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Joseph R. Dickson,

Wm. s. Young,

*Samuel Johnston,
*Ezekiel Bullock,

Hugh Arthurs.
*Wm. Morris,

Of the Presbytery of Chartier's. *Thos. C. Collins, Of the Presbytery of the Carolinas.

*Dr. Ramsay,

Messrs. Beveridge,
Messrs. White,


Jesse Scott.

Messrs. Samuel Livingston,
Of the Presbylery of Miami. James Reid,

*John McNary.
Messrs. Heron,

Of the Presbytery of Alleghany. *Templeton, *Wilson,

*Dr. Bruce, *Wallace,

Messrs. Blair, *Kendall,


Messrs. George Galloway, Messrs. Wm. Bell,
*Archibald Collins.

*Wm. Bruce. Of the Presbytery of Muskingum. Of the Presbytery of Shenango.

MINISTERS. *Messrs. Walker,

Messrs. D. McLane,


Messrs. James Mason,
Messrs. Thomas McCall,

*Barnard Gilliland.
Robert Taggart.

Of the Presbytery of Stamford.
Of the Presbytery of Ohio.


Mr. Ferrier, a minister without
Messrs. Patterson,

charge, was also present. Notice was given by the Moderator and Clerk of Cambridge Presbytery, that Dr. Bullions and Mr. Stalker were deposed, and the congregations of Cambridge and North Argyle refused a representation in Presbytery, being in a state of rebellion against their authority. Notices were also given by two members claiming to be Clerks of the Presbytery of Albany, that Dr. P. Bullions was suspended from the exercise of the ministry; Messrs. Martin and Campbell from their seats in Presbytery.

After some time spent in discussion respecting the Roll, it was on motion. Resolved, That the usual hour of meeting in the morning shall be 9 o'clock, of adjournment half past 12, and of meeting in the afternoon 3. Adjourned till 9 o'clock to-morrow morning. Closed with prayer.

Thursday, May 24th. The Moderator having preached last evening from Matth. xxvii. 20"Teaching them to observe all things,” &c. The Synod this day met, pursuant to adjournment, and was opened with prayer by the Moderator. Members present as above, together with Messrs. Adams, Kendall

, Templeton, Wilson and Wallace, ministers, Mr. Archibald Collins, ruling elder, of the Presbytery of Miami.

Messrs. John Adams and McNaughton, ministers, S. Johnston, ruling elder, of the Presbytery of Philadelphia.


taken up.

Messrs. Walker and Hanna, ministers, of the Presbytery of Muskingum, Mr. Douthett, minister, of the Presbytery of Ohio.

Mr. D. McLane, sen., minister, and Mr. James Mason, ruling elder, of the Presbytery of Shenango.

Dr. Bruce and Mr. Joseph Scroggs, ministers, of the Presbytery of Alleghany.

Dr. Ramsay, Messrs. Rodgers and McElwee, ministers, Mr. John McNary, ruling elder, of the Presbytery of Chartiers.

Messrs. Wm. Bell, from Alleghany, and Ezekiel Bullock, from Carlisle, ruling elders, being present, were on motion, invited to a seat.

The minutes of yesterday's sitting were read and corrected.

Information was given by the Clerk of the Presbytery of Miami, that said Presbytery had suspended Rev. J. Adams until a charge pending against him be tried ; against which act of Presbytery Mr. Adams had protested and appealed to Synod.

The following Resolution was then offered, and after discussion, adopted, viz:

Resolved, That whereas, information has been given to this Synod, that there are reports from two bodies claiming to be the Presbytery of Albany, all the members of Albany Presbytery present claiming a seat, be excluded from taking part in the business of this Synod, until the rest of the roll be made out, and that the case of that Presbytery be first

From this decision Mr. Heron craved his dissent to be marked. Dr. P. Bullions, together with Messrs. Stark, H. H. Blair, Goodwillie, Crookshanks and Gilmore protested against said decision. Dr. A. Bullions gave notice that he claimed his seat in Synod, and protested against his exclusion from a seat, for reasons to be given in.

On motion it was resolved that the reading of the minutes of last year be dispensed with, on the ground that they had been read and approved previous to publication.

Mr. Walker was chosen Moderator.

According to a resolution already adopted by Synod, proceeded to consider the case of the Presbytery of Albany. Papers connected with the case were read, but the documents not being all present, it was on motion, resolved to postpone the further consideration of the business till the commencement of the afternoon sitting. Adjourned till the usual hour. Closed with


3 o'clock, P. M. Synod met and was opened with prayer. Members present as above, together with Mr. William Morris, ruling elder from the Session of Baltimore. The minutes of the forenoon sitting were read and corrected. On the question of approving the minutes, a motion was inade and carried to strike out the words in the name of said Presbytery," in the protest of certain brethren, recorded in the minutes of the forenoon sitting. Against this decision the following members entered their protest, viz: Dr. P. Bullions, Messrs. Stark, Ferrier, H. H. Blair, Pringle, Edwards, Crookshanks and Gilmore.

Resumed the consideration of the case of the Presbytery of Albany. Some further documents were read. The members of the Presbytery of Albany were then partially heard, and the Synod adjourned till the usual hour to-morrow morning. Closed with prayer.

Friday, May 25. Synod met and opened with prayer. Members present as above, together with Mr. France, minister, and Barnard Gilliland, ruling elder from the Presbytery of Shenango, Mr. Galbraith, minister, William Bruce, ruling elder of the Presbytery of Alleghany, Mr. D. Goodwillie, minister of the Presbytery of Ohio, and Mr. A. T. McGill, of the Presbytery of Philadelphia.

Mr. Stalker claiined his seat in Synod. The Moderator having decided that Mr. Stalker is not entitled to a seat, being reported by the Cambridge Presbytery as deposed. An appeal was taken by Mr. Stalker from the Moderator's decision, but not sustained. Mr. Stalker then protested against the exclusion.

On motion resolved, that Synod will, instead of receiving papers, proceed with the business left unfinished last evening. Against this decision Mr. H. H. Blair protested ; in this he was joined by Dr. P. Bullions, Messrs. Stark and Edwards. The members of the Presbytery of Albany were then heard in continuation, and removed. The following preamble and resolutions were offered for consideration, viz:

Whereas, it appears that Mr. Stark had been justly excluded from a seat in the Associate Presbytery of Albany, on the ground of his having declined their authority, which declinature he had also refused to with. draw; whereas the protestors against his exclusion, by withdrawing their protest, left his exclusion confirmed; and they had no right to review or reverse the deed of Presbytery; and whereas, Mr. Stark's illegal admission to a seat, vitiated all their proceedings. Therefore

Resolved, That the party of which he was a member is not the Associate Presbytery of Albany, but was irregular in their constitution and all their acts null and void.

And whereas Dr. P. Bullions was under process for scandal, he had no right to accuse; and therefore the decision excluding from seats in the Associate Presbytery of Albany, Messrs. Martin and Campbell is null and void. Therefore

Rsolved, That the body of which Messrs. Martin and Campbell are members, is truly the Associate Presbytery of Albany.

While these resolutions were under consideration, the Synod adjourned till the usual hour; Dr. P. Bullions and others having first requested extracts from the minutes of Synod in the cases in which they had protested, which request was granted. . Closed with prayer.

3 o'clock P. M. The Synod met, and was opened with prayer. Members present as above. The minutes of the forenoon sitting were read and approved.

Proceeded with the consideration of the resolutions under discussion in the forenoon. In the progress of the discussion Mr. D. Blair was understood as saying that "Mr. Stark's great error, (if he were the author of these pamphlets) was, that he told the truth in too plain and sharp a manner.” Mr. Anderson called for the recording of the word, and the . Synod sustained the call. After considerable discussion, but before going through the roll, the Synod adjourned till 8 o'clock this evening. Closed

with prayer.

8 o'clock, P. M. The Synod met and was opened with prayer. Members present as above, together with Mr. Thos. C. Collins, ruling elder from the Presbytery of Philadelphia. The minutes of last sitting were read and approved.

Resumed the consideration of the resolutions left under discussion at the close of last sitting. Before going through the roll the Synod adjourned till the usual hour to-morrow morning. Closed with prayer.


Saturday, May 26th, The Synod met and was opened with prayer. Members present as above. The minutes of last sitting were read and approved.

Resumed the consideration of the subject left under consideration last evening. After a free discussion the previous question was moved and carried; and the question being put "adopt the resolutions under con. sideration or not ?" it was carried " adopt," by the following vote :

Ayes-Dr. Ramsay, Messrs. A. Gordon, Anderson, Miller, Scroggs, Beveridge, Smart, McNaughtan, W. Easton, Hanna, Templeton, Wilson, Wallace, Kendall, Jno. Adams, D. Gordon, McGill, McElwee, Webster, McKee, Patterson, ministers; G. Robertson, McClelland, Darling, Martin, Wilson, Young, McCall, Taggart, Arthurs, Reid, A. Collins, Johnston, Bullock, McNary, Morris, ruling elders—36.

Noes--Mr. D. McLane, sen., Dr. Bruce, Messrs. Heron, D. Blair, France, Ferrier, Whyte, Thompson, T. Goodwillie, Pringle, Galbraith, D. Goodwillie, Rodgers, ministers ; Gilkerson, Smith, Scott, Livingston, Mason, Bell, Gilliland, Bruce-ruling elders—21.

The Moderator craved to have it recorded that he voted in the affirmative.

Against the above decision, Messrs. Whyte, Heron, Ferrier, Thompson, France, Scott, Gilkerson, D. Goodwillie, Rodgers, McLane. Smith, T. Goodwillie, Mason, Pringle, Gilliland, Galbraith, D. Blair and Livingston, entered their protest.

Dr. Bruce gave notice that he craved the privilege of protesting, if he shall see cause.

Notice was then given by Mr. Martin, as Clerk of the Presbytery of Albany, that said Presbytery had suspended Dr. P. Bullions from the office of the ministry, and Mr. Stark from a seat in Presbytery.

The following standing committees were appointed, viz:

Committee of Sur.plies-Messrs. S. Wilson, McElwee, Hanna, Martin, Scroggs, D. Goodwillie, D. McLane, sen., D. Gordon, W. Easton and Thompson

Of Bills and Overtures-Messrs. A. Gordon, Hanna and Kendall. On the Funds-Messrs. Millər and Morris.

On the Theological Seminary-Dr. Ramsay and Messrs. Beveridge and Rodgers.

On AppealsMessrs. Beveridge, McNaughton and Smart.
On Missions Dr. Bruce, and Messrs. A. T. McGill and W. Easton,
To transcribe the Minutes-Messrs. D. Gordon and Smart.

Certain brethren of the Presbytery of Albany gave in a written protestation against the Synod's decision adopting the resolutions in reference to said Presbytery. This protestation was, on motion, laid on the table for the present.

Papers being called for, the following were given in and read, viz:

No. 1. The Report of the Presbytery of Stamford, which was, on motion, referred to the committee of Supplies.

Report of the Presbytery of Stamford. Our settled congregations appear to continue in their usual state. We were filled with joy by the appointment of Synod in making a liberal supply for our vacancies, It is with regret that we have to say, that, as on many former occasions, it was not realized to the extent intended or hoped. Mr. Banks failed to appear within our bounds. If the reasons which he has to assign may satisfy Synod, we cannot object; but we trust that in making any further appointment, such a selection will be made as to secure us as much as possible from a similar misfortune. Synod must be aware of the injury inflicted on our cause by such disappointments.

We did not receive the copies of the Testimony which Synod granted, and which were to be brought by Mr. Banks. This was an additional injury. The demand for them increases, and they are greatly needed among us.

We are happy to report that Mr. McGill came into our bounds in proper time, and that his services were highly acceptable, and we trust were likewise profitable. He preached four Sabbaths in Chinguacousey and Caledon, and six in London, and the Fastday appointed by Synod.

In Chinguacousey where Mr. Coutts also has preached occasionally for a year past, a congregation has been organized. A petition has been presented from Caledon to be organized, and to receive supply. Our congregation in London still desires supply, and is willing to make every exertion to defray the expense. We are sorry to have to add, that from the want of adequate supply, some other places from which we have applications, and where good hope of success might be entertained, still remain unvisited by your missionaries. We therefore hope that Synod will consider our wants, and will be pleased to send on the supply that may be granted, as early in the season as possible. Indeed, it were desirable in our urgent necessity, if Synod could spare the supply, and if the expense were not too great, while there are other calls upon the bounty of our people, to have a permanent missionary among us throughout the year, or as much supply at certain seasons as might be equivalent to this.

We hope allowance will be made to Mr. McGill for the Fast day besides the rest of the balance, considering the expense to which he was subjected from his extensive travels. He received eight dollars in Chinguacousey and Caledon, thirty-six in London, and twelve from the Treasurer of our Presbytery.

JAMES STRANG, Moderator. No. 2. The Report of the Presbytery of Muskingum, which was, on motion, referred to the committee of Bills and Overtures.

Report of the Presbytery of Muskingum. In presenting to Synod our annual report, we have to record the loving kindness of the Lord, and his great goodness to this portion of our Israel. Peace, and a high degree of harmony in the maintainance of our witnessing profession, continues to prevail

. Our congregations, generally, are increasing in numbers, and ordinances dispensed by us are not without some tokens of the blessing of the Holy Spirit.

Our expectations of additional ministerial aid in the settlement of Mr. Samuel Douthett among us, have been disappointed by his early removal from the church below. He died soon after the last meeting of Synod, without being permitted to visit the congregations whose call he had accepted. Mr. Joseph McKee was ordained and installed Pastor of the congregations of Wooster and Dover, in September last. The supply allotted us by Synod has been generally received, and seems to have been greatly blessed for encouraging our numerous vacancies. Several calls are now in readiness, which we wish disposed of as early as practicable, viz: One from the congregations of McMahan's Creek and Belmont, for Mr. Samuel McArthur, one from Truro, (formerly a part of M:. Lindsay's charge,) for Mr. Robert Forrester, one from Clear Creek, Mohican and Killbuck for the same candidate, and one from Cambridge, Claysville and Clear Fork, for Mr. James McGill. These calls we submit to Synod with the request that they be presented to the candidates respectively, for acceptance.

Presbytery have had under consideration the overture of a book of discipline, and agreed to submit to Synod the following resolution respecting it :

Resolved, That said book of discipline be recommitted to the committee originally reporting it for further amendment.

As there is no definite geographical line between us and the Presbytery of Ohio, in consequence of which difficulties may arise between us, we respectfully ask the Synod to grant such a line as may appear to be just and equitable.

As our numbers have increased and the greater part of our vacancies are remote from the usual places of meeting, Presbytery agreed to ask the Synod for a division, and the erection of a new Presbytery, making the Tuscarawas and Muskingum rivers the line ; and that all that part of this Presbytery lying west and north of these rivers, be organized into a new Presbytery to be called the Presbytery of Richland. By order,

THOMAS HANNA, Presbytery Clerk. No. 3. The Report of the Presbytery of Miami, which was, on motion, referred to the committee of Bills and Overtures.

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