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By Divine Providence

Lord Archbishop of Canterbury,

Primate and Metropolitan of all England.

MY LORD HAVING fome time ago defired and ob

tained permission to infcribe this Volume to your Grace, I am not willing, and indeed ought not, to suppose it cancelled by the intervening change of your situation. On the contrary, I conceive that an indulgence granted by the late Primate of York is in no danger of being revoked by the now Primate of Canterbury. My reason is, a firm affurance, my Lord, that no outward change can affect the disposition of your mind: that no elevation, no distinction, will ever break

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into your benevolence, or obstruct the current. of your favour. I cannot forbear adding, though fuperfluous on the present occafion, that your humanity and your dignity are well fuited, and nobly matched; that the goodness

of your heart crowns all your honours, and fully corresponds to the sublimity of your station.

I presume not, my Lords to congratulate either church or state on your Grace's promotion to the fupreme fee; which will often be done hereafter by fitter hands: neither shall I fwell this epistle with the lofs fuftained by your former province, and the general concern thereby occafioned. Such points fall not within the compass of my prefent privilege ; which extends no farther than to the honour of dedicating a book to my Diocesan Archbishop: and I entreat your Grace to cons sider the following Address in this light. But a new plea offering itself, which I could not foresee, I beg I may be allowed to insert it here.

-Your translation, my Lord, makes such an attempt much more feasonable than I apprehended : I mean in respect of your northern friends ; by whom memorials of all kinds will naturally be coveted on this occafion. Though the original be deeply graven on their minds, so deeply as never to be ef

faced ;

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