May I Share This with You

Author House, 1 juil. 2005 - 236 pages
In writing this book, I would like to say that I have no issue of debate with anyone and I am not trying to discredit any religious writings. I am simply trying to expand the horizons of what has been mentioned in the philosophical and religious writings. There is no end to the ideas that could be presented for no one can know the mind of God and the speculation is endless. It is not my intention to discredit or distort any word or verse of the Bible. It is not my intention to mislead anyone. However, I AM trying to convey the magnitude, the beauty and the wonder of God''s creation. Through the years there have been several avenues of thought that have played heavily on my mind and they wouldn''t let me rest until I had written them down. The focus of these thoughts and ideas were about "Time" and of my experiences where I felt that God was with me and had intervened in my life. These thoughts have never been published and I feel the need to share them with you - and with anyone that will listen. My goal in writing this book is to relay on to you my feelings, a different view of God and his works and my view of the ultimate destination of man. I would like to focus on our journey in "Time," Creation and "Man''s" purpose on earth. How we (man) fit into the scheme of things, and to try to explain the basic thought from the creation to the ultimate destination of man, i.e. Life after Death. Some of the things that 1 will say may seem "Far Fetched," but I ask you to accept what I say until you have read the complete book.

À propos de l'auteur (2005)

First, let me tell you that I have never studied the scriptures with the intention of becoming a minister or priest. I have never searched the scriptures and compared the Hebrew texts against the Greek text in a prolonged study to try and establish the clarity of words or phrases. (Many people have done that already.) I have never taken a class in Theology to learn how I am supposed to view and teach religion. I have never been swallowed up by a fish as Jonah was. I have never been knocked off my donkey (ass) as Paul was by the overwhelming light of Jesus Christ or persecuted like many of the prophets of God and I have never been raised from the dead. But!!!! I can tell you that I have always been drawn to the scriptures, philosophy and to science. These have been the loves and the passions of my life, and I have had several "powerful" events in my life that have actually let me know that God was with me.

I feel that most of the revelation of God comes from God Himself, speaking to the mind and spirit of a person, and not from a text book. I am not saying not to read and study the scriptures, for you will find that in studying the scriptures God will begin to speak to you. 1 don''t think that God has stopped talking to people as He did before Christ and as He did with the Apostles. I think a lot of people have only stopped listening. Don''t let "people" lead you into anything that you don''t want to believe, for in the end it will be you that will be held accountable - and possibly the person that led you astray.

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