On the Determination of the Orbits of Comets, According to the Methods of Father Boscovich and Mr. de la Place. With New and Complete Tables; and Examples of the Calculation by Both Methods. By Sir Henry Englefield, ...

Ritchie and Sammells, 1793 - 208 pages

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Page vii - ... are yet without a book in our own tongue, which, in a moderate compafs, may make us acquainted with the modern methods of cometary calculation moft generally ufed and approved, by thofe who have peculiarly applied themfclves to tin* branch of aftronomy.
Page 155 - Spinous dorsal white, with deep black blotches between first and second, second and third, third and fourth, and fourth and fifth spines. Soft FIG. 8. XenojvHi
Page vi - ... the great. length and labour of the Newtonian procefs, applied it to twenty-four comets, every one of which afforded a complete proof of the truth of Newton's theory : — but, though the precifion of this method left nothing to be defired on that head, its extreme length and difficulty induced fubfequent mathema* tkians to feelc for modes of fhortening and fimplifying this laborious procefs.
Page ix - Sciences for the year 1780, where it confifts of two parts : the firft contains the principles on which his method is founded, and the fecond includes the practical part of it, which is all that is given in the work before us : — hut our author does not content himfelf with a mere tranflation of this part of M.
Page 196 - Diftance add its Half, and the Logarithm of the Days found in the Table ; their Sum is the Logarithm of the Time elapfed between the Comet's parting the Perihelion, and its Arrival at the Anomaly given.
Page vi - This excellent little tra& contains not only a very accurate and plain account of the Newtonian method of computation, but alfo a table of the parabola; which, in extent, accuracy, and convenience, is equal to any extent; and, till the publication of AJ.
Page 194 - Abilities as a Calculator are well known, has recomputed the whole Table to Decimals of Seconds, and ftill farther enlarged it.
Page 199 - Diftance, and Time of Arrival given,, and the contrary. This excellent Table was computed by Mr. Barker, and publifhed by him in a very ingenious Tract, entitled
Page 195 - What was its Anomaly at 50 Days before or after its Perihelion ? Log. of Perihelion Diftance 9 . 0886320 Its Half 9 . 5443160 Their Sum 8 . 6329480 Log.
Page 195 - Diftance of the Comet, add its half. Subtract the Sum from the Logarithm of the Time...

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