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WITH every scene and event recorded on the following pages, you have been, and always w be, associated

A friendship, Low of some years' randing, commenced between us as yoke-fellows in the gospel, has been domoly cemented by a participation of the danger, and depot 22 the land of scripture-history. The asurance of the bus mingled many a happy feeling with the hours of ampa and I cannot now forego the grobation of haring my faint sketch of our pilgrimage to you

We have wandered as allem már the demanoma of the earthly Canaan-may it be in to us tows early a citizens in the glories of the hearty Terent

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I THINK it right to avow, what the intelligent reader will, however, soon discover for himself, that as a literary production, this book is of small pretension. It is a sketch, and nothing more-just what its title indicates; and primarily intended to give my flock some instructive idea of the way in which the interval of my absence from them was spent. As a Pastor's familiar narrative, it contains many particulars in which the public cannot be expected to sympathize as those will who are so personally related to me.

My journey occupied something less than eight months-a space of time affording but little opportunity for adding to those stores of information already extant-the production of gifted authors, who taken altogether, may be said to have nearly exhausted most of the topics on which I have briefly touched in passing.

I had intended to intersperse my narrative with certain views of prophecy, which from time to time. have presented themselves to my mind, in a way not as yet fully wrought out; and to add more extensive

particulars of the state and prospects of Israel, as connected with those of the Ottoman empire: but I have been obliged to forbear, in the hope of turning my attention to them hereafter; for my great difficulty has been to narrow my subject, without really contracting it; and yet to expand sufficiently without making it too diffuse. To be adequately treated, it would demand volumes. I do, however, indulge the hope, that those for whom this sketch has been more especially made, will not rise from the perusal with regret that they ever requested me to write.

I may perhaps be permitted to add, that my materials were hastily noted down from day to day, amidst the wearisomeness of travel; and, for the most part, under the influence of a trying climate; and that this Memorial has been drawn up, not in literary ease and leisure, but amidst those incessant and higher demands upon my time which are inseparable from the spiritual oversight of a large manufacturing population.

They who know me, and respect my motive in publishing, will look indulgently upon all the defectiveness in execution which they cannot fail to notice, and of which none can be more sensible than myself. I say not this to forestal criticism, but only to bespeak kindliness towards an effort for the gratification and instruction of others, in which, circumstanced as I am, I have done what I could.

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