A Crack in Time

iUniverse, 2002 - 240 pages
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On the brink of a lonely, undeserved death, Simon Hoffert is saved by a dark visitor from his hospital bed. Reborn into the world of the undead, Simon struggles with the challenges and wonders of his new immortal life as he stumbles through a fledgling existence where his world is literally turned inside out. After defying his Sire, he soon discovers that danger and death have as much meaning to a vampire as a mortal, and seeks solace in a lady vampire whose intentions could be as deadly as the sun. In order to survive the daylight hours, mercenary hunters seeking his teeth, and a master intent on revenge, Simon must first come to grips with the poisoned memories and realities of a past that refuse to go away.

A dark tale of obsession, desire, and love, A Crack in Time is a fable about the dangers of holding on to what has already passed and losing what could be.

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