The Antiquary: A Magazine Devoted to the Study of the Past, Volume 14

E. Stock, 1886
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Page 109 - By sitting on the stage, you may (with small cost) purchase the dear acquaintance of the boys, have a good stool for sixpence, at any time know what particular part any of the -infants present, get your match lighted, examine the playsuits' lace, and perhaps win wagers upon laying 'tis copper, etc.
Page 109 - Judge your sixe-pen'orth, your shillings worth, your five shillings worth at a time, or higher, so you rise to the just rates, and welcome. But, whatever you do, buy.
Page 237 - Killigrew's way of getting to see plays when he was a boy. He would go to the Red Bull, and when the man cried to the boys, " Who will go and be a devil, and he shall see the play for nothing?
Page 163 - ... bows and arrows and use the same on Sundays and Holy' days, and leave all playing at tennis or football, and other games called coits, dice, casting of the stone, kailes (ie skittles), and other such importune games.
Page 274 - Bibliotheca Britannica ; or, a General Index to the Literature of Great Britain and Ireland, Ancient and Modern, with such Foreign Works as have been translated into English, or printed in the British Dominions : including also a copious Selection from the Writings of the most celebrated Authors of all Ages and Nations.
Page 109 - Majesty's Servants Written by John Webster Enter W. Sly, a Tire-man following him with a stool Tire-man. Sir, the gentlemen will be angry if you sit here. Sly. Why, we may sit upon the stage at the private house.
Page 208 - I was at one of their Playhouses where I saw a Comedie acted. The house is very beggarly and base in comparison of our stately Play-houses in England ; neyther can their Actors compare with us for apparrell, shewes and musicke.
Page 236 - Drols, they were then acted by the best Comedians then and now in being ; and I may say, by some that then exceeded all now Living ; by Name, the incomparable Robert Cox who was not only the principal Actor, but also the Contriver and Author of most of these Farces.
Page 108 - Thus, Right Honorable, as concerning the Globe, where wee ourselves are but lessees. Now for the Blackfriers, that is our inheritance, our father purchased it at extreame rates, and made it into a playhouse with great charge and treble ; which after was leased out to one Evans that first sett up the boyes commonly called the Queenes Majesties Children of the Chappell.
Page 80 - Judah ; and say unto them, Thus saith the Lord of Hosts, the God of Israel; Behold, I will send and take Nebuchadrezzar the king of Babylon, my servant, and will set his throne upon these stones...

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