Integral Tables: Or, A Collection of Integral Fomulæ

W. Baynes & Son, 1823 - 279 pages
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Very good book. Many integrals. I have found the ones I was looking for.

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Page v - ... and* improved methods of cultivation. New diseases and insect pests make it increasingly difficult to grow animals and crops successfully. Production has become a problem of supplying raw materials to the world's markets. The knowledge necessary for successful and profitable production has increased to such an extent that it is no longer possible for the home to furnish all the instruction.
Page xxvii - Integral may be reduced to one more simple ; and, this again, to one yet more simple, and so on.
Page 118 - ... is negative. Both a and 6 cannot be negative at the same time. Hence, we have V(± e ,a— 5z* С dz l ..61 [I. I __— _— arc unxv~ = — TV arc cos 0—26...
Page 40 - The first form is real when 4ac — b* is positive ; the second is so when 4ac — 6s is negative.
Page 122 - V а/ the first of which is real, when a is positive ; the second, when а s negative : a and 6 cannot both be negative at the same time.
Page 164 - The first form is real, when a is positive ; the second when a is negative. Hence it follows that : т f _EI _ f L ' J *v* J «ve« da; , , л = ± — loe —

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