Network Dictionary

Jielin Dong
Javvin Technologies Inc., 2007 - 560 pages
Trying to understand computer networking and telecommunication technologies can be complicated and aggravating. The world of networking and telecom is filled up to its neck with a plethora of acronyms, thousands of unique terms and phrases. This book will help. So, whether you're the biggest technology geek or simply a computer enthusiast, this integral reference tool can help you shed light on the terms that'll pop up in your daily life. The communications industry is in the process of convergence: data and voice services are provided by one extended network, wireless and wire-line networks are integrated, computers are connected through the big melting pot that is the Internet. This dictionary is designed to match that convergence of technologies and services. It includes terms from multiple fields that were separated before. Terms, phrases used across multiple fields can mean many different things. We mark every term by its primary field so that readers can better understand the context and background of the term. The categories used in the book are: . Networking: includes data networking phrases, pluses terms related to the Internet . Protocol: includes protocols used and defined in various communications industries . Security: includes networking, computing and information security related terms . Telecom: includes terms primarily for traditional voice communication through wire-lines . Wireless: terms for wireless communications that may be local, fixed, or mobile . Hardware: terms related to computer and network hardware . Software: computer software phrases and terms . Organization: includes government organizations and industrial associations

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Network Dictionary
Javvin Networking Technology Series

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