From the Inside Out: A Look Into Teen Violence and Rebellion

AuthorHouse, 31 juil. 2003 - 108 pages

"Heroes and Heroines Canonized in the Twentieth Century" Book II is a well-researched volume of all the saints canonized in the last half of the 20th century with a preface by the saintly Father John A Hardon, S.J. These saints may not be easily found in other books of saints because of their newly approved status to sainthood. Certainly they will not all be found within one easy-to-read book. As a religious resource, especially in homes with children, it belongs on the same shelf with the Holy Bible and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. People of all ages will be inspired and uplifted by reading about the charisms and virtues of these saints, who need to be emulated today. The political and religious climate of the times in which these ordinary humans lived often contributed to their extraordinary journey to sainthood. Many were martyrs for their faith while others devoted their lives to saving souls. In short, quickly read chapters, more than 92 saints come alive and tell their stories of trial and triumph.

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