Marriage in Church After Divorce: A Discussion Document from a Working Party Commissioned by the House of Bishops of the Church of England

Church House Publishing, 2000 - 98 pages
Prior to the historic decision of July 2002 (on which see GS papers 1449, 1449a and 1449b) the Church of England was actively engaged for many years in trying to reach a common mind on the question of whether a divorced person with a former spouse still living should be able to marry again in church.

This discussion document came from a Working Party commissioned by the House of Bishops, under the chairmanship of the Bishop of Winchester. Published prior to July 2002, for discussion in the dioceses, its aim was to take the debate further.

In this report, the reader may find the key to the greater coherence and consistency now present in the Church's pastoral practice, and see the initial proposals regarding the procedure under which further marriages might take place in church.

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Theological and liturgical questions
The social context
The legal context in Church and State
The wider Church context
Services of prayer and dedication
Summary of recommendations
The 1957 Act of the Canterbury Convocation
Marriage statistics 197696
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