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from her own griefs, to the manger

and cross of Jesus; and her little heart breathed a silent prayer, that Heaven would forgive her murmuring regrets; and make her a christian. In a short time her sadness vanished; and a sweetly pensive smile irradiated her beautiful features. She began to notice the country, was delighted at seeing the ripe fruit on the trees; and remarked how good the Creator was to give it to man.

Poor Charles too recovered his usual cheerfulness, as Mary began to talk. He said, he could not help those few tears, because his heart ached so terribly for little busy bee; and he owned he felt pretty much dashed by friend Anna's curious way of comforting such a tender little thing as she; but now he said, he b'lieved it was the very best way; though most mothers had not found it out; but would rather cry and lament too. He said he did really think that religion was a wonderful thing, that is, such as friend Anna had.



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