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Serm. Worst Part of Heathenism, as being made VI.

up of a Spirit, that tends to destroy the great Law of Nature, which no Reveal'd Religion, nor even an Angel from Heaven can do, without altering the Nature of Things, and making Right and Wrong stand for other things than what they do at present.

But it is Time now to draw nigh to a Conclusion: And in order to make some Use of what has been said, let us all endeavour to get more Love, and Charity, and universal Benevolence; and let us beware of rath Judgment, for it is a very natural and eafy Transition from rash judging to hating, and then there will be nothing wanting but Power to make a compleat Perfecutor: Let us consider not how we differ from one another, but how far we differ from the Truth; and leave one another in the Poffeffion of each others Right, considering that One is our Master, even Christ, and all we are Brethren. Have we any Overflowings of Hatred or Ill-Nature, let us bestow it upon our Sins; and let us be sparing of our Fire-Brands,


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and leave such hot antichristian Work to SERM.
that Church that deals in such things ; for VI.
we read that Michael, tho' an Arch-
Angel, when contending with the Devil,
brought not against him so much as a rail-
ing Accufation ; but said, the Lord rebuke
tbee. Let us of all things beware of false
Zeal, for that makes People Persecutors
even against their Nature; as is plain from
the People of thofe Countries, where the In-
quisition reigns, who are observ'd to shew as
much Compassion as any People in the
World for a Malefactor, who is to suffer
for Murder, Robbery, &c. And


when they see a poor innocent Person, dragg’d from a horrid Dungeon with trembling Limbs, and a meagre Countenance, and fastned to a Stake in the midst of a devouring Flame, for no other Crime' than for not having the same Understanding with them, they shew all the Tokens of Joy and Pleasure imaginable.

Good God! that ever. People should come to such a height of Wickedness, as to look up to thee, whom they offend every Day of their Lives, and beg thy Mercy and Forgiveness,


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Serm. and yet at the same time delight in torturu VI. ing their innocent Brethren! Where is

the Reason, the Equity, the Justice of all, this Enthusiastic Rage and Fury? If this be Christianity give us some better Scheme, or turn us back to the less injurious State of Heathenism!

In a Word, and to conclude. Tho' we all differ from one another in some respect or other, yet let us not imitate those whosé Principles and Practices we condemn, by dealing about the unchriftian Firebrands of Malice and Hatred, but shew that we are Christians, by extending our Love to all the World according to our Saviour's Command and Example. Then if our Faith, which is a dead Principle of itself, be thus enliven’d with Charity; then, I say, however we may be reproach'd, censur’d; condemn das Hereticks, by those who know no other Gofpel, but an idle Jargon of School-Terms, yet we shall be found to be true Members of the Christian Church here, and of the Church triumphant in Heaven. ; ..


ROMANS iii. 31.
Do we then make void the Law

thro' Faith? God forbid ; year

dre establish the Law

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34 VW

HE Design of this Epistle Serm.

to the Romans being to con- VII. T

firm them in their Prom

fession of Christianity, and to preserve them from being seduced by the Judaizers; who stifly adher'd to the Law of Mofes, the Apostle, in the foregoing Chapters, gives them to understand, that God is the God of the Gentiles as well as of the Jews; that, as to the Method of obtaining Salvation, the Case is the same with the one, as it is with the other; for that the Righteousness accepted of God unto Salvation must be by Faith R


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Serm. in Jesus Christ, both of the few and

Gentile : And tho' indeed he is far from
acquitting the Gentiles, for he blames them

much for their wicked Lives, and says, that they stand in need of Justification by Faith for transgressing the Law of Nature ; yet to take down the Pride of the Yew, he shews as plainly, that the Fews could not be justify'd neither, any otherwise than by Faith, because they were Transgressors of the Law of Moses : So that in this respect they were upon

the same Footing; and as to their Acceptance with God, there was no Difference between the Jew and the Gentile ; neither of them being able to attain Justification by their own Performances. The Apostle goes on, to the great Mortification of the Jew, who placed his Merit in outward Performances, to shew the Insufficiency of such Things; telling them that it was the Purity of the Heart, which was only acceptable with God. For he is not a Jew, or at least such a one to whom the Promises belong, who is one outwardly, nor is that Circumcision, which is out

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