Is God a Vegetarian?: Christianity, Vegetarianism, and Animal Rights

Open Court Publishing, 1999 - 187 pages

Is God a Vegetarian? is one of the most complete explorations of vegetarianism in the Judeo-Christian tradition. Young, a linguistics and New Testament scholar, attempts to answer the question being asked with greater and greater frequency: "Are Christians morally obligated to be vegetarians?"
Many people are confused about the apparent mixed messages within the Bible. On the one hand, God prescribes a vegetarian diet in the Garden of Eden and the apocalyptic visions of Isaiah and John imply the restoration of a vegetarian diet. However, it is also clear that God permits, Jesus partakes in, and Paul sanctions the eating of flesh. Does the Bible give any clear guidance?

Close readings of key biblical texts pertaining to dietary customs, vegetarianism, and animal rights make up the substance of the book. Rather than ignoring or offering a literal, twentieth-century interpretation of the passages, the author analyzes the voices of these conflicting dietary motifs within their own social contexts. Interwoven throughout these readings are discussions of contemporary issues, such as animal testing and experimentation, the fur industry, raising animals in factories, and the effects of meat-eating on human health.

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This is a good book. As someone who has researched the "historical Jesus" and the early Ebionites, I had already concluded that vegetarianism and rejection of animal sacrifice is a central part of the ... Consulter l'avis complet

Is God a vegetarian?: Christianity, vegetarianism, and animal rights

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Religions have been used to justify variations of human behavior ranging from how to wage war to ways of preserving peace. The religious reasons why humans should restrain from eating meat are the ... Consulter l'avis complet

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Was Jesus a Vegetarian?
Would a Veggie Garfield Be a Happy Cat?
Was God the First Tanner?
Was Noahs Ark an Early Food Factory?
Didnt God Permit Us to Eat Meat?
Isnt Passover Lamb the Main Entrée?
Was Jesus Kosher?
Didnt John the Baptist Snack on Locusts?
Didnt Paul Condemn Vegetarianism as Heresy?
Is Christian Vegetarianism Only for Desert Monks?
Will There Be Slaughterhouses in Heaven?
What Then Shall We Eat?
Going Vegetarian
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