C. G. Cörner, 1765 - 876 pages
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Page 143 - The Church hath Power to decree Rites and Ceremonies, and Authority in Controverfies of Faith,' in the twentieth Article of the Articles of the Church of England.
Page 494 - AMYNTOR : or, a defence of Milton's life. Containing I. A general apology for all writings of that kind. II. A catalogue of books attributed in the primitive times to Jesus Christ, his apostles and other eminent persons : with several important remarks and observations relating to the canon of Scripture.
Page 135 - Answer to a Letter from a Gentleman in the Country to his Friend in Town.
Page 772 - Corruptions in Religion from the Beginning of the World, and on the Methods Taken by Divine Providence in Reforming Them.
Page 335 - A Short Introduction to Moral Philosophy in three books, containing the Elements of Ethicks and the Law of Nature.
Page 354 - An Enquiry whether a General Practice of Virtue tends to the Wealth or Poverty, Benefit or Disadvantage of a People?
Page 747 - Revelation examined with Candour; or, a fair enquiry into the sense and use of the several revelations expressly declared, or sufficiently implied, to be given to mankind, from the creation, as they are to be found in the Bible.
Page 125 - Théodicée fur la bonté de Dieu, la liberté de l'homme, & l'origine du mal, par Guillaume Godefroy Leibnitz ; avec les Remarques du Chevalier de Jaucouit.dmjïerdam , 1747.
Page 10 - Religion inexcuseable ; or, a serious, impartial and practical Review of the Certainty, Importance and Harmony of Religion, both natural and revealed.
Page 156 - Chrijl and his Apoftles vindicated, in two parts. i. A Defence of the Argument from Miracles, proving the Argument from Prophecy not necfffary to a rational Defence of our Religion.

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