Beginning Drupal 7

Apress, 31 déc. 2010 - 336 pages
In its relatively short life, Drupal has had a tremendous impact on the landscape of the Internet. As a web content management system (CMS), Drupal has enabled the creation of feature- and content-rich websites for organizations large and small. As a web application framework, Drupal is changing the way that people think about web application development. When I experienced the power of the Drupal platform for the first time, I knew that it was something more than just another content management solution. When I saw how easily and quickly I could build feature-rich websites, I shifted gears and focused my entire career around Drupal. While working with clients, I was often asked, “Where can I go to find information for someone who is new to Drupal?” Unfortunately there wasn’t a comprehensive resource that I could point them to, and thus began my journey of writing this book. I’m also often asked, “What is Drupal?” The short answer is, “Drupal is an open source web content management system that allows you to quickly and easily create simple to complex sites that span everything from a simple blog, a corporate site, a social networking site, or virtually anything you can dream up. ” What you can build with Drupal is only limited by your imagination and the time you have to spend with the platform.

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Table des matières

CHAPTER 1 Introduction to Drupal
CHAPTER 2 Creating and Managing Content
CHAPTER 3 Creating and Managing Users
CHAPTER 4 Taxonomy
CHAPTER 5 Creating Menus
CHAPTER 6 Installing Themes
CHAPTER 7 Drupal Blocks
CHAPTER 8 Drupal Modules
CHAPTER 12 Panels
CHAPTER 13 Theming
CHAPTER 14 Administering Your Drupal Site
CHAPTER 15 Putting It All Together
CHAPTER 16 Case Study
APPENDIX A Installing Drupal
APPENDIX B Additional Resources
APPENDIX C Social Networking

CHAPTER 9 Enabling Interactive Capabilities
CHAPTER 10 Content Types
CHAPTER 11 Views
APPENDIX D Ecommerce
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Todd Tomlinson is a seasoned IT executive with 36 years of experience crossing multiple continents and technologies. He is a former Senior Director of EBusiness Strategy for Oracle Corporation, Senior Manager with Andersen Consulting (now Accenture), Practice Director for IBM, Vice President for Claremont Technology Group,co-Founder-Vice President-and CTO of Emerald Solutions, Senior Managing Partner for CNF Ventures, Vice President of the Drupal Consulting Practice at ServerLogic. Todd is currently the Senior Enterprise Drupal Architect for Unicon. Todd's passion for the web began in 1987 when he worked for the National Science Foundation at Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh(Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center) - and expanded when he helped Netscape Communication deploy their server platforms around the world in 1995-1996. He started using Drupal as a mechanism to teach advanced web design and development at the University of Phoenix, where he was the area chair and lead faculty member in the School of Business and Information Technology. He has helped many of the worlds largest organizations refocus their business around the web. He is the author of Pro Drupal 7 Development, Beginning Drupal 7, and Beginning Drupal 8 (Apress Publishing).

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