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JUNE 15, 1869.






Author of "Phineas Finn," "Orley Farm," "The Clavorings," "The Belton Estate," etc.




Commencing Vol. IV.

* For Sale at all the Book and News-Stores. Yearly Subscription, $+;

Single Number, Thirty-five cents.
The Trade supplied by the Publishers and News Companies.
SPECIMEN NUMBER, with Premium List, sent to any address on receipt of Thirty-five cents. Address

J. B. LIPPINCOTT & CO., Publishers,

715 and 717 Market St., Philadelphia.


Have Just Issued:

HELPS' LIFE OF PIZARRO. The Life of Pizarro, with some account of his Associates in the Conquest of Peru. By Arturo HELPs, author of “ Columbus," "Las Casas,” etc. Crown 8vo. Tinted paper. Extra cloth. $2 75.

BLUNT'S KEY TO THE BIBLE. A Key to the Knowledge and Use of the Holy Bible. By J. H. Blunt, M. A., author of " Household Theology, etc. 16mo. Extra cloth. $1.

EYRE ON THE STOMACH. The Stomach and its Difficulties. By Sir James Eyre, M. D., From the Sixth English Edition. 16mo.

Neat cloth. 75 cents.



Catechism. By the author of "Little Henry and his Being the Programme of a Tour through parts of Bearer."

Revised and Edited by A. CLEVELAND France, Italy, Austria, Saxony, Prussia, the Tyrol, Coxe, author of " Thoughts on the Services,” etc. Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, England, and šeob12mo.

land, in the Summer of 1868. By John H. B. La


and English-Latin Dictionary. For the Use of Junior ADVENTURES OF A BALTIMORE TRA. Students. By Joun T. WHITE, D. D. Crown 8vo. der on the coast of the Pacific. By Geo. STANDISH.

12mo. VOL. II. OF DAISY. A Novel. By the author A WREATH OF RHYMES. By Millie May. of “Queechy," " " The Wide, Wide World,” etc. 12mo.


which are added Three Sermons on other subjects. By Rev. G. F. MACLEAR. 12mo. HENRY A. WORCESTER. 12mo.


author of "Tom Brown's School Days,” etc. 12mo. the German of E. MARLITT, author of “The Old Mam’selle's Secret,” “Gold Elsie," etc. By Mrs. A NEW WORK by "QUIDA,” author of A. L. WISTER. 12mo.

“ Under Two Flags," “ Tricotrin,” eto.


J. B. LIPPINCOTT & CO., Philadelphia.




Lublishers' Circular .

Lmaod on tho Ist and 15th of each Month, at $2.00 per Annam In Advanoo.


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LIST OF ADVERTISERS. American Sunday School Union ........... 134 Dingman, John H..............

136 Morse, S. H. & Marvin, J. B................. 128 Appleton, D. & Co........ 125 Ellis, F. S........

137 Nelson, Thos, & Sons.........

139 Bressage, Gastare.......... Fields, Osgood & Co......

129 Presbyterian Board of Publication .......... 136 Pontos J. W.

Francis, David G........... ......... 135 Presbyterian Publication Committee ....... 134 Campbell, James ........... 128 Glaisher, William....

Randolph, Anson, D. F. & Co. ............... 185 Canell, Petter & Galpin .......... 126, 136, 137 Hale, E. J. & Son

135 Scribner, Welford & Co...........

124 Categore, C. D.......... Harper & Brothers..........

Steiger, E. ...........

...................... 186 Childa, Geo. W... Leavitt, Strebeigh & Co....

136 Virtue & Yorston.. Garten, Remsen, & Haffelfinger ... 127 Little, Brown & Co.......... .. 130 Whitney, J. D.....

134 Celina, 7. ...........

..... 135

........ 137

..... 137

..... 138

131, 132, 18

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AGENTS IN EUROPE AND ELSEWHERE. TRÜBNER & CO., 60 Paternoster Row, London, GUSTAVE BOSSANGE & CO., 25 Quai Voltaire, Paris. F. A. BROCKHAUS, Leipsio.


HENRY LEMMING, 9 Calle de la Paz, Madrid,
GEO. N. DAVIS, 119 Rua Direita, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Agent for South America.
A. ROMAN, San Francisco, California, Agent for the Pacific Coast.
T. W. WILSON, 14 Calle de Mercaderes, Habana, Agent for the West Indies.


or Advertisements for the "American Literary Gazette" will be received by the above Agents, and they will forward

to the Editor any Books or Publications intended for notice.

JULY 1, 1869.


Hints for Six Months in Europe. Being the Pro- | The Starless Crown, and other Poetical Selec

gramme of a Tour through parts of France, Italy, tions. 12mo. Tinted paper. Extra cloth. $1 75. Austria, Saxony, Prussia, the Tyrol, Switzerland, Uniform Illustrated 18mo. Edition of Robinson Holland, Belgium, England, and Scotland, in the

Crusoe. 63 cents; SANFORD AND MERTON, 75 cents; summer of 1868. By John H. B. LATROBE. 12mo.

Æsop's FABLES, 63 cents; Pilgrim'S PROGRESS, 63 Fine cloth. $1 50.

cents; EVENINGS AT HOME, 75 cents. Each with “The result is a highly satisfactory volnme, which we colored Frontispiece and other full-page Illustrations. commend and recommend to travellers, whether they go

Bound in fine cloth. abroad or stay at home."-The Phila. Press.

Vol. III. of Chambers' Miscellany of Instructive Cheap Edition of Moore's Poetical Works. Com

and Entertaining Tracts. New and Revised Edition. plete. 16mo. Paper cover. 50 cents.

With numerous Illustrations. 12mo. Boards. 50 cts. Johnson's Analytical Geometry. An Elementary Blunt's Key to the Holy Bible. A Key to the

Treatise on Analytical Geometry, embracing Plane Knowledge and Use of the Holy Bible. By J. H. Co-ordinate Geometry, and an Introduction to Geome BLUNT, M. A., author of " Household Theology,” etc. try of Three Dimensions. Designed as a Text-Book 16mo.

Extra cloth. $100. for Colleges and Schools. By Wm. WOOLSEY JOHN

“On the whole, this is a singularly well-executed work, SON, B. A., Asst. Prof. of Mathematics U. S. Naval

of great value in many respects."'-- The Phila. Press. Academy. Crown 8vo. Fine cloth. $200.

The Stomach and its Difficulties. By Sir JAMES A Variety of Sketches, Observations, and Extracts.

EYRE, M. D., etc. First American, from the Sixth 25 cents.

16mo. London, Edition.

Cloth. 16mo. Cloth. 50 cents. Paper cover.

75 cents.

“The hints for diet and regulation of the stomach are Sermons on the Lord's Prayer, to which are added clear and practical, and cannot fail to be of benefit to those Three Sermons on other subjects. By HENRY A. WOR

who will peruse them carefully and give them the attention

they deserve."'- Evening Telegraph. New Edition. 12mo. Tinted paper. Extra cloth. $1 25.

The Bronte Works. Uniform Edition of the works

Charlotte, Emily, and Anne Bronte. 12mo. Half 24mo. Edition of Hemans' Poems Poems by

Roxburgh. Gilt top. $1 25 each, as follows: Jane FELICIA HEMANS, with an Essay on her Genius. By Eyre; Shirley; Villette ; Wuthering Heights, and H. T. TUCKERMAN. Edited by R. W. Griswold. With Agnes Grey; The Professor, with the Bronte Poems; two Steel Plates. 24mo. Cloth. Gilt edges. 75 cents. Wildfell Hall; Gaskell’s Life of Charlotte Bronte.


Vill be ready July 1st.

Soimeme. The Story of a Wilful Life. 16mo. Nora Brady's Vow; and Mona the Vestal. By Cloth.

Mrs. ANNA H. DORSEY. 12mo. Cloth. The Subjection of Women. By John Stuart Mill. White's Complete Latin-English and English12mo. Cloth.

Latin Dictionary. For the Use of Junior Students.

By John T. WHITE, D. D. Crown 8vo. Cloth and Moral Reforms suggested in a Pastoral Letter. sheep. With Remarks on Practical Religion. By Rt. Rev. White's English-Latin Dictionary. Crown 8vo. A. CLEVELAND Coxe, Bishop of Western New York, Cloth. and author of "Thoughts on the Services,'' etc. 12mo. Cloth.

White's Latin-English Dictionary. Crown 8vo. Cl.

In Press:

Our Own Birds; or, A Familiar Natural History of Diseases of the Mouth and Associate Parts. By

the Birds of the United States. By WILLIAM L. J. E. GARRETSON, M. D. With Illustrations. 8vo. BAILY. Revised and Edited by EDWARD D. COPE, Member of the Academy of Natural Sciences. With Fruits and Flowers. A Collection of Tunes and numerous Illustrations. 16mo.

Songs for Common and Sunday Schools. Suitable for Ocean to Ocean. Pacific Railroad, and adjoining Children and Grown People. By WILLIAM WALKER,

Territories, with Distances and Fares of Travel from author of “The Southern Harmony," The Christian American Cities. By the author of “Absaraka." Harmony,'' etc. 16mo.



715 and 17 MARKET STREET,


JULY 1, 1869.


Reynolds ;” “The Thresliold of Life" (or friendly LONDON, June 15, 1869.

counsels to a youth on his entrance into the world); I EBCORD to-day the death of an Englishman sin- Smaller History of English Literature" (with speci. gularly familiar to everybody who has looked into mens from the chief authors, 2 vols. 12mo. uniByron (and where is the person to whom Byron is form with Dr. Smith's Smaller Histories); “A ss a sealed book ?)—John Cam Hobhouse, Byron's Smaller Scripture History" (the Old and New Testaschoolfellow and life-long friend, who has gone ments); “Initia Græca” (Part III. Greek Prose down to the grave full of years and full of honors. Composition, containing the Rules of Syntax with

Among the forthcoming publications, Messrs. copious Examples and Exercises by Dr. William Trübner & Co. announce as in press “ Hans Breit- Smith); and “ Hand-book of Sculpture, Ancient and mann in Paris," by, I need scarcely say, Mr. Leland. Modern” (translated from the German). Vr. Murray announces “ The Principles and Present Messrs. Longmans & Co. announce the complePosition of the Anglican Church” (a series of essays tion of Mr. Froude's “ History of England” (vols. 11 by the Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol ; Dean of and 12); the continuation of M. Spedding's “Life of Chichester ; Rev. Dr. Irons ; Rev. Charles Pritchard ; Lord Bacon" (vol. 5); David Hume's “Philosophical Ber. Dr. Barry; Rev. M. F. Sadler; Rev. A. W. Works,” edited by T. H. Green and T. H. Grose, Haldan ; Rev. W. Walsham How ; Rev. R. St. divided into two sections each of two vols. 1. A Jolio Tyrwhitt, and Prof. Montagu Burrows, etc. Treatise on Human Nature; being an attempt to inIt will be edited by Rev. Archibald Weir and Rev. troduce the experimental method of reasoning into W.D. Maclagan, and will be published uviform moral subjects. 2. Essays, Moral, Political, and with “ Aids to Faith” and “Principles at Stake"); Literary ; Dr. E. Zeller's “Stoics, Epicureans, and a this edition of the late John Austin's "Lectures on Sceptics,” translated from the German by Dr. O. J. General Jurisprudence," edited by R. Campbell (this Reichel; R. W. Williams's translation of "ArisEdition has been revised with the assistance of notes totle's Ethics ;" W. B. Scott's “ Albert Durer, His Life of the Lectures as originally delivered, taken by Mr. and Works" (containing his Journal in the Stuart Mill); " A Dictionary of Christian Anti- lands, Letters from Venice, poetry and other writings; quities" (comprising the history, institutions, ar- together with complete catalogues of his engravings ebælogy, geography, and biography of the Christian on copper and wood, pictures, sketches, etc.); W. Church from the times of the Apostles to the age of Ihne’s “Roman History" (translated by the author, Charlemagne ; Dr. William Smith will superiotend from the original German ; vol. 1, from the Founding the work, which will be by various hands); Rev. H. of Rome to the first Punic War); T. Cobbe's“ History J. Van Lennep's “ Asia Minor” (Missionary travels of the Norman Kings of England," drawn from a new in little known parts); J. A. Crowe and G. B. Caval- collection of the contemporary chronicles; Jane caselle's “Schools of Painting in North Italy from the Williams's (author of a Memoir of the Rev. Thomas Second to the Sixteenth Century ;” C. M. Clode's Price) “ History of Wales," drawu from authentic "Military Forces of the Crown;" their Administration sources ; Henry Pype's “Debate between the Heralds and Government,” vol. 2 ; Dean Stanley's “Histori- of France and England” (a contemporary French eal Memorials of Westminster Abbey" (third edi- tract, showing the state of England and France in tion, containing an account of the search for the the fifteenth century, supposed to have been borial place of King James I. and other notes); a new written by Charles, Duke of Orleans, now for the first Editiou of “ Aids to Faith ;'' John Percy's “ Metal- time translated into English, with an introduction, lurgy of Lead, Silver, Gold, Platinum," etc. ; E. notes, and an inquiry into the authorship) ;“ Down Deutsch's " Talmud ;'' Prof. Von Sybel's “ History Channel in the Leo, 3 Tons, from London to the of Europe, during the French Revolution” (vols. Land's End, and in the Orion, 16 Tons, R. T. Y.C. from third and fourth, completing the work) ; M. Guizot's London to the Scilly Islands” (a book on yatching * Christianity in its Relation to the Present State life); George Thompson's “ Paraguayan War; with of Society and of Opinion” (the concluding series Sketches of the History of Paraguay and of the of meditations) ; Sir C. L. Eastlake's “ New Series Manvers and Customs of the People and Notes on of Contributious to the Literature of Art" (including the Military Engineering of the War” (Mr. Thompthe essays published in 1848); “The Travels of son is a civil engineer, and was Lieutenant Colonel Marco Polo" (a new English version with copious of Engineers in the Paraguayan Army, and Aide-deillastrative potes by Col. H. Yule); Prof. Edward Camp to President Lopez); Karl Gerok's “ Palm Maetzner's Copious English “Grammar” (a me- Leaves" (a volume of sacred poems selected and thodical, analytical, and historical treatise on the or- translated by Miss C. Winkworth); J. B. Yeo's thography, prosody, inflections, and syntax of the “ The Student's Manual of Zoology and Comparative English tongue; with numerous authorities, cited Physiology ;" “ Hide and Seek, or Original Double in the order of historical development; translated Acrostics ;" D. Mackintosh's "The Scenery of Engfrom the German by a member of the Philological land and Wales, its Character and Origin” (a geoSociety of London ; 3 vols. 8vo.); “ A Classical and logical work, being an attempt to trace the nature of Biblical Atlas” (Part I. Greece and the Islands of the geological causes, especially denudation by the Ægean ; Part II. The Holy Land and Countries which the physical features of the country have of the Bible ; edited by Dr. William Smith); “The been produced. Illustrated by 86 wood-cuts): Dr. New Biographia Britannica” (lives of the worthies R. B. Carter's “On the Use and Preservation of the of Great Britain and Ireland by various writers); Eyesight ;' Dr. W. Marcet's “ Notes on Diseases of " The Student's Manual of Ecclesiastical History” the Larynx, investigated and treated with the assist(comprising the history of the Christian Church ance of the Laryngoscope ;" Sir T. Watson's “ Lecfrom the close of the New Testament Canon to tures on the Principles and Practice of Physic” (new the Reformation);" The Student's Hallam” (an epi- edition); Dr. W. Odling's “ Outlines of Chemistry; tome of the History of Europe during the Middle or Brief Notes of Chemical Facts” (this volume will Ages, with additional notes and illustrations by Dr. , be essentially descriptive in its character, and aim William Smith); “ The Student's Manual of Zoolo- at calling to mind, in as few words as possible, the wy" (the three last mentioned works are uniform ascertained origins, properties, and metamorphoses with the “ Student's Hume'); “ A Mediæval Latin-' of chemical substances; it will include a systematic English Dictionary” (selected and translated from account of the monad, diad, and triad non-metallic Ducange's great work); Tom Taylor and Charles elements, and their principal combinations with W. Frank's “Catalogue of the Works of Sir Joshua each other; of silicon aud carbon with its series of

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JULY 1, 1869.

1" $18;

methylic, formic, and cyanic compounds, and of the 'position, structure and life of the plant, for agrivarious metals arranged in natural groups, with cultural students ; revised, etc., by A. H. Church their respective series of halides, oxides, oxisalts, and W. T. Dyer); Ernest Myers's “ Puritans” (a etc.) Dr. J. Althaus's “ Treatise on Medical Elec- poem); E. A. Freeman's “Old English History for tricity, Theoretical and Practical, and its Use in the Children;" Prof. Huxley's “ Lectures on Elementary Treatment of Paralysis, Neuralgia and other Dis. Geography ;" Alexander Maclaren's “Second Series eases" (new edition); Dr. J. Paget's “ Lectures on of Sermons Preached at Manchester ;' and Dr. R. Surgical Pathology" (new edition, revised by the Payne Smith's “ Prophecy,” a preparation for Christ author and Prof. W. Turner); M. F. Cusack's (Bampton Lectures, 1869); Messrs. Stanley Rivers “Student's Manual of the History of Ireland ;" Col. & Co. announce James Greenwood's “ Seven Curses Meadows Taylor's “ Student's Manual of the History of London” (he is the “ Amateur Casual"). of India from the Earliest Period to the Present" Space in my last letter failed me when I came to (Colonel Taylor is the author of the “Confessions of note the sale of the late Mr. L. H. Petit's library : a Thug'); Rev. W. E. Littlewood's “ Essentials of he was some time member of Parliament for Ripon, New Testament History for the Use of Schools and and one of the Commissioners of Records. These Students preparing for Examination;' T. Anderson's are some of the more interesting works sold : “ Handbook of Military Arithmetic” (includes Mess, “ Archæological Cambrensis," 24 vols., $53; " ArLedger, and Regimental Savings Bank Accounts, chæological Journal,” 24 vols., $55 ; “ Aretino, etc., together with rules and examples for making Ragionamento,” 1660, $16 ; Baffo, “Raccolta Univerthe calculations required in musketry returns); sale” (in the Venetian dialect), $15.60; Bewick’s Rev. E. St. John Parry's “Elementary Greek Gram “ History of British Birds," first edition, $36.50 ; mar;" Rev. F. Calder's “Arithmetic for Schools ;" Z. “Annales Archéologiques," 25 vols., $80 ; “ Ames' Cooper's “ Salient Points of Scripture History,” Part Typographical Antiquities,” by Dibdin, $85 ; AnderII.; I. Smith's “Treatise on Land Surveying in Theo- son, “ Diplomata Scotiæ,” $39 ; " Psalms of David, ry and Practice;" and J. P. Fleming's “ Analysis of in 'Scotch-Irish Meeter,'

Bulletin Monuthe English Language, in three parts : 1, Grammar; mental,” 34 vols., $11;“ Biblia Indica,” 1663, $2.75 ; 2, Etymological Derivations ; 3, Praxis and Exami- Baker's “ Northamptonshire,” large paper, $81; nation Papers.” Messrs. Chapman and Hall an “ Biblia Slavica," $26; Collection of Old Ballads, nounce a library edition of Mr. Carlyle's Works : 3 vols., $67; Chalmers' “ Caledonia," $30.50 ; Vol. 1, Miscellaneous and Critical Essays, is to appear Bourasse, “La Touraine," $33; Dibdin's “ Biblioto-day ; Whyte Melville's Poems and Ivan Turque- graphical Decameron,” 3 vols., $62; Dibdin's " Annief's “ Liza” (a novel translated from the Russian tiquarian and Picturesque Tour,” 3 vols., $84; by W. R. S. Ralston). Mr. Bentley announces se- Dering, “Reliquiæ Eboracenses," MS. notes by lections (social, political, and geographical) from Gent, $55 ; Eyton's “ Antiquities of Shropshire,' the writings of the late Viscount Strangford. The 12 vols., $105 ; Faber's “Origin of Pagan Idola" Fuller Worthies Library,” edited by the Rev. A. try,” 3 vols., $33 ; Drayton's “ Poly-Olbion,” $37; B. Grosart, will contain complete editions of Henry Rymer's “ Federa,” 10 vols. $43 ; Biliotheca Vaughan, the Silurist's, prose and verse (4 vols.); Grenvilliana,” 3 vols., $32 ; Herbert's “ Nimrod,” 4 Fulke Greville's prose and verse (4 vols. This vols., $50; “Grammatica Slovenica," 1648, $32; Greville was the "friend of Sydney, Councillor of Grose's “ Antiquities,” 13 vols., $92; Halderson, King James”); Sir John Beaumont's poems (1 vol.); " Lexicon Islandico-Latino-Danicum,” $12; HeiJoseph Fletcher's poems (1 vol.). Dr. Stratmann wood's Works, 1598, $22; Holme's “Store-House is about to bring out a second edition of his “ Dic of Armory," $42; “Hypnerotomachia Poliphili, tionary of the Old English Language from 1150 to Aldus," 1499, $120; Higgins' "Anacalypsis," $27; 1460;" it will contain every word and furin of the Isabelle, “Les Edifices Circulaires,'' $26.50; texts of those 250 years that are printed. Mr. Vig- Luther, “ Catechismus,” 1696, $22 ; “ Lexicon Lapfusson has long been engaged on an Icelandic Lexi- ponicum,” $27 ; "Liturgia Anglicana," New York, con, which will contain a grammar also; the first 1715, $55; “My vyrian Archaiology of Wales," number is in press. The Rev. W. E. Buckley is en- $47; Newton's " History of Discoveries at Halicargaged in attempting to discover in the Latin Fathers passus," $32; “Mémoires de la Société des Antithe origiu of Chaucer's “ Parson's Tale ;" he entered quaires de la Normandie,” 28 vols., $87; Meyon this hunt at the request of the Chaucer Society. rick's“ Heraldic Visitations of Wales,'' $50; Moore's Mr. Henry B. Wheatley is collecting materials for “ Hindú Pantheon," $28 ; Morland's " History of the a History of Piccadilly. Mr. R. Morris has in press Evangelical Churches of the Valleys of Piedmont," a second edition of “Specimens of Early English ;" | $30.50; O'Neill's “Sculptured Crosses of Ancient among the new matter will be examples taken from Ireland,” $28 ; Nichol's “ Literary Anecdotes and MSS. before 1250 ; in the first edition there were no Illustrations,” 17 vols., $62; Owen Pughe’s “ Dicexamples given earlier than this date. Mr. W.C. tionary of the Welsh Language," $17: O'Connor, Hazlitt's Book of Proverbs is in press; he is about "Rerum Hibernicarum Scriptores," 4 vols., $182; to bring out an edition of Warton's “ History of Eng. O'Connor, “Bibliotheca MS. Stowensis,” 2 vols., $50; lish Poetry,” with the assistance of several writers ; Palgrave's "Rise and Progress of the English ComMr. Skeats will make such revision of the pages monwealth,” $27; Pallas, * Linguarum Totius Orbis devoted to Piers Plowman as may bring it to present Vocabularia,” $15; Petit, “ Chateaux de la Vallée de learning, and it has been suggested that Mr. Brad- | la Loire,”' $131 ; Plott's “ History of Staffordshire,” shaw should do the same kind office to the pages $37; “Poetæ Minores Græci,'' instruxit Gaisford, given to Chaucer. Mr. Earle has in press a work on 4 vols. in 3, $17; Rabelais, “Euvres,” edition vathe Philology of the English Language. A Prof. riorum, 9 vols., $14; Roby's “ Traditions of LanSeeley and Mr. E. A. Abbott have in press an Eng. cashire,” 4 vols., $10.50; Pitcairn's " Criminal Trilish Primer which will contain the most valuable als of Scotland,” 3 vols., $21 ; Polwhele's “ Cornportion of the learning now scattered among a great wall,'' $56 ; " Scrope and Grosvenor Controversy," many works, some of which (such as the Transac- by Nicolas, $53; Silvestre, “ Paléographie Univertions or Publications of Learned Societies) are only selle,” 4 vols. $285 ; Lord Somers's “Collection of to be had in great capitals. Messrs. Macmillan an- Tracts," by Scott, 13 vols., $65 ; Tooke's “Diversious nounce Josephine E. Butler's “ Woman's Culture, of Purley," with the blanks filled up, $53 ; Texier, and Woman's Work” (essays); S. W. Johnson's, " Description de l’Aru énie,” &c., 2 vols., $79; “ How Crops Grow" (a treatise on the chemical com- | Wilson's “Sanscrit and English Dictionary," $70 ;

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