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fragment, he considers that no apology is needed, so long as those sentiments have not-and he trusts they have in no degree-blinded his judgment to

the merits of the illustrious successors of De Luc,

the heirs and improvers of his discoveries.

LONDON, May 10, 1831.


Introduction, Page 19, line 24, note, after elevation, omit inverted commas.

18, note, add inverted commas after England.
105, note, for as the matter shall require," read at all

times, as the matter shall require."
114, 20, after animals, read Lectures on the History of the

Natural Sciences.
15, last line but one, for Section II. Although interchanges of

land, read Section IV. page 71, line 4.
38, 9, add inverted commas, note, notwithstanding, however.
107, 14, for these read our continents.

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