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of Mr Peter Lindsay, merchant Inverkeith Beith for the suppression of the rebellion in ing, and sister of the late William Rox the year 1745, under the command of the burgh, late Commodore in the service of celebrated Dr Wotherspoon, who was then Russia.

minister of that parish. Feb. 16. At Irvine, Mrs Jean Campbell, Feb. 23. At Manse of Foveran, the Rev. spouse of James Crichton, Esq. collector of William Duff, minister of the Gospel in that the customs.

parish, in the 83d year of his age, and 620 18. At Dumbarton, Robert Mackenzie, of his ministry. Esq. of Broomfauld, Sheriff Clerk of Dum

At Edinburgh, David Sibbald, Esq. of bartonshire, in the 67th year of his age. Abden, W. S.

19. At Edinburgh, Mrs Grace Rose, wi 24. At Gredington, aged 29, the Right dow of Lieutenant-Colonel John Macdonald Honourable Lady Kenyon, leaving two sons of Huntfield, late of 8lst regiment.

and three daughters. At Potterrow, Mr James Dickson, in 25. At Cheltenham, aged, 85, Sir Robert the 78th year of his age.

Herries, Bart. At Edinburgh, William Roxburgh, 26. At Rainhall Hall inn, Essex, aged M. D. F. L. S. chief botanist to the Ho. 43, Sir William Shirley, Baronet. By his nourable East India Company, surgeon on death the baronetage is become extinct. the Madras Establishment, and many years At Forres, James Straith, Esq. for superintendant of the Company's botanic many years an eminent medical practitioner garden near Calcutta. Dr Roxburgh was at that place. the intimate friend and pupil of the cele Aged 74 years, Mrs Grant, Heathbrated Kønig, and, with Sir William Jones, field, Strathspey. Mr Warren Hastings, Lord Teignmouth, At Forfar, Mr James Walker, town-, and the principal scientific characters in clerk of Forfar. Bengal, first laid the foundation of the Asia

At Edinburgh, Mrs Jean Ogilvy, tic Society. Dr Roxburgh was the author widow of Lieutenant-Colonel James Cunof many valuable tracts on the vegetable ningham, of the Scots brigade, in the ser. kingdom ; his large work, entitled “ Coro, 'vice of the States of Holland. mandel Plants," will do immortal honour In Framwellgate, Durham, aged 76, to his memory. In the extent and profun Mrs Macdonald, relict of Mr Thomas Macdity of his knowledge on Botanical subjects donald, of Leith, surgeon, and daughter of he was unrivalled, being held in estimation Major Macdonald of Frindnish. as the first of Botanists since the days of 27. At Dunblane, Mr John Rob, sheriffLinnæus.

clerk. - 0f a typhus fever, aged 36, Ralph - At Whitehaven, Mr William Reed, Oliver, (commonly called Little Ralphey) aged 32., He was a native of Montrose, of the Ouseburn, near Newcastle, shoema and inventor of a very useful instrument ker. He did not exceed thirty-eight inches called the trigonometer, for which he had a in height, was of a robust make, and his patent. head remarkably large, in proportion to his 28. At Prince's Street, Alexander Liston stature.

Ramage, Esq. writer to the signet.. 20. At London, in the prime of life, Mr At Govan House, Isabella, the young. David Thomson, landscape painter, a na est daughter of Mr Stewart Douglas. tive of Edinburgh, whose professional ta At South Bridge, Mr Francis Allan, lents and genius for poetry and music, uni Sen. ted to the most amiable disposition, render - At Winterfield House, Mr John Mur. his death an irreparable loss to his friends. ray.

22. Major-General Adam Gordon, aged March 3. In London, Mrs Fordyce, wi49; who, during the last two years, has had dow of the late John Fordyce, Esq. of Ay. the command of the Aberdeen district. His ton. unremitting attention to every department 4. Mrs Abington, who was for years the of public duty, in the different objects un. most distinguished comic actress on the der his charge, joined to a very conciliatory London stage, and one of the last of the disposition, and pleasant manners, has ren school of Garrick. She was the original dered his death, to all with whom he had Lady Teazle, in which character she has intercourse, à subject of sincere regret. not been excelled,

23. At Paisley, James Dow, late baker in In the 57th year of his age, the RevePaisley in the 100th year of his age. He

rend Sir Robert Sheffield, Bart. of Normanwas a quiet, inoffensive man. For many by Ilall, in the county of Lincoln ; having years previous to his death, he had a pride survived his brother the late Sir John Shefin telling, that he was the only survivor of field, Bart. only 22 days. a party who volunteeted froin the parish of At Sciennes, Edinburgh, David Moo

die, senior, in the 91st year of his age ; and, commanded the allied armies against France on the 21st of March 1814, his eldest son, in 1793 and 1794. John Moodie, of Roslin hill, Jamaica, after Lost in the Sylph sloop of war, wrecka residence in that island for upwards of ed on Long Island on the 18th of January forty years.

last, Mr Archibald Lundie, midshipman on March 5. William Douglas Heron, son of board of that vessel, second son of Mr John Heron, Esq. of Ingleston.

Archibald Lundie, writer to the signet. Mr James Gillies, bookseller, Glasgow. Lately, at Hutchesontown, Glasgow, Mr 6. At Inverness, Alexander Macintosh, Simon Fraser, Collector of Excise, in the Esq. late Provost of that place, aged 79 100th year of his age. A humble Christian, years.

loving and obeying the truth : he was dis7. At Annan, Mrs Smith, relict of the tinguished throughout his long life for the late Eaglesfield Smith, Esq. of Langshaw, sweetness of his temper, the simplicity of Dumfries-shire, aged 68.

his manners, and the integrity of his chaAt Newington, Mrs Walker, widow racter. On the night preceding his death of Charles Walker, vintner, Edinburgh. he was as well as usual. He expired at

8. At Glasgow, William Hunter, Esq. of four in the morning, without a struggle, Greenhead.

dying as he lived in peace. At Edinburgh, John Carnegie, Esq. Miss HUTCHINS. We are sorry to anlate merchant in Leith.

nounce the death of this eminent young 11. At Mollance, in the stewartry of lady. The many discoveries she has made Kirkcudbright, James Napier, Esq. of Wa- in the most difficult departments of British terside, aged 75.

Botany, (mosses and sea-weeds) have raised 12. At York Place, Mr James Cochrane, her name to the first rank in the science, printer.

and some time ago procured for her the 13. At Dalkeith, John Wardlaw, Esq. a- high distinction of having a genus named gent there for the Commercial Banking after her, Hutchinsia. She spent much of Company of Scotland.

her time in exploring the marine produc11. At Harrowgate, Miss Eleanor Prin. tions of Bantry Bay, and the minute accu. rose Dundas, third daughter of the deceased racy of her descriptions could be equalled Major-General Thomas Dundas, of Fingask. only by the delicacy and fidelity of her pen

14. At Greenock, in the 82d year of his cil. Many testimonies to her excellence age, Mr Archibald Wilson, sen. deputy trea- are to be found in the splendid and justly surer to the town of Greenock.

celebrated botanical works of Mr Turner, 15. At Dalry, near Edinburgh, Mr Alex. Mr Hooker, and Sir J. E. Smith, with all ander Stewart, formerly of Upper Hermit. of whom she maintained a scientific corres. age, in the 88th year of his age.

pondence for the last ten years, which was Lately at Cobourgh, in the 77th year of interrupted only, about a year ago, by the his age, the Prince of Saxe-Cobourgh, who unfortunate illness now proving fatal.

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Prices of Oat, Pease, and Barley Meal, in
Edinburgh Market, per peck.

Pease and

Barley Meal.
Bells. | Price. Bulls. / Price.
April 4.
385 16 15

58 | 12
11. 503

16 15 45 12
438 16 15

12 25. 386 16 15 98 12

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Edinburgh Literary Miscellany,

For MAY 1815:

With a view of the Castle of CESSFORD.


[blocks in formation]

Page Register of the Weather for May........ 322 High Water at Leith for June,.. ib. Description of Cessford Castle,............ 323 Remarks on the Advantages of the

North, or Level Line of Canal, be-
tween Edinburgh and Glasgow, over

the Line of the Union Canal,......... ib. Remarks on the Exhibition of Paintings

by Scottish Artists in 1815,.......... 327 Monthly Memoranda in Natural His. tory,..

.335 Military Ensigns during the Civil Wars.......

336 Report of Mr Telford, civil Engineer,

on the intended Edinburgh and Glas. gow Union Canal,....

337 Biographical Account of the late Mungo Park,.......

339 Celtic Etymologies and Antiquities,.... 344 Report of the Proceedings of the French

National Institute for the year 1814, 346 Record of Kirk-Session Proceedings in the year 1708,........

348 General Prospectus of the Edinburgh and Glasgow Canal............

349 Documents in the Charge against Dr

Myine, Professor of Moral Philoso

phy in the College of Glasgow,...... 352 Account of the final Settlement of Pres.

byterian Government in Scotland at the Revolution,.........


PROCEEDINGS OF PARLIAMENT. House of Lords - Message of the Prince

Regent to their Lordships.............. 377 House of Commons.--Proceedings of

the Congress at Vienna,...... 279

HISTORICAL AFFAIRS. France.-Coalition against Bonaparte,... 385 -- Articles of a Treaty signed at Vienna

on the 25th March, by the Plenipotentiaries of Austria, Russia, Prussia, and Great Britain,......

ib. - New Constitution,-Preparations of Bonaparte,--and Internal State of France,...

.............. 386 Intelligence from Italy,.

399 Domestic Intelligence.--Meetings to oppose the War,.


New Edition of Toland's History of
the Druids, with an Abstract of his
Life and Writings, and a copious
Appendix, containing Notes Critical,
Philological, and Explanatory. By
H. Huddleston, (concluded.).......... 361

Proceedings of the Circuit Court of Jus-

ticiary at Stirling,- Inverary,--and Glasgow,.......

391 -at Ayr,-Dumfries, and Jedburgh,

393 at Perth and Aberdeen,... 394 - at Inverness,.....

395 Appointments, by the Prince Regent, 396 Births,

397 Marriages,

398 Deaths, Stocks and Markets,


New Works published in Edinburgh,... 372
Literary Intelligence........


............ 399

STATE OF THE BAROMETER, &c. From April 26th to May 25th 1815, in

the vicinity of Edinburgh.

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High Water at Leith for

June 1815.
Days. Morn. Even.

H. M. H. M.
Th. 1 9 0 9 38
Fr. 2 10 3 10 32
Sa. 311 1 11 27
Su. 4 12 55 12 19
M. 5 12 42
Tu. 6 1 6 1 29
7 1

53 2 15 Th. 8 2 39 3 3 Fr. 9 3 28 3 52 Sa.. 10 4 16 4 41 Su. 11 5 6 5 33 M. 12 5 59 6 28 Tu. 13 6 55 7 25 W. 14 7 55 8 27 Th. 15 9 0 9 34 Fr. 16 | 10 410 36 Sa. 1711 61 35 Su. 1812 1|1226 M. 19 1

51 Tu. 20 1 15

1 36 W. 21 2 56 2 15 Th. 22 2 35 2 52 Fr. 23

3 il 3 30 24 3 47

5 Su. 25 4 22 4 40 M. 26

4 59 5 18 Tu. 27 5 37 5

58 W. 28 6 21 6 43 Th. 29 7 7 7 SS Fr. 30 8 2 S 31

Barom. Thermom. 1815.

N. M. Apr. 26 30.2 43 62

27 30.3 42 65 28 30.25 | 40 68 29 30.1146 56 30 29.9940

49 May 130.

57 2 30.15 45 53 3 30.15 45 62 4 30.1 46 70 5 29.95 47

52 6 29.95 46 7 29.85 50 60 8 29.85 52 65 9 29.8552 10 29.8 50 58 11 29.8 49 60 12 29.55 50 62 13 29.7152 59 141 29.9 48 60 15! 29.8150 62 16 30. 50 59 17 30.24 49 61 18 30.25 50 60 19 30.26 50

62 20 29.85 | 50 50 21 29.73 48 22 30.05 45 58 23 29.94 46 50 24 29.9 50 58 25 30.1 50 60


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0.15 Rain 0.16

Clear 0.34 Rain 1.12 0.04 0.65

Clear 0.09 | Rain


0.31 Rain


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0.09 0.15 0.06 0.04



For JUNE 1815. Apparent time at Edinburgh.

D. H. M. New Moon, 7. 3 38 aftern. First Quart. 14. 740 morn. Full Moon, 21. 5 48 aftern. Last Quart. 29. 9 31 aftern.

Quantity of Rain,.......... 2.29

Juue 4. King George III. born (1738.)

5. Duke of Cumberland born (1771.) 22. Longest Day.

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