A Companion to Television

Janet Wasko, Eileen R. Meehan
John Wiley & Sons, 17 mars 2020 - 536 pages

The latest edition of the acclaimed volume on television studies, featuring new original essays from leading scholars in the field

Although the digital age has radically altered the media and communications landscape worldwide, television continues to play a significant part of our lives. From its earliest beginnings through to the present day, television and its influence has been the subject of extensive study, critique, and analysis. A Companion to Television brings together contributions from prominent international scholars comprising a wide range of perspectives on the medium. Original essays define television in its current state, explore why it is still relevant, survey the ways in which television has been studied, discuss how television has changed, and consider what television might look like in the future.

Now in its second edition, this compendium includes fresh chapters that cover technological changes affecting television, contemporary approaches to understanding television audiences, new programming trends and developments, and more. Addressing nine key areas of television studies, such as industry, genres, programs, and audiences, the Companion offers readers a balanced, well-rounded, integrative approach to scholarship in the field. This volume:

  • Provides overviews of extensive original research from leading scholars and theorists
  • Examines television’s development and significance in various regions of the world
  • Includes national and regional outlines of television around the world
  • Features theoretical overviews of various critical approaches to television studies
  • Explores historical, economic, institutional, political, and cultural issues studied by media scholars

Presenting diverse perspectives on topics ranging from television advertising to satirical representations of the industry, A Companion to Television, Second Edition is an invaluable resource for those in undergraduate courses in television studies, as well as in general media studies and communications.


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Table des matières

Critical Perspectives on Television from the Frankfurt School
Tracing the Logics of the Television Archive
Locating the Televisual in Golden Age Television
Television History
When the Market is Master
Netflix Inc and Online Television
Texts Political Economy and Ideology
Public Broadcasting
The Reimplementation of
A Special Audience for a Special Medium
A Political Economic Approach
Womens Television
In Search of the Ultimate
Stages of Transition
Television Programming
History Structure

Performances and Audiences
Revisiting the Trade in Television News
The Care and Feeding of Cable News Flow
Television and Sports
History Political Economy
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Janet Wasko is the Philip H. Knight chair for Communication Research at the University of Oregon and President of the International Association for Media and Communication Research. She is the author of How Hollywood Works and Hollywood in the Information Age.

Eileen R. Meehan is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Radio, Television, and Digital Media at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. Among her publications are studies of the Nielsen ratings and television's commodity audience, corporate profiles of global media conglomerates, and analyses of media artifacts.

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