The Nabobs in England: A Study of the Returned Anglo-Indian, 1760-1785

Columbia University, 1926 - 186 pages
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Page 94 - IRWIN (EYLES). A series of adventures in the course of a voyage up the Red Sea, on the coasts of Arabia and Egypt ; and of a route through the Deserts of Thebaïs, hitherto unknown to the European travellers, in the year 1777...
Page 98 - When silent time, wi' lightly foot, Had trod on thirty years, I sought again my native land Wi' mony hopes and fears. Wha kens gin the dear friends I left May still continue mine ? Or gin I e'er again shall taste The joys I left langsyne ? As I drew near my ancient pile My heart beat a...
Page 99 - Ye sons to comrades o' my youth, Forgi'e an auld man's spleen, Wha midst your gayest scenes still mourns The days he ance has seen. When time has passed, and seasons fled, Your hearts will feel like mine ; And aye the sang will maist delight That minds ye o
Page 88 - Very soon after Plassey, the Bengal plunder began to arrive in London, and the effect appears to have been instantaneous, for all authorities agree that the " industrial revolution," the event which has divided the nineteenth century from all antecedent time, began with the year 1760.
Page 56 - India has torn the cloth from the loom, or wrested the scanty portion of rice and salt from the peasant of Bengal, or wrung from him the very opium in which he forgot his oppressions and his oppressor. They marry into your families ; they enter into your senate ; they ease your estates by loans ; they raise their value by...
Page 90 - My girls' homemade gowns, of which they were lately so proud, have been thrown by with contempt since they saw Mrs. Mushroom's muslins from Bengal; our barndoor fowls, we used to say, were so fat and welltasted, we now make awkward attempts, by garlic and pepper, to turn into the form of curries and peelaws ; and the old October we were wont to brag all our neighbours with, none of the family but myself will condescend to taste, since they drank Mr. Mushroom's India Madeira. In short, Sir, I am ten...
Page 97 - the insult which particular persons of character and fortune had sustained by the licentiousness of his pen, and for no other reason, than because Providence had favoured their industry, and adventuring spirit, with a suitable remuneration.
Page 42 - Thackerays formed a typical family of the Bengal Civil Service in the days of John Company. They threw out branches into the sister services, military and medical, and by a network of inter-marriages created for themselves a ruling connexion both in India and in the Court of Directors at home. The first Thackeray in India went as a covenanted civilian in...
Page 88 - England in 1750 there were not "twelve bankers' shops" in the provinces, though then, he said, they were in every market town. Thus the arrival of the Bengal silver not only increased the mass of money, but stimulated its movement; for at once, in 1759, the bank issued £10 and £15 notes, hnd in the country private firms poured forth a flood of paper.
Page 33 - Sacred to the Memory of HENRY LUSHINGTON | Eldest Son of HENRY LUSHINGTON, DD Vicar of this Parish And MARY his Wife | whose singular Merits & as singular Sufferings Cannot fail of endearing Him to y

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