Account of Some Early Proposals for Steam Navigation

S. Collingwood, 1838 - 14 pages

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Page 8 - Specimina Ichnographica ; or a brief narrative of several new inventions and experiments, particularly the navigating a ship in a calm, Ac.
Page 4 - A Description and Draught of a new-invented Machine, for carrying Vessels or Ships out of, or into, any Harbour, Port, or River, against Wind and Tide, or in a calm.
Page 13 - Trinidad, of two hundred barrels' burden, which had lately arrived with wheat from Colibre. The vessel was seen at a given moment to move forward, and 30 31 turn about at pleasure, without sail or oar, or human agency, and without any visible mechanism, except a huge boiler of hot water, and a complicated combination of wheels and paddles. The assembled multitude were filled with astonishment and admiration. The...
Page 6 - Engine may be tryed for an hour or more, together with some one made after the Saveryan method. The quantity of the effect should be computed both by the quantity of water driven out of each Machine, and by the height the said water could ascend to. And to know the said height, we should use the method advised by the Illustrious President; viz. to try to throw bullets by the said Engine, with the inclination of...
Page 7 - If the Royal Society be pleased to honour me with their commands upon such conditions, the first thing to be done is to let me see the place where the Machine must be set, and I will work for it with all possible diligence; and I hope the effect will yet be much greater than I have sayd.
Page 5 - It is certain that it is a thing of great consequence to be able to apply the force of fire for to save the labour of men ; so that the parliament of England granted, some years ago, a patent to Esq.
Page 13 - ... mechanists, successfully solved the same wonderful problem in our own country. Singular, however, as the fact may be, it is fully established by various documents lately found in the archives of Simancas, and is so circumstantially stated as to be incontrovertible. It appears that in the year 1543 a certain sea officer, called Blasco de Garay, offered to exhibit before the Emperor Charles V. a machine, by means of which a vessel should be made to move without the assistance of either sails 01...
Page 14 - Garay was applauded for his invention, and taken into favor by the emperor, who promoted him one grade, gave him two hundred thousand maravedises, and ordered the jealous treasurer to pay all the expenses of the experiment. But Charles was then taken up with some military expedition, and the occasion of conferring an inestimable benefit on mankind was neglected for the business of bloodshed and devastation, while the honor which Barcelona might have received from perfecting this noble discovery,...
Page 6 - Cassell differs from the other in several particulars, which may afford a great difference in the quantity of the effect. It will be good, therefore, to find out clearly what can be done best in that matter, that those which will work about it may surely know the best way they are to choose. I am fully persuaded, that Esquire Savery is so well minded for the publick good, that he will desire as much as any body that this may be done.
Page 3 - Society desire it to be understood that they are not answerable, as a body, for any facts, reasonings, or opinions, advanced in papers printed by them.

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