The phrase book, or, Idiomatical exercises in English and Tamil

Wesleyan Mission Press, 1854 - 315 pages
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Page 306 - Reeds grow in swamps." We should read the Bible with seriousness. We should often think upon what we have read. A hyacinth is a large red flower. Nero wreaked his malice upon the christians Brutus held up the dagger reeking with the blood of Lucretia. We rest on beds.
Page 8 - What is a pronoun ? A pronoun is a word used instead of a noun You must learn all the pronouns Repeat some of them in the singular number /, thou, he, she, it
Page 307 - A sloe is a black wild plum. The sloth is slow in moving. The lark soars into the sky. A boil is a sore swelling. A sower sows his seeds The sole of a shoe is the bottom. The sun is the sole
Page 296 - a blossom Forth, abroad Fourth, in number Foul, filthy Fowl, a bird Freeze, to congeal Frieze, in a building Gilt, with gold Guilt, crime Grate, iron bars Great, large Groan, an expression of pain Grown, increased
Page 305 - Polite people please their companions. The courts of common pleas are held in the court house. The Carpenter planes boards with his plane. The essential principles of religion, are written in plain language. Babylon stood upon an extended plain. The
Page 303 - the United States have been bounded on the south by the Gulf of Mexico. A bird flew over the house. The smoke ascends in the flue. A liar is not believed. The lyre is a musical instrument. Galileo made the telescope.
Page 304 - Panes of glass are cut in oblong squares. Pains are distressing, Shoes are sold by pairs. People pare apples to make pies, Pears are not so common as apples. The comma is the shortest pause in reading. Bears seize their
Page 297 - foot Hear, to hearken Here, in this place Hew, to cut Hue, color Hie, to hasten High, elevated, lofty Him, objective of he Hymn, a sacred song Hire, wages
Page 304 - it hay. Forts are surrounded by a moat. Mote is an atom. A brigade of soldiers is more than a regiment. Mowers mow grass. Fishes are caught in a net Clear profits are called
Page 305 - The builder uses the plumb and line, to set his walls perpendicular. Plums grow on trees. The student pores over his books. The Niagara river pours down a precipice of a hundred and fifty

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