Belgian Women Poets: An Anthology

Renée Linkhorn, Judy Cochran
P. Lang, 2000 - 479 pages
Designed to acquaint an English-speaking public with an important aspect of Belgian literature, this bilingual anthology includes poems and prose poems by twenty-eight women, presented in chronological order according to their date of birth. A biobibliographical summary introduces each author. A wide variety of themes, styles, moods, and poetic movements are represented. The foreword offers a general survey of the Belgian poetic scene from a literary and sociological point of view.

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Marie Nizet 18591922
Jean Dominique 18731952
Marie Gevers 18831975
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The Editors and Translators: Renee Linkhorn is Professor Emerita of French at Youngstown State University in Ohio. A native of Belgium, she received her doctorate in Romance Philology from the University of Liege. In addition to numerous articles in professional journals and poetry publications, she is the editor and translator of The Prose and Poetry of Andree Chedid (1990), editor and co-author of La Belgique telle qu'elle s'ecrit (Peter Lang, 1995), and editor and translator of Evelyne Wilwerth's Neel Doff: A Biography (Peter Lang, 1997) Judy Cochran is Professor of French at Denison University in Granville, Ohio, where she has resided for fifteen years. She received her Ph.D. in French from Duke University and has published articles on French poetry. She also writes poetry in French, which she reads and publishes in Paris, and is the editor and translator of Selected Poems of Andree Chedid (1995).

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