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Enough for me, if to some feeling breast

My lines a secret sympathy impart ; And as their pleasing influence flows confess'd,

A sigh of soft reflection heave the heart'.


THYRSIS, when he left me, swore

In the spring he would return
Ah! what means the opening flower!

And the bud that decks the thorn!
"Twas the nightingale that sung !
'Twas the lark that upward sprung!
Idle notes! untimely green!

Why such unavailing haste ?
Gentle gales and sky serene

Provę not always winter pass’d.
Cease, my doubts, my fears to move,
Spare the honour of my love.

AMATORY LINES 3. With beauty, with pleasure surrounded, to lan

guish Toweep without knowing the cause of my anguish: To start from short slumbers, and wish for the

morning; To close my dull eyes when I see it returning;

| The words in Italic were sapplied by Mr. Mason.

? Written, at the request of Miss Speed, to an old Air of Geminiani: the thought from the French.

3 This jeu d'esprit was found among the MSS. of Gray, and printed in a note in the second volume of Warton's edition of Pope.

Sighs sudden and frequent, looks ever dejected, Words that steal from my tongue, by no meaning


Ah, say, fellow swains, how these symptoms befell me? [me! They smile, but reply not-Sure Delia can tell


An Epigram.

THUS Tophet look'd; so grinn'd the brawling fiend, Whilst frighted prelates bow'd, and call'd him friend.

Our mother-church, with half-averted sight, Blush'd as she bless'd her grisly proselyte; [ders, Hosannas rung through Hell's tremendous borAnd Satan's self had thoughts of taking orders.



OLD, and abandon'd by each venal friend,
Here H- -d form'd the pious resolution
To smuggle a
few years, and strive to mend
A broken character and constitution.

1 Mr. Etough, of Cambridge University, the person satirized, was as remarkable for the eccentricities of his character as for his personal appearance. A Mr. Tyson, of Bene't College, made an etching, of his head, and presented it to Mr. Gray, who embellished it with the above lines. Some information respecting Mr. Etough (who was rector of Therfield, Herts, and of Colmworth, Bedfordshire) may be found in the Gentleman's Magazine, vol. lvi. pp. 25, 281.


On this congenial spot he fix'd his choice: [sand; Earl Goodwin trembled for his neighbouring Here seagulls scream, and cormorants rejoice, And mariners, though shipwreck'd, dread to land.

Here reign the blustering North and blighting East,
No tree is heard to whisper, bird to sing;
Yet Nature could not furnish out the feast,
Art he invokes new horrors still to bring.

Here mouldering fanes and battlements arise,
Turrets and arches nodding to their fall,
Unpeopled monasteries delude our eyes,
And mimic desolation covers all.

"Ah! (said the sighing peer) had B-te been true,
Nor M-'s, R-'s, B-'s friendship vain,
Far better scenes than these had bless'd our view,
And realized the beauties which we feign:

Purged by the sword, and purified by fire,

Then had we seen proud London's hated walls: Owls would have hooted in St. Peter's choir,

And foxes stunk and litter'd in St. Paul's.'



WHEN sly Jemmy Twitcher had smugg'd up his face,

With a lick of court whitewash and pious grimace,
A wooing he went, where three sisters of old
In harmless society guttle and scold.

Lord! sister (says Physic to Law), I declare, Such a sheep-biting look, such a pickpocket air! Not I for the Indies:-You know I'm no prude,— But his name is a shame,—and his eyes are so lewd! Then he shambles and straddles so oddly-I fearNo-at our time of life 'twould be silly, my dear.' 'I don't know (says Law), but methinks for his look

Tis just like the picture in Rochester's book; Then his character, Phyzzy,-his morals-his life


When she died, I can't tell, but he once had a wife.
They say he's no Christian, loves drinking and
And all the town rings of his swearing and roaring!
His lying and filching, and Newgate-bird tricks ;-
Not I-for a coronet, chariot and six!'

Divinity heard, between waking and dozing, Her sisters denying, and Jemmy proposing:

1 This tart lampoon was written a short time previous to the election of high steward of the University of Cambridge, for which office the noble lord alluded to made an active


From table she rose, and, with bumper in hand, She stroked up her belly, and stroked down her band

"What a pother is here about wenching and roaring!
Why, David loved catches, and Solomon w-
Did not Israel filch from the' Egyptians of old
Their jewels of silver and jewels of gold?
The prophet of Bethel, we read, told a lie:
He drinks-so did Noah;—he swears—so do I:
To reject him for such peccadillos were odd;
Besides, he repents—for he talks about G**-
[To Jemmy]
Never hang down your head, you poor penitent elf,
Come buss me—I'll be Mrs. Twitcher myself.'


* *

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Too poor for a bribe, and too proud to importune;
He had not the method of making a fortune:
Could love and could hate, so was thought some-
what odd;

No very great Wit, he believed in a God.
A post or a pension he did not desire,

But left Church and State to Charles Townshend and Squire2.

This was written in 1761, and found in one of Mr. Gray's pocketbooks.

2 At that time Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge, and afterwards Bishop of St. David's.

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