The Routledge International Handbook of Children, Adolescents and Media

Dafna Lemish
Routledge, 18 juil. 2013 - 500 pages

The roles that media play in the lives of children and adolescents, as well as their potential implications for their cognitive, emotional, social and behavioral development, have attracted growing research attention in a variety of disciplines.

The Routledge International Handbook of Children, Adolescents and Media analyses a broad range of complementary areas of study, including children as media consumers, children as active participants in media making, and representations of children in the media. The handbook presents a collection that spans a variety of disciplines including developmental psychology, media studies, public health, education, feminist studies and the sociology of childhood. Essays provide a unique intellectual mapping of current knowledge, exploring the relationship of children and media in local, national, and global contexts.

Divided into five parts, each with an introduction explaining the themes and topics covered, the handbook features 57 new contributions from 71 leading academics from 38 countries. Chapters consider vital questions by analyzing texts, audience, and institutions, including:

  • the role of policy and parenting in regulating media for children
  • the relationships between children’s’ on-line and off-line social networks
  • children’s strategies of resistance to persuasive messages in advertising
  • media and the construction of gender and ethnic identities

The Handbook’s interdisciplinary approach and comprehensive, international scope make it an authoritative, state of the art guide to the nascent field of Children’s Media Studies. It will be indispensable for media scholars and professionals, policy makers, educators, and parents.


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Table des matières

children adolescents and media creating a shared scholarly
Editors introduction
Trends in childrens consumption of media
Ecological approaches to the study of media and children
practice not discipline
Feminist theory approaches to the study of children and media
Media culture and childhood in the age of globalization
Editors introduction
Childrens media use and its relation to attention hyperactivity
Social mediaandcreativity
Media body image and eating disorders
Media and obesity Bradley J BondMelissa N Richards andSandra L Calvert
rethinking citizenship in the twentyfirst century
learning and performing femininity
Contexts andcommunities

tradition and innovation
Childrens film culture
Childrens television culture
power change and vulnerability in twentyfirst
Childrens digital gaming cultures
Children and consumer culture
Media and bedroom culture
Media andminority children Michelle M Rivera and Angharad N Valdivia
the role of Web 2 0 technologies in fostering
Editors introduction
online child protection and empowerment in a global
New media and learning
Media literacy Renee Hobbs
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Dafna Lemish is Professor of Communication, Interim Dean of the College of Mass Communication and Media Arts at Southern Illinois University Carbondale and founding editor of the Journal of Children and Media ( She is author of numerous books and articles on children, media and gender representations.

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