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Skelfhill, to Marion M. Dickson, youngest daugh- Aug. 20. At Augusta, Georgia, Thomas Gardter of Archibald Dickson, Esq. of Housebyres. ner, Esq. of Savannah, formerly of Glasgow.

4. At Edinburgh, George Forbes, Esq.of Spring. - At sea, off St Helena, on his return from hill, Aberdeenshire, to Wilhelmina, daughter of Java to Europe, for the recovery of his health, the late Captain James Walker, of the Hon. East John, son of the late John Mackenzie, Esq. KinIndia Company's service.

craig, Ross-shire. 6. At Edinburgh, John Williams, Esq. of the 25. At Jamaica, the Rev. James Daun, M. D. Hon. East India Company's Civil service, to So. Rector of Westmorland, and Chaplain to the Hon. phia, daughter of the late Dr William Roxburgh, House of Assembly. also of the Hon. East India Company's service. Sept. 16. At Demerara, Harriet, daughter of

7. At Thomson's Place, Leith, Mr John Find- the late James Rose, Esq. depute-clerk of Session. lay, Paislev, to Jessie, third daughter of the late 21. On Providence Estate, Island of Jarnaica, Mr Jaines Thomson, Oatridge, Linlithgowshire. Thomas Jones, Esq.

In March last, and on the Sth Nov. re-married 22. At New Orleans, Mr Thomas Bogle, merby the Very Reverend Principal Baird, at No. 41, chant, formerly of Glasgow. St Andrew's Square, Edinburgh, Patrick Syme, Oct. 13. At Naples, Mr Andrew Craigie, late of Esq. Queen Street, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter Edinburgh, second son of Mr David Craigie, of Claud Irvine Boswell, Esq. of Balmuto, late Leith. one of the Senators of the College of Justice. - At Filleigh, Devonshire, aged 78, the Rev.

9. At St Andrews, near Elgin, Major Dunbar, John Burges Karslake. This gentleman, when an of the 3d Regiment of Bengal Cavalry, to Jessie, infant, was saved by his nurse-maid jumping out daughter of ihe Rev. William Leslie, of Balna- of the window with him in her arms, when his sageith, Morayshire.

ther, mother, and two brothers, were destroyed 12. At St John's Place, Leith, James Scarth, by fire at South Molton, January 30, 1749. Esq. merchant, Leith, to Eliza, daughter of John - At Culblair, Colin Shaw, Esq. Dudgeon, Esq.

- At Pinebush, in the town of Montgomery, 15. At Forres, Morayshire, Lieutenant Evelyn New York, Captain Archibald Hunter. The cirNorie, R. N. to Isabella, daughter of the late cumstances of (aptain Hunter's death, are some James Anderson, Esq. of Windyhill.

what remarkable." As he was opening a cow, up18. At Edinburgh, Mr John Croley, surgeon, posed to have been poisoned in some way or other, to Helen, eldest daughter of Mr John Mein, sur- he received a slight wound, which became imme geon.

diately impregnated with the poison, and in less - At Plewlands, John Meiklejohn, Esq. writer than an hour it was diffused over the whole systo the signet, to Catherine, youngest daughter of tem, in consequence of which he died in about ten Mr Alexander M'Callum, farmer, Plewlands. days.

- At Montrose, Alexander Melville, M. D. sur- 21. In Dublin, Lady Ann Jocelyn, only sister of geon of the 25th Regiment, to Elizabeth, young- the Earl of Roden. est daughter of Captain George Sutherland, of that 25. At Ayr, Mrs Ross, widow of Captain Jaines place.

Ross. - At Cupar, Dr Andrew Bowes, physician, At Leuchars, Mr Daniel Robertson, late of King's Kettle, to Helen, only child of Mr Jaines the Black Bull, Edinburgh. Macnaughton, Rossie.

27. At Portobello, Mrs Anne Dick, wife of Mr 21. Ai Westertown of Pitfodels, James Gordon, John Gillies, and sister to Mr Douglas Dick, late Esq. of Aberlour, to Margaret, third daughter of merchant in Glasgow. Mr Macnab.

28. At Kincardine Lodge, Mrs Gordon of Kin25. At Straloch, Major George Turner, of Me. cardine. nie, to Margaret, third daughter of the late John 31. At the Manse of Biggar, the Rev. William Ramsay of Barra, Esq.

Watson. - At Arbroath, David Louson, Esq. of Spring- - At Bath, Rear-Admiral Puget, Companion field, town clerk of Arbroath, to Aune Forbes, of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath. This dargliter of the Rev. George Gleig, minister of excellent and lamented officer had sailed round the the gospel there.

world with the late Captain Vancouver, had com- At Keir Street, the Rev. James Mitchell, to manded various men of war, and was many years Jessie, youngest daughter,of the late Mr William Commnissioner at Madras. Kinnaird, cheinist, Edinburgh.

Nov. I. At kirkealay, Mrs Douglas, relict of 26. At Pirbright Church, near Guilford, H. W. John Douglas of Pinkerton. R. W. Halsey, of Henly Park, Surrey, Esq. to - At Hamilton, Robert Burns, Esq. of WestMary Noel, third daughter of Andrew Stirling, port, Bothwell. This gentleman was the fourth Esq. of Drumpellier, Lanarkshire.

pupil of the celebrated Mr Braidwood of the Ed. 27. At St Pancras, Middlesex, William David. inburgh Deaf and Dumb Institution, when, at an son Blair, Esq. of Glasgow, to Miss Jane Bruce, early period of life, he made such astonishing proof Upper Gower Street, Bedford Square, only ficiency, that he felt but very little inconvenience daughter of the late Dr Bruce.

from the want of hearing, being naturally a genius 28. At Annfield, Mr John Hutcheson, merchant, of great perception. So sensible was the deceased North Leith, to Margaret, eldest daughter of Mr of the advantage he derived from the Deaf and W. Mackenzie, of the revenue cutter Prince Re- Dumb Institu:ion of Edinburgh, that he has left gent.

£100 for its support. 30. At London, Charles Berwick, Esq. young- 2. At Edinburgh, James M'Kinnon Campbell, est son of Sir William Curtis, Bart. to Henrietta, Esq. of Ormaig. second daughter of the late Rev. B. Pearson, of - At Chelsea, Patrick Paterson, Esq. late surCroxall, Derbyshire.

geon of the 25th Regiment Light Dragoons.

3. At Mary Place, Stockbridge, Alexander Mit* DEATHS.

chell, sen. Esq. March 16. A few days after leaving Madras, - At Sandford Hall, Shropshire, Thomas Hugh homeward-bound from India, Mr Alex. Durward, Sandford, Esq. of Sandford. Chief Officer of the ship Fame.

1. Near Leghorn, Robina Henrietta, youngest April 2. At Wallajahbad, of an epidemic cho- daughter of David Kennedy, Esq. of Kirkmichael. lera, B. M‘Millan, Esq. Assistant-Surgeon, Walla- At St Andrews, Mrs Tullideph, relict of jahbad Light Infantry.

John Tullideph, Esq. of Kilmux. May 20. At Madras, Mrs Robson, wife of Cap- 6. At Paris, M. Bertholet, the celebrated chetain Felix Robson, 16th Reginent Madras Native mist. Infantry.

7. At Linlithgow, Mr William Kenmore. 28. At Malacca, Dr Milne, the author of several - At St Mary's Isle, of an inflammatory illlearned works on the literature of China, and the ness of nearly three weeks' duration, James Wedhistorian of the first Ten Years of the Chinese derburn, Esq. his Majesty's Solicitor-General for Mission.

Scotland. July 8. At Calcutta, the Right Rev. Thomas - At Ruthven Manse, the Rev. Patrick M. Fanshaw Middleton, D. D. Lord Bishop of that

Laren. Presidency, after a short but severe illness.

8. In Charles Street, Edinburgh, Mrs Anne 18. At the Grotto, Westmorland, Jamaica, Traill, relict of James Traill, Esq. of Westove. Christian Speid, youngest daughter of the late - At Kerswell, Mrs Jean Lockhart, widow of Ilomer Blair, Faq.

William Bertram, Es. of Nesbit.

9. At Pitlour House, Fifeshire, Mrs Lucy Hay, 18. In Richmond Place, Edinburgh, at the grea widow of Patrick Moncrieff of Reidie, Esq. age of 105 years, Mrs Agnes Anderson, relict of - In Albany Street, Edinburgh, Mrs Warrand. Mr George Mackenzie of Stockbridge. It is be

At Biggar Park, Jane, daughter of George lieved she was the oldest inhabitant of Edinburgh, Gillespie, Esq. of Biguar Park.

and was born and brought up here, as well as her - At Maulsden, Christina Elizabeth, daughter ancestors for many generations. In 1745, after of Colin Gib, Esq. aged 10 years and 7 months. witnessing the reception of the Pretender at Holy.

- At Dundee, Dr Andrew Ross, physician, rood House, she was struck with a musket ball aged 71.

fired from the Castle, while carrying her eldest 10. At Bankfoot, Miss Hay, only surviving son, who bore her head to the grave. daughter of the deceased James Hay, Esq. of Pit- 19. At Edinburgh, Mrs Henderson, many years four.

matron of the Charity Workhouse of this city. - At Leith, George Gillon, second son of the Among other legacies, she has left one of 501. to late Mr John Gillon, shipmaster, Leith.

that Institution. - At Aberdeen, in the 7'1th year of his age, 20. At Dunkeld, Mr Charles Leslie, surgeon, Patrick Copland, LL.D. Professor of Natural Phi. R.N. aged 42 losophy in the Martschal College and University, - At Edrom Manse, Berwickshire, suddenly, in which he taught, with great reputation and the Rev. John Ha tie, ininister of that parish, in success, for upwards of fifty years. Ilis remains the 60th year of his age. were attended to the grave from the Hall of the - Suddenly, at Dunbar House, Master John Marischal College, by the students, walking in Balfour, eldest sou of James Balfour, Esq. of procession, the Professors of both Universities, Whittinghame. the Magistrates of Aberdeen, his relatives, and a 29. At Dunkeld, John, second son of Williamn numerous company of citizens.

Mowbray, merchant in Leith. 11. At No. 10, St Leonard's Street, James, eld- - At Leith, Mrs Rebecca Wightman, aged 92. est son of Mr James Dickson, stationer, Edin- - At Abotshall Manse, Dr James I hytt, for. burgh.

merly of Charles-Street, Edinburgh. – Suddenly, in Portland Street, near Port-Eg. 23. At Edinburgh, Mr David George, printer. lington, the Rev.John Leech, (formerly of Largs), 27. John Dun Stewart, Esq. of Tonderghie. teacher of Hebrew, and lecturer on Sacred Criti- 28. At Dublin, the Hon. and Rev. Hely Hutchcism in Glasgow, aged 58.

inson, youngest brother of the Right Hon. the 12. At Edinburgh, Mrs Wilson, relict of Mr Earl of Donoughmore. George Wilson, late tenant of Blanerne, Berwick. - At 66, Great King-Street, Mrs Paton, wife of shirc.

Mr John Paton, builder. - At Kirkcaldy, Mrs Reid, reliet of the Rev. - At Bath, Don Francisco Antonio Zea, miniJames Reid, some time minister of the parish of ster of the Columbian Republic. His health had Kinglassie, Fiteshire.

been in a declining state for more than twelve At his house in Sloane Street, London, in months. his 62d year, the Right Hon. William Lord Grant. 30. At London, Asher Goldsmidt, Esq. aged 71. ley, Baron Markinfield, in the county of York, 31. At Cowhill, Major Charles Scott, late of the Lord High Steward of Guildford, Colonel of the 10th regiment of foot. 1st Royal Surroy Militia, F. S. A. &c. His Lord

At Crieff, Captain R. Macdonald, late of the ship is succeedeat in his titles and estates by Flet- 19th regiment of fooi. cher Norton, Esq. the eldest son of the late Hon. Lately. At No. 5, Nelson-Street, Miss Jean Fletcher Norton, senior Baren of his Majesty's Adair. Court of Exchequer in Scotland, who was second At Rachan House, in the 86th year of his brother to the late Lord.

John Loch, Esq. of Rachin. 13. At Leicester, Mrs Bisset, relict of Com

At his seat, Oxfordshire, Ralph Sheldon, missary-General Robert Bisset.

Esq. N. P. At Barachny, Williain Hamilton, Esq. Mr - At Bath, Sir Henry White, K.C. B. MajorHamilton was the last representative of the an

General in the Bengal army. cient House of Monkland.

- At Naples, M. Contugno, the author of nu- Rear-Admiral John Sprat Rainier.

merous important anatomical discoveries, distin14. Dr James Cassels, physician in Lancaster, guished also, as an elegant writer, both in Latin eldest son of the late Andrew Cassels, Esq. Leith. and Italian.

15. At Glasgow, Mrs Stirling, relict of John - In the commune of Beauphy, France, DoStirling, Esq.

minqua Espansen, aged one hundred and eight - Ai Paisley, Major Alexander M‘Dougall, for- years and fifteen days. He never was sick, and merly of the 12d Regiment, and only surviving was, froin his great age, an object of veneration son of the late Coll M.Dougall, Esq. of Creggan

to all the countıy. nish, Lismore, Argyllshire.

Captain George Johnston, of Greenock. He - In Upper Gloucester Street, Regent Park, crossed the Atlantic no less than 172 times; and London, Mr John Debrett, formerly an eminent that not merely without once being wrecked or bookseller in Piccadilly,

captured, but also without having met with a 15. At Paris, Medaine the Countess of Perre- casualty of any kind, so as to have occasioned a gaux, of the family of Macdonalt.

loss to the underwriters on the ships under his - At Paris, Maclame the Marchioness de Vil- command. lette, the adopted daughter of Voltaire, who was At Marguise, near Calais, Richard Usher, called by him the beautiful and good."

Esq. This gentleman, who is said to have been - At Edinburgh, in the 7th year of her age, one of the handsomest men in Europe, was killert Hannalı, only daughter of the Rev. Dr Muir. by his gun going off accidentally, owing to the

- Of consumption, in his father's house, Wil- trigger coming in contract with a twig. liam Dymock, teacher, Hulme, son of Mr Dy- - At Rome, Madame Letitia Buonaparte, momock, Glasgow, late Rector of the Grammar ther of the late Ex-Emperor of France. The School of Kelso. Inconsiderately leaping into a chief heir to her immense wealth, is her grandson, river with his clothes on, about twelve months the young Napoleon. To her eight children now

ago, to save the life of a favourite dog, proved the living, viz. Jos ph, Lucian, Louis, Jerome, Eliza, • immediate cause of inducing the disorder, which Paulinc, Caroline, and Hortensia, she has be.

at first slowly, but afterwards rapidly, un termin- queathe. 150,000 scudi (37,0001.) ench; and to her ed his constitution, and brought him to the grave brother, Cardinal Fesch, a superb palace, fitted up in the 29th year of his age.

in the most costly inanner.



one, 69

Account of the life of Donald M‘Bane, Layman on the, 3Letter of a Catholic

Layman on the above, 414
Agricultural distress, letter on the, 436 Celtic Society, remarks on the, by a Goth,

Question of a composition with the na- 357-Remarks on the controversy be-
tional creditor considered, 437-Hints tween Glengarry and, 359-Letters of
to the country gentlemen, 482_-Cause of Glengarry, 362, 365 --Letter of a Celt,
the distress considered, 485_Letter II. 367– Letter of Lieut. M.Kenzie, ib.
To the country gentlemen, 624_Re- Chemistry, Dr Thomson's answer
marks on the meeting of the county of Brande's review of his System of, 40
Lanark, 632

Chief, the, and his tail, an excellent new
Ambrosianæ, Noctes, No. IV. 100_No. song, by a person of quality, 351
V. 369_No. VI. 695

Childhood, reflections on, 139
Anecdote of the enchanter Faustus and Cinders, introduction to the noble science
Queen Elizabeth, 230

of sisting, 523
Ancient national melodies, No. IV. 466 Clans of Scotland, with their badges of dis.
Antique, review of Croly's Gems from the, tinction, alphabetical list of the, 271–

Never distinguished by their tartans, but
Appointments, promotions, &c., 126, 247, by the badges worn in their bonnets,
613, 689, 800

Arctic land expedition, account of the, 500 Clavers, a story of, 663
Art of hoaxing, specimen of the Italian, Cockney school of poetry, remarks on the
589—Tale the third, 594—Tale the

No. VII, 775
fourth, 598

Congress at Verona, remarks on the, 651
Auto-Biography of l'imothy Tell, school. Corn markets, 123, 244, 509, 686

master of Birchendale, 595– Introduc. Country ball, packing up after an English
tion to the enlightened British public,
Chap. I. 396_Chap. II. 405 --Chap. Courtry gentlemen, hints to the, 482, 624
111. 606-Chap. IV. 610_Chap. V. Daft Days, tales of the, 600, 761
612_Chap. VI. 615-Chap. VII. 618 Dairyman's Daughter, the, review of, 749
-Chap. VIII. 621

Dale's Irad and Adah, review of, 61
Ballad metre-monger, first notes of an in. Death of Isaiah ; a fragment. By David
cipient, 67

Lindsay, 205
Bankrupts, British, 125, 246, 512, 688, Deaths, 129, 249, 519, 691, 802

De Stael, Madame, on the politics of, 586
Barton, Bernard, review of his poems, 769 Distresses, agricultural, letter on the, 436
Belshazzar, review of Milman's, 25

-Hints to country gentlemen on, 482,
Births, 128, 248, 517, 690, 801

Blessington, Lord, review of his Observa. Douglas, James, review of his Hints on
tions on the State of Ireland, 153

Missions, 147
Bowles's Grave of the Last Saxon, review Edin urgh, the King's visit to. By a Lon-
of, 71

doner, but no Cockney, 268_Plan for
Boxianæ, No. IX. Scene-Mr Belcher's expediting the mail from London to, 673
Castle Tavern, Holborn, 460

-Letter on the proposed new High-
Brande, Mr, answer to his review of Thom. school in, 756
son's System of Chemistry, 40

Elder Jonathan, 476
Brown, John, or the House in the Muir, Elegy to Alisa, translated from Buchanan,

Buchanan, translation from, 671

Elizabeth, Queen, anecdote of, and Dr
Burns, Ferguson and, or the Poet's Reverie, Faustus, 238
352_Part II. 497

England, the lakes of, remarks on Green's
Byron, Lord, remarks on his tragedy of guide to, 84
Werner, 710-Compared with Miss Lee's English country ball, packing up after an,
tale of Kruitzner, 713_Remarks on, by 69
Timothy Tickler, 782

Faustus the Enchanter, and Queen Eliza-
Calcutta. Chap. VII. The Indian Press, beth, 230

Ferguson and Burns; or, the Poet's Re-
Canning, Mr, letter from a Protestant, on verie, 352, Part II. 497

his speech on the Catholic Question, 3 Franklin, Captain, return of, from an Arctic
Catholic Question, letter from a Protestant Land Expedition, 500

ture, 632

Fresco Painting, sketch of the process of, - The Levee, 276_The King's Court,

278– The Drawing-room, 280-Proces.
Gathering of the West to see the King. sion to the Castle, 282_The Review,

Greenock Folk, 306_Paisley Bodies, &c. 492.- The Banquet, 495
310_Glasgow People, 313—The Move. King, the, account of his entertainment in
ment, 315_Meeting in Edinburgh, 317 Edinburgh, hy Omai the traveller, 285
-Leith, 320-Introductory Letters, 321 King, Gathering of the West; or, We're

- The Landing, 324_Fire works and come to see the King, 306
Illuminations, 325_The Levee and Körner, the sword song of, 585

Drawing-room, 327_The Finish, 329 Laird, the, 477
Gems from the Antique, review of, 478— Lakes of England, remarks on Green's

Pericles and Aspasia ; the Genius of Guide to the, 84.
Death ; Leonidas, 480—Sappho ; Pine Lanark, remarks on a meeting of the coun.
dar, 481

ty of, to consider the state of agricul.
Gin-twist, a twist-imony in favour of, 635
Glengarry and the Celtic Society, remarks Ledyard, Peter, a lyrical ballad, 145

on the controversy between, 359_Ex- Lemur, the, a Halloween Divertimento,
tracts from Glengarry's Letters, 362, 365 668, 774
-Letter from a Celt, and from Lieut. Lee, Miss, comparison between her wri.
Mackenzie in reply to, 367

tings and Lord Byron's, 713
Goth, letter from a, on the tartan dress, L'Envoy to the King, 392

Letter from a Protestant layman, on Mr
Grave of the last Saxon, review of Bowles's, Canning's speech relative to the Catho-

lic Peers, 3
Greeks and their Cause, remarks on the, from Philomag, with answer from

Christopher North, Esq. 48; and Post.
Green's Guide to the Lakes of England, script to the public, 53
remarks on, 84

from a gentleman of the press to Mr
Halloween Divertimento, a, 668, 764 North, 56
Hazlitt's Table Talk, review of, 157

from an Oxonian, 93
High-Jinks School, a jeu-d'sprit of the, from Timothy Tickler, on the Quar-

terly Review, No. 53, 94
High School proposed new one in Edin- from Malachi Mullion, inclosing the
burgh, letter on the, 756

contributor's lament for the Yellow and
Hints to the country gentlemen, on the Blue, 167

subject of the agricultural distress, 482 to Mr Charles Nodier, author of a
Letter II. 624

Tour to the mountains of Scotland, 191
Hoaxing, the Italian art of, 589

from Paris, 215
Hogg, James, the Ettrick Shepherd, re- from Aberdeen, inclosing a transla-
view of his Royal Jubilee, 343

tion of an ode of Horace, 217
Horæ Germanicæ. No. XIV. Mülner's from a Goth, on the tartan dress, 354
“ Albaneserin,” 218

of a Celt, in answer to Glengarry, 367
House in the Muir, a story of the Covenan. of Lieut. M.Kenzie in reply to Glen-
ters, 663

garry, 367
Hunt's Art of Love, 775

of a Catholic layman, on that of a Prc.
Incipient Ballad-metre-monger, first notes testant layman, 414
of an, 67

on the agricultural distresses, 436,
Indian Press, the, 133

482, 624
Irad and Adah, a tale of the flood, review on the proposed new High School in
of, 61

Edinburgh, 756
Ireland, review of Lord Blessington's Ob. Letters from the dead to the living, No. II.
servations on the State of, 153

Cattiana, 194
Isaiah, the Death of, a fragment, 205

of Glengarry, relative to the Celtic
Italian Art of Hoaxing, Specimens of the, Society, 362, 365

from Italy, No. I. 429. No. II. 433.
Italy, Letters from, No. 1, 429.—No. II, No III. 531. No. IV. 726

433.-No. III, 531.-No. IV, 726 Life of Donald M.Bane, account of the,
Justiciary Opera, notice of the, 455

King, the, reflections on his visit to Scot. Liverpool, the Earl of, remarks on his po-

land, 253—His landing at Leith, and litical character, 91
procession to Edinburgh, 258—Reflec. London and Edinburgh, plan for expediting
tions on his reception by the people, 260 the mail between, 673
-And the effects of his visit on Scot. Londoner, a, but no Cockney, his account
land, 264

of the King's visit to Edinburgh, 268,
King, the account of his visit to Edinburgh, 492

by a Londoner, but no Cockney, 268— Love, Leigh Hunt's art of, 775
The landing at Leith, 269_Procession M‘Bane, Donald, account of the life of,
to Edinburgh, 271-Illumination, 275 741

Mail from London to Edinburgh, a plan 303---The parthenon, the theatre, 304
for expediting the, 673

--the farewell, 305
Man-of-war's-man, Chap. V. 448_Sailing Oxonian controversy, letter on another,

of the Totum-fog on a cruise, ib.-Read- 93
ing of the articles of war, 449_Muster Philomag, letter from, with Mr North's
of the crew, and picking out the watches, answer, 48–And a postscript, 53
&c. ib. Conversations between decks at Plan for expediting the mail from London
dinner, 450_Trial of the abilities of the to Edinburgh, 673
crew, 451. Chap. VI.-The nautical- Pleasures of sickness, on the, 199
day, 639_Scheme for the speedy manu- Poetry--Review of Dale's Irad and Adah,
facture of seamen, 643. Chap. VII.-År- 61—Packing up after an English Coun.
rival at the cruizing-ground, 644_Visit try ball, 69- Farewell to my friends,
to Brassay Sound - The Shetlanders, ib., 78—Metricum symposium Ambrosia-
-Speedy departure in chase of a priva- num, 79_Songs by Odoherty, 101, 106
teer, 646_Exercising the guns, 647– - Song by Lord Byron, 113_-Peter
Shocking accident, 649

Ledyard, a lyrical ballad, 145— Negro's
MS. notes on the last Number of the Edin- lament for Mungo Park, 167—The Con-
burgh Review, 785

tributor's lament for yellow and blue,
Marriages, 129, 249, 518, 690, 801

ib.-Review of Wordsworth's Sonnets,
Memoir of Rossini the Composer, 440 175-The death of Isaiah, 205_The
Memorials and sonnets, by Wordsworth, rising in the north, 212-Idem Latine
review of, 175

Redditum, ib.—The King's master, 326
Metamorphoses not fabulous, 656

The King's visit to Scotland, 350-
Meteorological Tables, 122, 246, 510, 688, Stanzas for the King's landing, ib.-

The chief and his tail, 351_Ferguson
Metricum symposium Ambrosianum, 79 and Burns; or the poet's reverie, 332,
Military promotions, exchanges, &c. 126, 497—The Roman wall, 409—My gar-
247, 513, 687, 800

den, 412–The route, 427—The sword
Milman, Rev. H. H. review of his poem song of Körner, 585-A twist-imony iti
of Belshazzar, 25

favour of gin-twist, 635—– The lemur, a
Missions, review of Douglas's Hints on, halloween divertimento, 668_Transla.

tion from Buchanan, 671_Stanzas to an
My garden, 412

infant, 672–Song by Odoherty, 695–
My mother, 474

Song by Tickler, 69:1—Song by Hogg,
My aunts, 475

705_Nuptials in jeopardy, 721—The
Napoleon's Address to the statue of his Greek to his sword, 759—Napoleon's
son, 760

address to the statue of his son, 760_
National melodies, ancient, No. IV. 466 The Lemur, a halloween divertimento,
Naval promotions, appointments, &c. 127, 764-Silent worship, 772—The Quaker

poet, 773—Sonnet to Charlotte M., 774
Needle rocks, a visit to the, 169

L'Envoy to Leigh Hunt, 781
Noctes Ambrosianæ, No. IV. scene Pisa, Poetry, on the Cockney School of, No.

100. No. y. scene Ambrose's back VII. 775
parlour, 309. No. VI. 695

Poet's reverie, the, 352, 497
Nocturnal separation, the, 17

Political economy, elements of save-all.
Nodier, M. Charles, letter to, 169

ism, 526
North, Christopher, Esq. letter to, from Politics of Madame de Stael, remarks on

Philomag, with his answer, 48 and a the, 586
postscript, 53—Letter from a gentleman Postscript to the public, 53
of the press to, 56

Prices current, 124, 245, 511, 687, 798
North, the rising in the, 212

Process of fresco-painting, sketch of the
Notes, manuscript, on the last number of 234
the Edinburgh Review, 785

Promotions, appointments, &c., 126, 247,
Notice of the Justiciary Opera, 455

513, 689, 800
Nuptials in jeopardy, 720—Private and Protestant layman, letter of a, 3
confidential prologue, ib.

Publications, monthly list of new, 117,
Odoherty, remarks of, on Lord Byron's 245, 503, 683, 793
Werner, 710

Quarterly Review, No. LIII. letters on
Omai, the traveller, second voyage of, 285 the, 94, 153

-His account of the King's visit to Remarks on Green's Guide to the Lakes of
Edinburgh, 285_-The grand entry and England, 84-On the political character
fire-works, 287—The illumination, 290 of the Earl of Liverpool, 91-On the
-The levee, 291--Sunday, the addresses, Pleasures of Sickness, 199—On his Ma.
thedrawing-room,293_Theroyal yacht, jesty's visit to Scotland, 253—On the
294—The royal progress to the castle, controversy between Glengarry and the
293—Cavalry review, and peer's ball, Celtic Society, 359_On the Greeks and
298—The banquet, 300—The church, their cause, 467—On the politics of

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