I'm Ok...

Xulon Press, 2007 - 140 pages
If I were to ask the question, "How are you doing?" How would you respond? Typically, most people respond to this question, "I'm O.K." or with a generic response of similar meaning. Yet, if I were to look beyond the words "I'm O.K.," what would I hear? More often that not, I would hear the silenced tears of the soul's unresolved emotional pain. As we navigate through our life's journey, inevitably the soul will attempt to negotiate the pain of loss, disappointment, despair, rejection, and hopelessness only to retreat in defeat against seemingly unconquerable opponents. So often, this is the plight of untold numbers of men, women and children alike. In our attempt to cope with the circumstances of our lives, we are often times unequipped with the spiritual armor needed to master life's emotional battles we seasonally encounter. This is where you can enter this journey to wholeness. It is not a destination, a place where you arrive and become complaisant. It is a pathway for continuous growth, self-development, and spiritual empowerment based on sound biblical principles. Prepare to share Leah's Love, Hannah's Hope, Ruth's Restoration, Jacob's Joy, Job's Journey and Abraham's Altar experiences in a refreshing and life changing way. The mother of four, a wife, sister and friend of many, Brenda's clarion call to the body of Christ is to articulate the heartbeat of the Father for His beloved daughters. Brenda is the founder of Women of Promise Ministries, a prophetic, teaching, and healing ministry. Brenda current resides in Jackson, Mississippi with her four children.

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