The London, Edinburgh and Dublin Philosophical Magazine and Journal of Science

Taylor & Francis, 1861

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Page 400 - Catechism of the Steam Engine, in its various Applications to Mines, Mills, Steam Navigation, Railways, and Agriculture. By the same Author. With 199 Woodcuts. Fcp. 6s. Handbook of the Steam Engine.
Page 320 - A Treatise on Electricity, in Theory and Practice. By A. DE LA RIVE, Prof, in the Academy of Geneva.
Page 531 - Reduction and Discussion of the Deviations of the Compass observed on board of all the Iron-built Ships and a selection of the Wood -built Steam-ships in Her Majesty's Navy, and the Iron Steamship
Page 283 - The only conception that has at all aided me in conceiving of this kind of motion is that of the vortices being separated by a layer of particles, revolving each on its own axis in the opposite direction to that of the vortices, so that the contiguous surfaces of the particles and of the vortices have the same motion. In mechanism, when two wheels are intended to revolve in the same direction, a wheel is placed between them so as to be in gear with both, and this wheel is called an 'idle wheel.
Page 240 - Sir John Herschel's Outlines of Astronomy. Fifth Edition, revised and corrected to the existing state of astronomical knowledge ; with Plates and Woodcuts.
Page 346 - The conception of a particle having its motion connected with that of a vortex by perfect rolling contact may appear somewhat awkward. I do not bring it forward as a mode of connexion existing in nature, or even as that which I would willingly assent to as an electrical hypothesis. It is, however, a mode of connexion...
Page 348 - ... interesting, not only to physicists, but to all who desire to understand how much evidence the explanation of phenomena lends to the credibility of a theory, or how far we ought to regard a coincidence in the mathematical expression of two sets of phenomena as an indication that these phenomena are of the same kind. We know that partial coincidences of this kind have been discovered ; and the fact that they are only partial is proved by the divergence of the laws of the two sets of phenomena...
Page 187 - F, about seventy particularly well-marked lines occur, resulting from the iron in the sun's atmosphere. Iron is remarkable on account of the great number of distinct lines which it produces in the solar spectrum. Magnesium is interesting because it produces the group of Fraunhofer's lines lying in the green denoted by Fraunhofer by b, and consisting of three very strong lines.
Page 101 - These currents, he says, are subject to modification by the earth's movement of translation, and also by the want of perfect symmetry in form. These deviations from symmetry determine the direction of the magnetic streams, which appear from experiment to enter the earth on the north side of the magnetic equator and to issue from it on the south side. The earth is thus a vast magnet, the streams of which are of constant intensity, excepting so far as they may be disturbed by cosmical influence. In...
Page 539 - ... to enumerate evidences of local elevation and subsidence that he has observed along the coast from the northern part of Labrador to New Jersey. In the south-eastern part of New Jersey, at Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, and Portland, submergence of the land is proceeding, locally at the rate of probably four feet in sixty years. In New Brunswick, at St. John's the land has been elevated ; at the Great Manan Island and the Great Tantaman Marsh there has been subsidence.

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