Documentary Material Relating to the History of Iowa: no. 9-16. Local government. 1897-1900

State Historical Society of Iowa, 1897
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Page 142 - State, or shall be liable to become such charge, it shall be the duty of the overseers of the poor of the town...
Page 264 - Every person chosen or appointed to the office of supervisor, town clerk, assessor, town treasurer, or overseer of highways, before he enters upon the duties of his office and within ten days after he shall be notified of his election or appointment shall take and subscribe before some...
Page 133 - Every coroner shall, as soon as he shall be certified of the dead body of any person, supposed to have come to his or her death, by violence or casualty...
Page 135 - Be it enacted by the Governor and Judges of the Territory of Michigan, That there shall be in the said' Territory a catholepistemiad or university denominated the Catholepistemiad or University Michigania.
Page 79 - August following; with an appendix of resolutions and the ordinance for the government of the territory — by authority. Cincinnati, 1796. ["Maxwell's Code."] — Laws of the territory of the United States north west of the river Ohio...
Page 216 - The town clerk last before elected, or appointed, shall be the clerk of the town meeting and shall keep faithful minutes of its proceedings, in which he shall enter, at length, every order or direction, and all rules and regulations made by such meeting.
Page 110 - The same being adopted from the laws of one of the original states, to wit, the state of New York, as far as necessary and suitable to the circumstances of the territory of Michigan.
Page 238 - That if any two or more persons shall receive an equal number of votes for the...
Page 48 - Laws of the Territory of the United States Northwest of the Ohio, adopted and made by the Governor and Judges, in their Legislative capacity, at a session begun on Friday the xxix day of May, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-five, and ending on Tuesday the 25th day of August following, with an Appendix of Resolutions and the Ordinance for the Government of the Territory.

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