Magnetic Surveying, and Angular Surveying ...

C. Lockwood and Company, 1881 - 60 pages

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Page 15 - Trigonometrical Surveying: AN OUTLINE OF THE METHOD OF CONDUCTING A TRIGONOMETRICAL SURVEY, for the Formation of Geographical and Topographical Maps and Plans, Military Reconnaissance, Levelling, &c., with the most useful Problems in Geodesy and Practical Astronomy.
Page 19 - Physical Geology, " which sets forth the Leading Principles of the Science; and "Historical Geology, " which treats of the Mineral and Organic Conditions of the Earth at each successive epoch, especial reference being made to the British Series of Rocks. By RALPH TATE.
Page 11 - A SERIES OF METRIC TABLES. In which the British standard Measures and Weights are compared with those of the Metric System at present in Use on the Continent. By CH DOWLING, CE 8vo, strongly bound 1O/6 "Mr. Dowling's Tables are well put together as a ready reckoner for the conversion of one system into the other.
Page 15 - Many of the methods given are of extreme practical value to the mason, and the observations on the form of arch, the rules for ordering the stone, and the construction of the templates, will be found of considerable use. We commend the book to the engineering profession, and to all who have to build similar shafts.
Page 12 - SELECTIONS FROM LOCKE'S ESSAYS ON THE HUMAN UNDERSTANDING. With Notes by SH EMMENS. 2s. 154. GENERAL HINTS TO EMIGRANTS. Containing Notices of the various Fields for Emigration. With Hints on Preparation for Emigrating, Outfits, &c., &c. With Directions and Recipes useful to the Emigrant. With a Map of the World. 2s.
Page 16 - The author brings to his work a fortunate union of theory and practical experience which, aided by a clear and lucid style of writing, renders the book a very useful one."— Builder.
Page 3 - Edition, carefully revised. 5s. cloth limp ; 6s. cloth 189. THE*- RUDIMENTS OF PRACTICAL BRICKLAYING. In Six Sections : General Principles ; Arch Drawing, Cutting, and Setting ; Pointing ; Paving, Tiling, Materials ; Slating and Plastering ; Practica Geometry, Mensuration, &c.
Page 16 - This series, besides affording popular but sound instruction on scientific subjects, with which the humblest man in the country ought to be acquainted, also undertakes that teaching of - common things - which every well-wisher of his kind is anxious to promote. Many thousand copies of this serviceable publication have been printed* in the belief and hope that the desire for instruction and improvement widely prevails ; and we have no fear that such enlightened faith will meet with disappointment."—...
Page 9 - WM DONNE, BA, Trin. Coll., Cam. is. 6d. 9. Terentii Andria et Heautontimorumenos. With Notes, Critical and Explanatory, by the Rev. JAMES DAVIES, MA is.
Page 20 - Written and Selected from the Best Masters, by CHARLES CHILD SPENCER, is. 6d. 181. PAINTING POPULARLY EXPLAINED, including Fresco, Oil, Mosaic, Water Colour, Water-Glass, Tempera, Encaustic, Miniature, Painting on Ivory-, Vellum, Pottery, Enamel, Glass, &c. With Historical Sketches of the Progress of the Art by THOMAS JOHN GULLICK, assisted by JOHN TIMES, FSA Fourth Edition, revised and enlarged, with Frontispiece and Vignette.

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