Integral Tables: Or, A Collection of Integral Fomulæ

W. Baynes & son, 1823 - 279 pages

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Very good book. Many integrals. I have found the ones I was looking for.

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Page xvii - Integral may be reduced to one more simple ; and, this again, to one yet more simple, and so on.
Page 108 - ... is negative. Both a and 6 cannot be negative at the same time. Hence, we have V(± e ,a— 5z* С dz l ..61 [I. I __— _— arc unxv~ = — TV arc cos 0—26...
Page 28 - The first form is real when 4ac — b* is positive ; the second is so when 4ac — 6s is negative.
Page 112 - V а/ the first of which is real, when a is positive ; the second, when а s negative : a and 6 cannot both be negative at the same time.
Page 158 - The first form is real, when a is positive ; the second when a is negative. Hence it follows that : т f _EI _ f L ' J *v* J «ve« da; , , л = ± — loe —

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