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yours upon them.

He is their assured friend, yea he is their Father: what then can they want? Surely they cannot miss of any good that his love and power can help them to.

But his face is against them that do evil.] So our happiness and misery are in his face, his looks. Nothing so comfortable as his favourable face, nothing so terrible again as his face; his anger, as the Hebrew word is often taken, that signifies his face: And yet how many sleep sound under this misery! but believe it, it is a dead and a deadly sleep; the Lord standing in terms of enmity with thee, and yet thy soul at ease! pitiful accursed ease! Į regard not the differences of your outward estate ; that is not a thing worth the speaking of. If thou be

If thou be poor and base, and in the world's eye but a wretch, and withal under the hatred of God, as being an impenitent hardened sinner, those other things are nothing ; this is the top, yea the total sum of thy misery: or be thou beautiful, or rich, or noble, or witty, &c. or all these together, or what thou wilt, but is the face of the Lord against theeb? Think as thou wilt, thy estate is not to be envied but lamented. I cannot say, much good do it thee, with all thy enjoyments, for it is sure they can do thee no good; and if thou dost not believe this now, the day iş at hand wherein thou shalt be forced to believe it, finding it then irrevocably true. If you will, you may still follow the things of the world, walk after the lusts of your own hearts, neglect God, and please yourselves, but as Solomon's word is of judgmento, Remember that the face of the Lord is against thee, and in that judgment he shall unvail it, and let thee see it against thee. Oh! the most terrible of all sights.

The godly often do not see the Lord's favourable looks, while he is eyeing them; and the wicked usually do not see nor perceive, neither will believe that his face is against them: but besides that, the day of full discovery is coming; the Lord doth sometimes let both the one and the other know somewhat how he stands affected towards them. In peculiar deliver• Splendida miseria.

c Eccles. ix. 9

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ances and mercies, he tells his own, that he forgets
them not, but both sees and hears them, when they
think he does neither, after that loving and gracious
manner they desire, and is here meant; and sometimes
he lets forth glances of his bright countenance, darts in
a beam upon their souls that is more worth than many
worlds. And on the other side, he is pleased some-
times to make it known that his face is against the
wicked, either by remarkable outward judgments,
which to them are the vent of his just enmity against
them, or to some he speaks it more home in horrors
and affrights of conscience, which to them are ear-
nests and pledges of their full misery, that inherit-
ance of woe reserved, as the joys and comforts of be-
lievers are, of their inheritance of glory.
... Therefore if you have any belief of these things,
be persuaded, be intreated to forsake the way of
ungodliness. Do not flatter yourselves, and dream of
escaping; when you hear of outward judgments on
your neighbours and brethren, tremble and be hum-
bled. Remember our Saviour's words, Think ye that
those on whom the tower of Siloam fell were greater
sinners than others? I tell you, nay, but except you
repent you shall all likewise perisha. This seem-
ing harsh word he that was wisdom and sweetness
itself uttered, and even in it spoke like a Saviour;
he speaks of perishing, that they might not perish,
and presses repentance by the heavy doom of impeni-

hear of this, there is none of you

would willingly chuse it, that the Lord's face should be against you, although upon very high offers made to you of other things. You think, I know, that the very sound of it is somewhat fearful; and on the other side, have possibly some confused notion of his favour, as a thing desirable; and yet do not bestir yourselves, to avoid the one and enquire after the other, which is certainly by reason of your unbelief. For if you think of the love of God, as his word speaks of it, and as you will say you do, whence is

Luke xiii, 1- 5.

it, I pray you, that there is no trifle in this world that will not take more deeply with you, and which you follow not with more earnestness, than this great business of reconciliation with God, in order to your finding his face not only not against you,


graciously towards


eyes upon you, and his ears open to your prayer.

Your blessedness is not, no (believe it) it is not where most of you seek it, in things below you: How can that be? It must be a higher good must make you happy. While you labour and sweat for it in any thing under the sun, your pains run all to waste; you seek a happy life in the region of death. Here, here it is alone, in the love and favour of God, to have his countenance and friendship, and free access and converse; and this is no where to be found but in the ways of holiness.


Nicholson, Printer, Warner Strect.

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