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Grand Master Mason, and Patron of the November, the President and Council ad. Order ;

judged the gold med il, on Sir Godfrey The Right Honourable and Right Wor. Copley's donation, to David Brew ter, L.L.D. shipful James Earl of Fife, Acting Grand and F.R.S. London and Edinburgh, for his Master under his Royal Highness ;

discourse on light and heat, contained in his Tbe Right Honourable Sir John Mar- papers in the Philosophical Transactions. joribanks nf Lces, Bart. M. P. Grand Mas.

On Wedņesday, 22 November, Mr Peter ter Elect;

Campbell was ordained to the pastoral charge William Inglis, Esq. of Middleton, Sub- of the Original Burgher congregation in stitute Grand Master;

Kilmarnock, formerly under the ministry Major-General the Honourable Alexander of the late Rev. Mr Jaffray. Duff, Senior Grand Warden ;

On Thursday the 7th of December, the David Anderson Blair, Esq. of Inchyra, Reverend Mr Mearns, Minister of Tarvos, junior Grand Warden ;

was elected Professor of Divinity in King's Sir John Hay of Smithfield and Hayston, College, Aberdeen, in room of the deceased Bart. Grand Treasurer ;

Dr Gerard.
Alexander Laurie, Esq. Grand Secretary ;
Rev. Dr John Lee, Grand Chaplain ;

The following noblemen and gentlemen James Bertram, Grand Clerk ;

have been elected officers of different SocieWilliam Cunningham, Esq. Grand Je.

ties : weller ;-And

ROYAL SOCIETY. Alexander Peacock, Esq. Grand Bible

Sir James Hall, Bart, Presidenta Bearer.

Lord Meadowbank and Lord Gray, Immediately after the election, the bre.

Vice Presidents. thren walked in procession from the Church

Professor Playfair, Secretary. Aisle to Freemasons' Hall, Niddry Street, James Bonar, Esq. Treasurer, with torch-light (the streets being lined with

Thomas Allan, Esq. a party of the 6th dragoon guards), where

Keeper of the Museum and Library. the evening was spent with that harmony

PHYSICAL CLASS. and hilarity for which this ancient and honourable order has ever been eminently dis- Sir George Mackenzii, Bart, President. tinguished.

Dr l'homas Hope, Secretary. Upon this occasion, Sir J. Marjoribanks,

Counsellors. as Grand Master Elect, presided in the ab- James Bryce, Esq. Dr Coventry sence of the Earl of Fife.

Dr Brewster

Professor Leslie We are sorry to ha

to add, that, during Sir William Forbes Lord Webb Seymour, the procession, a most afflicting accident

LITERARY CLASS. happened at the head of Blair Street, where a great concourse of spectators were assem.

Henry Mackenzie, Esq. President. bled. In clearing the way for the proces.

Thos. Thomson, Esq Secretary.

Counsellors. sion, a crowd of people were driven against the railing of a deep area (the uppermost on

Rev. Dr Jamieson Dr Thomas Brown

Walter Scott, Esq. Lord Pruvost the east side); and, by their heavy and sud

Lord Glenlee den pressure, loosening the flag stones into

James Pillans, Esq. which the iron is inserted, the whole, in

ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY. length from 12 to 20 feet, gave way, and a number of people were thus precipitated Professor J. Playfair, President. backward into the area beneath. About 17 Sir George Mackenzie, Bart. Vice President. of them received more or less injury. One James Bundr, Esq. ?'rtasur 67. person had his thigh bone broken, and an.

Dr Brewster, Secretary. other his head much cut; these, with two James Jardine, Esq. Astronomer. women, one of whom was severely bruised

Directors. in one of her sides and legs, were conveyed Lord Provost

Dr Gregory immediately to the Royal Infirmary. Most Convener of the Trades Dr Hope of them have since recovered.

Prof. of Natural Philos. Hen. Jurdine, Esq. This accident being soon communicated Prof. of Mathematics Prot. D. Stewart to the Grand Lodge, a subscription was in

Prof. of Pract. Astron. Rt. Hon. Ld. Gray stantly begun among the brethren, and a Alexander Keith, Esq. Sir W. Forbes, Bi. considerable suin raised for behoot of the Dr Gordon,

R. Ferguson, Esq. sufferers.

Daniel Ellis, Esq.

T. Allan, Esqa

James Innes, Esq. J. Fuilarton, Esq. At the anniversary meeting of the Royal Sir H. Moncrieff, Bart. Mr Alex, Adie Society of London, held on the 30th of

Mr Patrick Neill.



Ireland, to Sir David Ochterlony, Knight Presidents.

Commander of the Most Honourable Milk

tary Order of the Bath, and Major General J. Shaw Stewart, Esq. W. Macdowall, Esq. in the army in the East Indies, and to the Adam Urquhart, Esq. D. Macneill, Esq. heirs male of his body lawfully begotten. W. Menzies, Esq.

Foreign Office, Dec. 2. Edward Janies Robert Hunter, Esq, Secretary. Dawkins, Esq. appointed to be via Majesty's

John Waugh, Esq, Treasurer. Secretary of Legation at the Court of Flo. Mr Macallan, Librarian, Depute Secretary, rence : And Francis Peter Werry, Esq. to and Under Treasurer,

be his Majesty's Secretary of Legation at the Court of Dresden.

Dec. 4. This day the Right Hon. Charles COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS.

Bagot was sworn a Member of bis Majesty's Dr Thomas Charles Hope, President. Privy Council. Dr James Hamilton, jun. Vice-President.

This day his Royal Highness the Dr Andrew Duncan, sen.

Prince Regent was pleased to invest Vice

Censors. Dr Daniel Rutherford,

Admiral Sir Herbert Sawyer with the enDr Thomas Spens, Treasurer.

signs of a Knight Commander of the Mest Dr Alexander Munro, jun. Secretary.

Honourable Military Order of the Bath :Dr Alexander Wylie, Librarian.

And also to confer the honour of KnightDr Andrew Duncan, jun. Fiscal.

hood upon the following officers, Knights Alexander Boswell, W. S. Clerk.

Commanders of the said Most Honourable
Military Order of the Bath :-

Lieut. Col. Sir William Williams.

Lieut. Col. Sir Robert Arbuthnot.
Henry Evans Holder, Esq. M.D. Barbadoes

Dec. 5. John Philip Morier, Esq. appointJohn Whiting, Esq. Palgrave, Norfolk

ed to be his Majesty's Envoy Extraordinary Adam M.Dougald, Esq. M.D. Edinburgh

to the Court of his Majesty the King of George Craigie, Esq. Montrose.

Saxony: And Edward Michael Ward, of
Bangor, Esq. to be his Majesty's Secretary

of Legation at Lisbon.
George Wild, Esq. Edinburgh

John Henderson, Esq. surgeon, Lawton
Patrick Macdonald, Esq. Edinburgh

June 29. At the Mount, Madras, Mo John Deuchar, Esq. Edinburgh.

Major Blair, a son.

Nov. 3. At Edinburgh, the Lady of Tho.

mas Trail, Esq. of the 21st regiment, er SCOTTISH WIDOWS FUND AXD LIFE IN- Scots Fuzileers, a son. SURANCE SOCIETY.

7. In Marischal Street, Aberdeen, the President.

Lady of Alexander Forbes, Esq. a son. The Right Hon. the Earl of Rosebery.

9. At Cleland house, Mrs Taylor, a son. l'ice-Presidents.

10. At Cortachy Castle, the Lady of the Lord Alloway,

Honourable Donald Ogilvy, a daughter. Sir John Hay, Bart.

Mrs Watson, North Castle Street, a Sir John Marjoribanks, Bart.

11. At Whickham House, Durham, Mri George Mitchell, Esq. of Parson's Green.

Haggerston, jun. of Ellingham, a daughter. Ordinary Directors.

12. At Burnfoot, Springkell, Mrs Simp. James Moncreiff, advocate

son, a daughter, Dr And. Duncan, jun. physician

- At Glengarry House, the Lady of CoCharles Cuningham, W. S.

lonel Macdonell of Glengarry, a daughter. Alex. Henderson, merchant, Edinburgh

At Dundas Street, Mrs Colonel Ro. Thomas Beveridge, writer, Edinburgh bertson of Hallcraig, a daughter. Robert Bell, advocate

15. At Islabank, the Lady of Peter Wed. Professor Christison, Edinburgh.

derburn, Esq. a son.

At Minto House, the Countess of APPOINTMENTS,

Minto, a daughter.

16. At Prestonfield, the Lady of Sir Ro[From the London Gazette. )

bert Dick, Bart. a son. Whitchall, Nov. 21. The Prince Regent At Netherlay, Mrs Silver, a son. this day granted the dignity of a Baronet of 17. At Shandwick Place, Mrs Hagart, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Bantaskine, & song


a son,


Nov. 19. Mrs Bruce of Powfoulis, a son. rard Cruikshank, of Stracathro, daughter

20. At Canonbie Manse, Mrs Donaldson, of the late Patrick Cruikshank, Esq. of a daughter.

Stracathro. At Borrowfield, Mrs Smart of Co- 14. At Bedruth, (being the third time), nonsyth, a daughter.

Captain Matthew Bennetts, of North Downs 21. At Swaffham, Norfolk, the Lady of Mine, aged 75 years, to Elizabeth, third the Honourable and Reverend A. Turnour, daughter of Thomas Teague, Esq. of Cala

stock, aged 17, a very accomplished young 22. M. H. D. Erskine, younger of Am. lady, with a handsome fortune. mondell, a son.

13. At Westbank, the Reverend George 24. At Kirrouchtree, Lady Heron Max. Dickson, minister of Pettinain, to Mary, well, a son.

fourth daughter of the late Alexander Lock27. At Govan House, Mrs St Douglas, a hart, Esq.

- At Hackness, George Johnstone, Esq. 29. Mrs Drysdale, Castle Street, a son. to Margaret Anne, eldest daughter of Lady

Dec. 2. At Edinburgh, Mrs Morehead, Johnstone, of Hackness-house. wife of the Reverend Robert Morehead, a Captain S. H. Stuart, cldest son of Sir daughter.

S, Stuart. Bart. of Hartly Maudit, to Miss At Stockbridge, the Lady of Major Gunn, of Mount Kennedy. Machafie, of the 21st regiment, a daughter. 17. At Edinburgh, Mr James Smith,

At the Manse of Loumay, Mrs C. builder, Hope Street, to Miss Catherine Gibbon, a daughter.

Rintoul, only daughter of Mr Rintoul, Ar3. Mrs John Smith, George's Square, a son. cher's Hall.

At Hayfield, Mrs William, younger 18. At Balcarras, Charles Maitland Chrisof Hayfield, a son.

tie, of Durie, Esq. to Miss Mary Butler 4. In North Castle Street, the Lady of Lindsay, eldest daughter of the Honourabie Captain Nolan, 70th regiment, a son. Robert Lindsay of Balcarras.

20. At Kippenross, William Sapier Mila

jiken af Milliken, to Miss Elizabeth C. Stir. MARRIAGES.

ling, fifth daughter of John Stirling, Esq. Aug. 16. At the Cape of Good Hope, of Kippendavie. Henry Home, Esq. of Edinburgh, to Miss 21. At Edinburgh, Dr William Bowie, Margaret Andrews, of London, by J. S. to Mrs Anna Frislin, widow of the deceased Hewitt, A. M. chaplain to his Majesty's 'Captain Donald M.Nicol, Royal Scots. forces, and acting colonial chaplain.

At Clifton, John Thomson, Esq. of Oct. 27. At Stirling, the Rev. George Kilbank, Lanarkshire, merchant in Bristol, Brewster, of Scoonie, to Jane, eldest daugh- to Miss Newman, third daughter of R. N. ter of the late Thomas Hadaway, Esq. Newman, Esq. (M. D.) of Thornburgh Stirling

Park, Gloucestershire. 28. At Baron's Court, Tyrone, the Right At Paris, Captain Sandelands, 'of the Hon. Lord Manners, Lord High Chancellor Coldstream guards, to Mary, daughter of of Ireland, to the Honourable Jane Butler, the late General Ainslie. sister to the present Lord Caher.

At Edinburgh, Mr John Wilson, wri. At Plymouth, Captain Robert Gam. ter, Alloa, to Miss Agnes Wilson, of Forth bier, Royal Navy, nephew of Lord Gambier, Street, Edinburgh. to Caroline Gore, fourth daughter of Major 23. At Beechhill, Perth-shire, David General Browne, Lieutenant-Governor of Henderson, Esq. of the East India Com. Plymouth

ny's medic service, to Miss Anp Hay, Nov. 3. At her father's house, Miss Ja. third daughter of Charles Hay, Esq. of net Thaw, daughter of Mr John Thaw, far. Beechhill. mer at Broom Flat, to Alexander Calder, 28. At Lewisham, Kent, the Hon. War. Esq. merchant, Linlithgow.

wick Lake, to Elizabeth, only dangh'er of 7. At Dunfermline, Mr Andrew Dewar, James Beveridge Duncan, Esq. of Danıside. surgeon, to Isabella, youngest daughter of 30. At Carfrae, Mr David Walker, Tim. the Reverend James Husband.

pendean, to Miss Mary Hogarth, third At Edinburgh, William Stothert, of daughter of Robert Hugarih, fisq. Carfrae. Cargen, Esq. Captain in the Coldstream Henry Stalford Northcote, Esq. eldest guards, to Miss Rebecca, T. Monteith, el. son of Sir H. Stalford Northcote, Bart. to dest daughter of the deceased Robert Mon- Agnes Mary, only daughter of Thos. Cockteith, of Rochsoles, Esq.

burn, Esq. of Portland Place, London, 9. At Langley Park, Colin Campbell Mac. Dec. 1. At Kinmonth, the Reverend Wil. kay, Esq. Major in his Majesty's 78th regi- liam Scott Leslie, to Isabella, only daughter ment of Highlanders, to Miss Marjory Ge. of Thomas Inglis, Esq.

Dee. 4.

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Dec. 4. At Glasgow, Nir James Marshall, Oct. 21. At Boston, the well-known Lin. tobacconist, Edinburgh, to Grace, only daugh. colnshire physician, Dr Moody, to the great ter of Mr John Gilmour, Glasgow.

regret of all his living patients. This ec5. At Muirburn, William Morrison, Esq. centric son of Esculapius professed to cure of Berwick upon Tweed, to Helen, eldest every disorder incidental to the human daughter of James Alston of Muirburn, Esq. frame, by three sovereign remedies ; the first

of which he called Gentle Joha (sulphuric DEATHS.

acid); the second, Numoer One (nitrie 4

cid); the third, Golden Tinctors in and Jan. 6. 1814. At Kingston, Jamaica, Mr aloes.) John Erminio Stabilizi, surgeon, in the 26th 23. At Ardfert Abbey, county of Kerry, year of his age, of the yellow fever. His John Earl of Glandore, Viscount Cros. superior abilities, benevolent disposition, and bie, and Baron Brandon, Custos Rotuloamiable manners, endeared hiin to all who rum, and a Governor of that county; a knew him, and his early death has sunk his Privy Counsellor of the kingdom of Ireland, relations into the deepest distress.

F. R. S. and S. A. and M. R. I. A. and one April 15. 1815. Killed, in the attack by of the twenty-eight Representative Peers in the British army under Major - General the Imperial Parliament. His Lordship Ochterlony, of the Goorkha positions along was in the 63d year of his age, and succeed. the Malown mountains, C. L. Showers, Esq. ed his father, the late William, Earl of senior Captain of the 10th regiment native Glandore, in 1782. He married in 1977, infantry on this establishment. Death never Diana Sackville, daughter of Lord George claimed a nobler spirit, nor honour wept a Sackville Germain, and sister to the present braver soldier! Showers died as he lived, Duke of Dorset, whom he survived only the proud memorial of a British officer. fourteen months, by whom he had no issue.

May 25. At Batavia, in the 26th year of The immediate cause of his Lordship's dehis age, deeply regretted by his friends and cease was an apopletic fit. He is succeed. acquaintances, Mr Robert Duff, youngest son ed in the title of Baron Brandon by his of the late Reverend William Duff, minister first cousin, the Reverend William Crosbie, of Foveran.

now Baron Brandon. July 4. In Grenada, Alexander Aberdein, - At Dublin, Robert Earl of Wicklow. Esq. proprietor of Richmond estate, acting Viscount Wicklow, and Baron Clonmore. collector of the customs at the port of Gren. His Lordship having died without issue, ville, one of his Majesty's Justices of the his titles and estates devolve to his next Peace, member of the Assembly for the brother, the Right Hon. William Forward, united parishes of St Andrew and St David, of Castle Forward, in the county of Doneand Major of the Colonial troop of light dra. gal, whose family re-assumes the name of goons.

Howard. By his Lordship's death a vacanSept. 9. At Berbice, Alexander Fraser, cy occurs in the Representative Peerage of of Scafield Plantation, Esq. writer to the Ireland. signet ; and at the same place, on the 23d, - 24. At Aberdeen, James Ferguson, dryhis infant daughter, Jane Elizabeth.

salter, Glasgow, aged 30 years. 16. At Blargymore, Badenoch, Ensign - At Harlaw, William, second son of John M.Pherson, late of the 78th regiment, the deceased Mr Robert Kay of Harlaw. aged 88 years. He was esteemed and re. At Ardınore, Lieut.-General Thomas spected by all who knew him while in life, Geils, of the Honourable East India Com. and now much lamented by his widow, his pany's service, in the 69th year of his age. children, and friends. He fought under 25. At Edinburgh, Mrs Cook, wife of General Wolf at the taking of Quebec, in Walter Cook, Esq. writer to the signet; 1759.

and, on the same day, Christina, her infant 26. At Unity Valley, Jamaica, Mr Charles daughter. Gregory, late of Edinburgh.

At Dumfries, Mrs Sarah Crichton, re30. At Jamaica, Mr Alexander Hill, lict of Mr John Henderson of Yunholm. planter, in the 29th year of his age; from 26. At Edinburgh, James Gibson, Esq. the parish of Currie, being upwards of surgeon in Edinburgh, aged 77. eleven years on the island.

At Culcabuck House, Inverness, ia Oct. 12. At Antwerp, Insign Roger Stew- the 84th year of his age, Arthur Roberto art, of the 25th moviment of foot.

son, Esq. of Inches, one of the oldest pro- At Malta, Thomas Fyers, Esq. trea- prietors in the north of Scotland, and for surer of the island and Deputy Paymaster many years father of the roll of freeholders General to the forces.

in the county of Inverness. 21. At Roxburgh Place, Miss Jean Grant 29. At London, Thomas Darhain Calder. of Pilmuir,

wood, Esq. of Folton.

Oct. 2.


Oct. 25. At Close-house, Newcastle, Cal Theatre-Royal of that city, and formerly verley Bewicke, Esq. M. P. for Winchel- manager of the Edinburgh and Glasgow sea, in Sussex.

theatres. Through a long career, he pre- At Plymouth Dock, Devoa, Captain served those principles of rectitude which James Mackonochie, Royal Artillery. give grace, and even dignity to every situa

26. At Kempsey Lodge, Worcestershire, tion of life, and are even most conspicuous Catharine Adam, relict of John Neale, Esq. in a profession, which is, of all others, most late of Willowyards, Ayrshire.

subject to the strict and unabating scrutiny 30. At Banff, Miss Jean Corse, daughter of the world. Of humble, but respectable of the deceased Reverend Dr John Corse, origin, he raised himself to professional emi. minister of the Tron Church, Glasgow. nence by his talents, and he supported the

31. At Coldstream, Mr Robert Dick, station he had gained in society by his inmerchant.

tegrity. A talented actor, and an honest Lately, in Mill Street, Liverpool, Mrs man, combine a character which is an unEnnis Margaret Neyton, aged 106. She pos. failing pusse par tout in every civilized counsessed all her faculties to the last moment, try ; and few have ever maintained their

At Yarmouth, Norfolk, aged 50, Mrs claims to such a distinction more in violaHolland : her death was occasioned by be bly than Mr Rock.- High in the confidence ing frightened by the gloomy predictions of of managers, his urbanity gained him the Mrs Spaul, a pretended fortune teller, who esteem of his dramatic associates, and when has since been committed to jail as a va invested with power, a conciliating disposigrant.

tion removed the shackles which arrogance At Nelloor, in India, Major Thomas and presumption too often impose

on the Little, Commandant of the 1st battalion 3d minds of those confided to their direction, regiment light infantry.

In conversation, Mr Rock discovered a liter- At Taylorstown, county of Wexford, ary taste, and much reading, which renat the great age of 122 years, Edward Con dered him an instructive as well as a cheer

He supported himself by selling trif ful companion. --As a husband, a parent, ling articles for country use, and was re and a friend, he was highly and justiy estimarkable for the integrity of his dealings. mated, and he departed this lite regretted His mental faculties were unimpaired, and by all who had ever enjoyed the pleasure of he retained the perfect use of his sight and his society. limbs until a few days before his death.

At Georges Square, Mrs Tod, widow At Brussels, of their wounds at Wa. of the late Thomas Tod, Esq. of Drygrange, terloo, Majors M.Lean, 734; Davidson, W. S. 42d; Captains M'Nabb, 30th ; Grant, 92d; 6. At Dysart, Mrs Janet Spence, relict and Lieuts. Beere and Prendergast, 3011. of Mr George Wallace, in the 100dth year

Ai Clifton Hall, Sir Gervas Clinton, Bart. aged 71.

At Westhope, Mr John Bertram, At his house, at Bennet's Hill, near tenant there; a man who will long be reBirmingham, at the age of 92, William men hered with regret by his family and Hutton, Esq. the venerable historian of friends. He and his forefathers have been Birmingham, and the author of various other tenants in the said farm, on the Marquis of works.

Tweeddale's estate, above 300 years. At Paris, Samuel Potts, Esq. former. At Arbroath, Mrs Mary Louson, ly one of the Comptrollers of the General spouse to David Louson, Eq. town-clerk. Post Office.

At Brechin, Mr James Mackenzic, On board his Majesty's ship Africaine, aged 86. Philip D'Auvergne, only son of the Duke of At Bothwell Park, Miss Agnes Bu. Bouillon.

chanan, daughter of the late Mr John BuAt Florence, J. M. Johnson, Esq. his chanan, hat-manufacturer in Glasgow. Britannic Majesty's Consul at Genoa.

At Denton House, near Grautham, in Nov. 3. George Wright, Esq. of Lawton. the 820 year of his age, Sir William Earle

4. At Liddalbank, Mrs Fairbairn, sister Welby, Bart. His eldest son, now Sir Wil. of the late Alexander Scott, Esq. of Sinton. liam Earle Welby, Bart. M. P. for Grant

5. At Killachcillum, Stratherrick, Mr ham, succeeds him in his title and family Hugh Fraser, tacksman of that place ; many estates. years ground officer to the Honourable Co 7. At his house, Watergate, Mr John lonel Fraser of Lovat, in that district. Hay, coach-hirer,

5. At Glasgow, Mr John Watson, many 8. At Stranraer, John M'Cree, Esq. foryears kirk-treasurer in that city, in the 83d merly of Jamaica. year of his age.

9. At Smithston house, parish of Kil. At Dublin, A. Rock, Esq, late of the winning, Alex M'Gown, Esq. of Smithston.

Nov. 9.

of her age.

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