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years are now elapsed since the Universalist's Miscellany has been in circulation; this period has afforded opportunity to the friends of the Universal doctrine to express their views somewhat at large; but the subject is far from being exhausted; there is no part of practical or experimental religion, but what has a connection with the universality and final efficacy of the love of God towards his intelligent and moral offspring.

Some opportunity has also been given to the advocates for endless misery to express themselves with freedom upon that awful theme. The Rev. Mr. A. Fuller, has availed himself of this opportunity. He has been attended to as far as the health of the editor has yet permitted: the controversy with this Gentleman will be continued till finished; when the editor has it in contemplation to republish, in a separate pamphlet, all the letters which have passed betwixt Mr. Fuller and himself.

To make our pamphlet the more acceptable we shall, in the course of the next year, add to our other articles, a monthly review of books. December 27, 1800.


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AN NECDOTE of Archbishop Tillotson

33 a Scotch officer

32 Mr. Robinson

113 Sir Isaac Newton The Princess Dowager of Wales

337 Mariv aux

349 George II.

ib, Anecdotes, Literary,—Rochefoucault-Johnson Da Vinca-Theo

doric-Singular change of fortune Effects of superstition 311,313 Animadversions on the Hoxton Sudent's Remarks

267 Amicus, Letter on the animadversions of

306 Air, pressure of the

362 -elasticity of the

363 Atheists, an address to Atmosphere, altitude of the

368 364

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Elders, thoughts on a plurality of
Eastern Proverbs, imitation of
Endless Misery, reasons for rejecting the doctrine of

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