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by J. Baskett. Mare

Illare Anglicanum: or, a View of all the Cities,

Towns and Villages in England and Wales, Alo phabetically composed, so that naming any Town or plače, you may readily find what Shire, Hundred, Rape, Wapentake, &c. it is in. Also the number of Bishopricks, Countries under their several Jurisdictions, and the Shire-Towns, Boroughs and Parishes in each Country, by the apointment of the eminent Sir Henry Spelman, Řt.

Lately reprinted a Near Edition of, A Treatise of English Particles, &c, by William Walker, B. D. Schoolmaster of Grantham.

Newly printed his Book of Idioms, in a fair Character, in o&tavo.

The Do&trine of Baptism: or, a Discourse of Dip. ping and Sprinkling, wherein is shew'd the Lawfulnefs of other ways of Baptization, besides that of Total Immersion; and objections against ic answered, by the same Author.

Praltical Christianity: or, an Account of the Holiness which the Gospel enjoyns, loc.

Christian Thoughts for every Day of the Month, by the fame Author.

An Enquiry after Happiness, Vol. ift. The Second Edicion.

Human Life, or the 2d Part of Enquiry after Happiness.

Episcopacy as Established by Law in England, written by the command of King Charles the First, by Robert Sanderson, late Lord Bishop of Lincoln. Newly Reprinted.

A Colle&tion of Articles, Injun&tions, Canons, Orders, Ordinances and Constitutions Ecclefiaftical, and other publick Records of the Church of England, with a


learned Préface ; by Ant. Sparrow, Lord Bishop of - Norwich. Newly Reprinted.

Golden Remains of the ever Memorable Mr. 7. Ha es, of Eaton College, etc. The Third Impression. With Addicions from the Author's own Copy; viri Sermon and Miscellapies. Also Letters and Exprei. ses concerning the Synod of Dort.

Thę WORKS of the rious and Learned Author of The Whole Duty of Man, Princed in large Folio, ot a very

fair Character. THE WHOLE DUTY OF MAN put into significant Latin for the Use of Schools.

The Causes of the Decay of Christian Piety; or an impartial Survey of the Ruins of Christian Religion, undermined by ochristian Practice, by the Author of The Whole Duty of Man.

The Gentleman's Calling, written by the Author of TheWhole Duty of Man. Also the other works of the Same Author.

A Scholast cal History,of the Canon anthe Holy Scri. pcure, or the certain and indubitable books thereof, as they are received in the Church of England, by Dr. Colin late Bishop of Du bani Newly reprinted.

The Bonk of Homilies appointed to be read in Chur. ches, in the time of Q. Eliz. Newly Reprinted.

Conftitutions ont Canons Ecclefiaftical, Quarto. Divine Breathings : or, a Pious Soul thirsting after Christ, in an hundred excellent Medications. The Seventh Ediciona

The young Clerk's Tutor Enlirged: Being a moft use ful Collection of the best Precedents of Recognizances, Obligations, Conditions, Acquittances, Bills of Sale, Warrants of Attorney, &c,

Sir Fiancis Moor's Sir Feffery Palmer's John Allyn, Esq;


Baron Savil's Reports in the Exchequer.

All sorts of LAW-BOOKS.

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