator,

at your hotel, and contemplate the

Calton undisturbed. They do not pre“ Argutum, fervidum, facetum, eloquen- sume you, as in England, to be necestem ;"

sarily a swindler, nor as in Ireland, a And the Poet, “Qui cineres? Tumuli hæc vestigia : grandee in disguise. They give you Conditur olim

a single glance of their grey, acute Ille hic qui cecinit pascua, rura, duces."

eyes, and then leave you to your lu

cubrations, without either setting a I shall perish before that consum- Bow-Street officer upon your path, or mation, and this hand of panegyric, insinuating a general invitation into and this heart overflowing with wea- your

hand. You may do as you please, riness of absence, and with envy at the and as long as you please ; and there sight of every coach and courier that are, I am told, instances of strangers, I see speeding south, will he turned who have wandered through the mulinto the bulbs and blossoms of the titudes of Edinburgh for years, withgarden. If the extinction were to hap- out a supper or a smile, until they had pen now, I should have to regret some imbibed a rigid aspect, forgot their very agreeable acquaintances. I have English, and were mistaken for their seen those cleverer persons here, who countrymen. are usually persecuted by strangers ; Yet this let me say for the sister but of them and theirs the world öhall countries, that their torridness or frinot hear a syllable from me. The gidity the result of circumstances ; treachery of your thorough-bred Tour- that John is generous, willing, and ist shall, in my Utopia, be visited with stranger-loving, when he has leisure, branding and the galleys.

of which he has but little ; while, on Confidence and gentleman-like cour- the contrary, Patrick has or makes a tesy have already become matters of great deal ; and by the help of this peril, and a man of any reputation arm be is enabled to rout John, horse, must sit in the presence of one of foot, and dragoons, out of the field of those filchers of face, and swindlers of

face, and swindlers of hospitality. In Eogland, men whose sentiment, in a state of continual ner- brains are not whirling in the per

Conversation must either petual tumult of business, have a degenerate into the shadowy nonsense, ready access to books, and can satiate that alone can baffle the grasp of those themselves with the fall of stocks, and unsparing marauders of private good the perplexities of ministers every things; or it must be conducted with quarter, and month, and week, and closed doors, and on the solemn oath day. But to the generation of the Paof every new-comer, that he will not, tricks, those are, for the chief part, by ink or inuendo, in any shape what- costly and forbidden things, exotics of ever, divulge a syllable beyond the the rarest odour, mangoes and JamaiTrophonian cave.

ca ginger, sent in presents from some For my part, I am determined, the compassionate and recollecting cousin moment I feel that I am grown into a beyond seas. I will lay my silk gown man of celebrity, (a consummation ne- in futuro, to the band of any Lord of ver to be doubted,) I will placard my Session extant, that at this hour threeavenue with prohibitions to all poachers fourths of the resident gentlemen of of living genius, fix up a board with, Ireland, out of the confines of Dublin, " Traveller-man-traps and spriug guns have bút very indistinctively heard of set in these grounds.” And the first in- Mr Bennet and of the Bonassus, are dividual, who shall print an iota of the dubious in an extreme degree about merest trifling that transpires by grot the existence of Mr Owen and the Op


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