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" ... developed as the work progresses. From the above rules and previous statements, it may be concluded that logarithmic work must concern itself largely with the exponents; and that whatever the exponents, the base (the letter 6) must remain unchanged.... "
Introduction to Use of Logarithms - Page iii
de Eugene Lamb Richards - 1884 - 93 pages
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New Higher Algebra: An Analytical Course Designed for High Schools ...

Benjamin Greenleaf - 1864 - 420 pages
...$1.403, what is the amount for 4 years and 6 months ? Ans. $1.357. LOGARITHMS. 388. The LOGARITHM of a number is the exponent of the power to which some fixed number, called the base, must be raised, to prodiibe the given number. Thus, suppose a* = ra, then x is the...
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