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and when the modes of acquirement should be multiplied ad infinitum. At this period a book of colloquial French of varied matter, to be learnt or perused, with its full explanation at hand, so that no time be lost in endeavours to decipher its meaning, comes in most usefully, and that without interrupting the other studies either of pupils at schools, or of free and independent learners. Experience teaches us how great a gain is almost unconsciously derived from merely skimming collections of fully-explained idioms and phrases, and well-rendered familiar and proverbial expressions. It would be advantageous if the use of the present volume had been preceded by that of one of a more introductory character, such as Hall's

“ Ahn's French Dialogue Book,” or the book in use at Eton for the same purpose; but if this preparation has not been secured, a middling proficiency in French would suffice for learning passages in the “Colloquial French."

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