The Printer's Manual: An Illustrated History : Classical and Unusual Texts on Printing from the Seventeenth, Eighteenth, and Nineteenth Centuries

RIT Cary Graphic Arts Press, 2005 - 69 pages
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As printing from movable type was perfected in the fifteenth century, the mysteries of its practice were guarded by a privileged few. The rapid spread of the new art depended on the reliable mechanism for transferring knowledge. By the end of the seventeenth century, however, the pioneers of manufacturing technology and scientific inquiry were prying away at trade secrecy. This book shows the history of printing manuals from 1683 to the end of the nineteenth century, including some of the rarest in existence from the Cary Collection at Rochester institute of Technology.

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Die so nothig als nutzliche Buchdruckerkunst und Schriftgiesserey
PracticalHints on Decorative Printing William Savage 1822
The Printers Manual Charles Henry Timperley 838
The History of Printing 855
Manufacturers of Type Revolving and Single andDouble
The LetterPress Printer Joseph Gould 876
The Practical Printer H G Bishop 889
The Practice of Typography Theodore Low DeVinne 900904
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