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MAY 1, 1869.

sulate Amongst the Fijis.-A Prospector's Story.- men's Faces.-Ole Bull.-Prosperity.- Man's Power
Chinese Women in California.-An Ex-Pirate.-A over Death.–Curability of Consumption. N. Y. :
Touch of Nature.—Savings Banks of California. S. R. Wells.
On the Texan Prairies. — Friar Pedro's Ride.-A Phrenological Journal. April.
Glimpse of Montana. — To-Day.- Etc. — Current H. P. Peet, LL. D.-Phrenology and Religion;
Literature. A Roman & Co.: San Francisco.

from the German of Scheve.--Crescendo.-James T. Galaxy. May.

Brady.-Napoleon's Head.–Fish Culture.—Henry Put Yourself in his Place (C. Reade).–Words D. Barron.-The Planchette Mystery.-A Good Inand their Uses ; concluded (R. G. White).—Pairs heritance.-Quakers vs. Music.-Phantasmagoria : and Repairs (Lucretia P. Hale).-English Toryism No. IV. (John Neal).-Nothing but a Baby (Sara and its Leaders (J. M'Carthy).-Susan Fielding Keables).-Henry Frank.-Industry and Respecta(Mrs. Edwards).- A Great Advocate; J. T. Brady bility.-Japanese Houses. N. Y.: S. R. Wells. (I. B. Clarke). — A Choir of Songsters for May.—The New Englander. April. Galaxy Niscellany - Drift-Wood.-Literature and

The San Kiau; or, Three Religions of China (Rev. Art.-Nebulæ. N. Y.: Sheldon & Co.

W. A. P. Martin, D. D.).-False Definitions of Faith, Phrenological Journal. March.

and the True Definition (Rev. L. W. Bacon). -Yale The Champions of Social Reform.-Phantasma- College, and the Late Meeting of the Alumni in goria: No. III. (John Neal).-Peltier, the Phrenolo- New York.-Spain and the Late Revolution, by an gist.–Davy's Experiments with Gas.-Friend, Go Eye-Witness (H. C. Kingsley).-American Colleges up Higher.- Bishop Crowther.-Quaker Religion; and American Public (Prof. N. Porter).—Princeton Witchcraft Delusion.— The Woman Question in Exegesis: No. II. ; Limited Atonement (Prof. T. Germany.-Whom do Great Men Marry ?-Among Dwight).—Notices of New Books. New Haven: the Pacific Islanders.—George M. Ottinger.-Wo-W. L. Kingsley.


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MORAL AND INTELLECTUAL SCIENCE, times, and continues the narrative down to the Moral Science; a Compendium of Ethics. By Alex- close of the last century. The style is spirited and ander Bain, M.A. pp. 337.

zealous, and in the discussion of the subject a great The Principles of Psychology. Part I. The Data of deal of information is gathered together. Psychology. By Herbert Spencer. pp. 142.

RELIGIOUS. The Recent Progress of Science; with an Examina- Upward from Sin through Grace to Glory. By Rev. tion of the Asserted Identity of the Mental Powers: B. B. Hotchkin. pp. 293. with the Physical Forces. By Frederick A. P. Bar- Sacraments of the Church. By Rev. S. W. Crittennard, S. T. D., LL.D. pp. 150. These are from D. Appleton & Co., New York.

den. pp. 174. Mr. Bain's work is properly a continuation of his

From the Presbyterian Publication Committee,

Philadelphia. "Manual of Psychology and History of Philosophy,”

There is a marked contrast in the subjects and recently published, yet it may still be regarded as an independent work on the ethical doctrines and styles of these two works, but each of them is exsystems. It contains, in separate divisions, a dis- cellent in its way. The first of the volumes named éassion of the theory of ethics and an historical pal, and each has merit in its inode of treatment.

is hortatory, and the second expository and doctrisummary of ancient and modern ethical systems. The students of Spencer will, of course, take notice Evening by Evening; or, Readings at Eventide for of the publication in wbich he presents, in syste

the Family or the Closet. By C. H. Spurgeon. pp. matic form, the principles of his peculiar form of

vii., 400. New York: Sheldon & Co. philosophy. The pamphlet of Dr. Barnard is the The present volume is a sequel to the author's address delivered by him before the American As-, “Morning by Morning.” The style and peculiarisociation for the Advancement of Science, at the ties of Mr. Spurgeon's works are so well known that annual meeting, held in Chicago in August, 1868.

it is only necessary to note the appearance of a new

volume from his pen. If he is not always scholarSCIENTIFIC.

like, he is at least earnest. The Phenomena and Laws of Heat. By Achille Cazin. Translated and Edited by Elihu Rich.


pp. x., 265. New York: Charles Scribner & Co. The Tennesseean in Persia and Koordistan; being T

We have here an additional volume in the series Scenes and Incidents in the Life of Samuel Aud. of popular works on the wonders of science, which ley Rhea. By Rev. Dwight W. Marsh. pp. 381. Scribner & Co. have recently introduced into this Philadelphia: Presbyterian Publication Commitcountry. It is written in a style entirely intelligi

tee. ble, even to persons without scientific training, and This is certainly a most interesting volume. We the numerous illustrations add greatly to the inter- have lingered with pleasure over many of its chapest of the text.

ters, and we most heartily commend it to those who

can appreciate the qualities of an earnest and saintly HISTORY AND BIOGRAPHY.

missionary. Baptist llistory, from the Foundation of the Christian Church to the close of the Eighteenth Century. By

FICTION J. M. Cramp, D.D. pp. 598. Philadelphia : Amer- Typhaines Abbey, a Tale of the Twelfth Century. ican Baptist Publication Society.

By Count A. De Gobineau, translated by Charles In this work the author seeks to set forth, his D. Meigs, M. D. pp. xii., 436. Philadelphia: torically, the origin and progress of the distinctive Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger. opinions and practices of the Baptist denomination. Dr. Meigs, in dedicating his translation to the It begins with notices of the apostolic and early author of the original, is quite extravagant in laud


MAY 1, 1869.

ing his diversified merits. The translator regards | Mark the Match Boy, or Richard Hunter's Ward. By the work as less a romance than a history, for it Horatio Alger, Jr. pp. viii., 276. aims to be a portraiture of the life and action of the Issued by Mr. Loring, Boston, and constituting people of Western Europe at the epoch of the Cru- the third volume of the “Ragged Dick Series.” sades.

Annie's Influence. By Marian Howard. pp. 251. Black Forest Village Stories. By Berthold Auer- Cousin Amy, or Home Duties. pp. 216. bach, translated by Charles Goepp. pp. 377. N.

Irasule, and other Stories. pp. 216.
York: Leypoldt & Holt.
The increasing popularity of Auerbach in this

From the Presbyterian Board of Publication,

Philadelphia. country will give circulation to this collection of characteristic stories from his pen. It is an “au- True Story Library. By Mrs. Julia M'Nair Wright. thor's edition,” and is illustrated with fac-similes

There are twelve neat little books in this collecof the original German wood-cuts.

tion, printed in large type, and illustrated so as to The Curse of Gold. By Mrs. Ann S. Stephens. pp.

render them attractive to quite young readers. 406.

Bessie among the Mountains. By Joanna H. MaThe Last Athenian. Translated from the Swedish

thews. pp. 356. of Victor Rydberg, by William Widgery Thomas, The Little Peat-Cutters, or the Song of Love. By Jr. pp. 555.

Emma Marshall. pp. 161. From T. B. Peterson & Brother, Philadelphia. As Teddy's Dream, or a Little Sweep's Mission. By respects the last-named work, the translator says Emma Leslie. that Rydberg, though scarcely thirty years of age, Robert Carter & Brothers, N. York, send us these. is already acknowledged to be the foremost living The last two are additions to their “Fireside Liprose writer of Scandinavia.

brary.” The same firm have also published “Little

Jack's Four Lessons,” by the author of “ Sunday all JUVENILE.

the Week,” etc. The typography is very neat. Breakers Ahead, or Larry Dalton. By Harriet B.

M'Keever. pp. 283.
From J. P. Skelly & Co., Philadelphia.

Realities of Irish Life. By W. Stewart Trench. pp.

viii., 297. Boston: Roberts Brothers. The Myrtle Branch, or Pictorial Sketches for Chil This volume has attracted marked attention dren and Youth. pp. 176.

abroad. Its graphic style and the stirring nature From Andrew F. Graves, Boston.

of the incidents it describes possess all the attracThe New Commandment, or Ella's Ministry. pp. 378. tiveness of romance. As a sketch of the salient

Published by Warren & Blakeslee, Boston, and points of Irish character it can scarcely be surpurporting to be a faithful picture of life in a wealthy passed. Messrs. Roberts Brothers have also issued country neighborhood in one of the Southern States, “ Little Women, or Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy," part as it was before the war.

second, by Louisa M. Alcott.

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ANNOUNCEMENTS. A. K. Loring, Boston.

A Treatise on the Law of Set-Off, Recoupment, and The Girls of Feursham. By Florence Marryat.

Counter-Claim. By Thomas W. Waterman, Esq. Farming by Inches or “ With Brains, Sir," uniform Blatchford's U. S. Circuit Court Reports, Vol. V. with “My Ten-Rod Farm."

Benedict's U. S. District Court Reports, Nos. 5 and 6, The Sunday School Speaker, comprising pieces suit completing Vol. I.

able for Sunday School Concerts and Festivals. Redfield's Surrogate Reports, Vol. II. (Continuation Arranged by 0. Augusta Cheney.

of Bradford's.) The Hollands. By Virginia F. Townsend.

Ram's Treatise on Facts as subjects of Inquiry by a “ Married without Reason :' a Domestic Story of Real Jury.

German Life. By Mrs. R. Shelton Mackenzie. Kerr on the Law of Fraud and Mistake, as Adminis. Mark the Match Boy, the Third Ragged Dick.

tered in the Courts of Equity, with Notes to Ame“From an Island." By Miss Thachery.

rican Decisions. My Ten-Rod Farm, or, How I became a Florist. By Wigram on Wills. An Examination of the Rules of Mrs. Maria Gilman.

Law respecting the Admission of Extrinsic Evidence Warren & Blakeslee, 251 Washington St., Boston.

in Aid of the Interpretation of Wills. With copious Katherine's Experience. By Miss Briscoe.

American Notes. By Theodore W. Dwight, LL. D. Mrs. Thorne's Guests. By “ Clytie Leigh."

D. Van Nostrand, New York. An Enlarged Edition of The Sunday School Commen. Notes on Horses for Cavalry Service. By Bvt. Major

tary, containing the Gospels, and the Acts of the A. K. Arnold. Apostles; with Notes, Pictorial Illustrations, and A Treatise on the Richards Steam Engine Indicator, References. By Rev. Israel P. Warren, D.D.

with Directions for its Use. By Charles T. Porter. W. V. Spencer, Boston.

A Compendious Manual of Qualitative Chemical An. Manual of the "Evidences of Christianity” for Classes alysis. By Chas. W. Eliot, and Frank H. Storer, and Private Reading. Part I. By S. G. Bulfinch,

Profs. of Chemistry in the Massachusetts Institute of D.D.

Technology. The Hildreth Stories : 1. Rainy Days in the Nursery.

Investigations of Formulas, for the Strength of the

Iron Parts of Steam Machinery. By J. D. Van Andrew F. Graves, Boston.

Buren, Jr., C. E. Golden Spring Series, 3 vols.

A. S. Barnes & Co., New York. Baker, Voorhis & Co., New York.

Berliner Echo. By J. H. Worman. Abbott's Digest of the Law of Corporations.

German Conversation. By J. H. Worman.
Abbott's New York Digest.

Echo de Paris. By J. H. Worman.
A Treatise on the Law of Negligence, and the Reme French Conversation. By J. H. Worman.

dies for Private Wrongs and the Negligent Perform German Reader. By J. H. Worman.
ance of Contracts. By T. G. Shearman and A. A. Fourteen Weeks in Natural Philosophy. By J. D


MAY 1, 1869.

W. M. Dodd, New York.

J. C. Garrigues & Co., Philadelphia.
Lamps, Pitchers, and Trumpets. Lectures on the Vo. The Sabbath School Index. New edition. By R. G.

eation of the Preacher, illustrated by Anecdotes of Pardee, A. M.
Preachers and Preaching in all Ages. By E. Pax John E. Potter f Co. Philadelphia.
ton Hood.

"In Hospital and Camp." By Miss Sophronia E. Philip Brantley's Life Work and How He Found It.

Bucklin. Claxton, Remsen, and Haffelfinger, Philadelphia. Turner Brothers of Co., Philadelphia. Life of Samuel Miller, D. D., L.L.D., Second Pro. Illustrations of the Poets, from Poets, Sages, &c.;

fessor in the Tbeological Seminary at Princeton, being the Life of Little Billy Vidkins ; with Original New Jersey.

Designs. By H. L. Stephens.
Legends of Fairy Land. By Mrs. Anna Bache.
Protestant Gems of the Prayer-Book. By Rev. J. P. J. B. Lippincott & Co., Philadelphia.
Da Hamel, Diocese of Delaware.

Bagster's Polyglot Bible, in Eight Languages.
Poetical Works of Eliza Cook. New edition.

Chambers' Miscellany, Vol. I. New and revised

edition. The Young Wreckers of the Florida Reef. By Richard Meade Bache.

Life of Philip Doddridge, D. D. By D. H. Harsha. Notes on the Settlement and Indian Wars of the West.

The Sexes : Here and Hereafter. By W. H. Hol. ern Part of Virginia and Pennsylvania, from 1763

combe, M. D.

Johnson's Analytical Geometry. to 1783. Jenkins' Handy Lexicon.

Aspasia: A Novel.

The Science of Rights. By J. G. Fichte. T. B. Peterson & Bros., Philadelphia.

The Student's Manual of Oriental History. By FranThe Woman in Red a Companion to the “Woman in cois Lenormant. White,” and to the “Woman in Black."

Walter Ogilby: a Novel. By author of " Waw-bun." The Changed Brides. By Mrs. Emma D. E. N. South Three Thousand Miles through the Rocky Mountains. worth.

By A. K. McClure. Love and Liberty : a Narrative of the French Roro. Christian Singers of Germany. By Catherine Wink. lution of 1792. By Alexander Dumas.

worth. The Prince of Darkness. By Mrs. E. D. E. N. South Nora Brady's Vow, eto. By Mrs. Anna H. Dorsey. worth.

School History of New Jersey. By J. R. Sypher and Roland Yorke. By Mrs. Henry Wood.

E. A. Apgar.
Wires and Widows. By Mrs. Ann S. Stephens. Life and Teachings of Mensius. By James Legge,
George Canterbury's Will. By Mrs. Henry Wood.

D. D.
The Queen of the Savannah. By Gustave Aimard. Alfred the Great. By T. Hughes.


[Advertisements inserted in this column at 10 cents per line.)

Letters, stating price and condition, to be forwarded to the Advertisers. JNO. R. RUMYON, Morristown, NEW JERSEY, FREE PUBLIC LIBRARY, NEW BEDFORD, Mass.,

Wants Audubon and Bachman's Viviparous Quadrupeds Wants Belknap's History of New Hampshire.

of N. America, vol. iii. (Text), New York, 1853, 8vo. E. F. HOBART, SECRETARY OF THE WESTERN PUB.


Want Publishers', Booksellers', and Stationers' Trade

and Net Lists. Wants Publishers' and Stationers' Trade Lists, and terms.


Want London Lancet for April, May, and August, 1868. CHARLES F. JOHNSON, Successor to Alex. Wilson, LAFAYETTE, INDIANA,

THE AUTHOR'S UNION, 264 PEARL St., New YORK, Wants Trade Lists, Circulars, &c. from Publishers and Wants Olive Logan's Photographs of Paris Life, TingStationers.

ley, London, 1861.

LIST OF BOOKS RECENTLY PUBLISHED IN THE UNITED STATES. ALCOTT. Little Women: or, Meg. Jo, Beth, and Amy. | Barnes. Notes on the Psalms. In 3 vols. Vols. 2 and 3. Part II. By Lonisa M. Alcott. Illustr. 16 mo. pp. 339. 12mo. pp. 383, 343. N. Y.: Harper & Bros. Cl. per vol. Bost.: Roberts Bros. Cl. $1 50.

$2 50. ALER, Mark, the Match Boy; or, Richard Hunter's Ward. Bishop. Minnesota; Then and Now. By Mrs. Harriet E.

By Hl. Alger, Jr. 16mo. pp. 276. Bost, : A. K. Loring. Bishop. 16mo. pp. 100. St. Paul: Merrill, Randall & Co. A, L. 0. E. Hebrew Heroes. By A. O. E. 12mo. pp. 339.

Pap. 50. N. Y.: R. Carter & Bros. CI. $1 50.

BLAKE. The Production of the Precious Metals; or, StatistiASGELI.. A Treatise on the Limitation of Actions at Law. By

cal Notices of the Principal Gold and Silver Producing ReJ. K. Angell. 5th ed. Revised and enlarged by J. W. May.

gions of the World, etc. By W. P. Blake. Svo. pp. 369. Svo. Pp. xlvii., 691.

Cl. $2 50.
Bost.: Little, Brown & Co. Shp.

N. Y.: G. P. Putnam & Son. $7 50.

Bowen. Jack the Conqueror. By C. E. Bowen. 18mo. pp. APPLETON. Stories for Eva. By Anna E. Appleton. 16mo. 238. N. Y.: R. Carter & Bros. C1. 90 cts. Pp. 219. Bost. : Am. Unit. A880. CI. 80 cts.

BOTD. Jack Bryson. By Mrs. E. E. Boyd. 18mo. pp. 211. ABATLL Primeval Man; an Examination of some Recent

Phila.: J. P. Skelly & Co. Cl. 90 cts. Speculations. By the Duke of Argyll. 16mo. pp. 200. N. Y.: G. Routledge & Sons. Cl. $1 50. (London print.) BROOKS' CIRCULAR INTEREST TABLES, computing interest at ACERBACH. Black Forest Village Stories. By Berthold Auer 6, 7, 8, or 10 per cent., or any two of above rates. By L. bach. Travel. by C. Goepp. Author's ed. Ilust. 16mo.

Brooks. 4to, N. Y.: A. S. Barnes & Co. Single, $1; PP. 377. N. Y.: Leypoldt & Hout. Cl. $1 50.

donble, $1 50. AENT MILDRED'S LEGACY. By the author of “Battles Worth Brsiness (The) Mex op TEXAS. With List of Post-Offices and Pighting," etc. 16mo. pp. 339. N. Y.: R. Carter & Bros. 1

of Newspapers. Svo. Pp. 88. Galveston : Gilbert & Co. CI. $1 25.

ci. $2.

MAY 1, 1869.

PP. 96.

16mo. PP.

PP. 444.

Camus (M.). A Treatise on the Teeth of Wheels. Tr. from | Lodder. The Thorough Bass School; a Course of Rudimental
the French of M. Camus. By John J. Hawkins.

Svo. PP.

Harmony for the Piano Forte or Organ. By W. Ludden.
102. Phila. : Henry C. Baird. CI. $3.

Music Svo. pp. 111. Chic. : Root & Cady. Bds. $1 50.
CARROLL. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. By Lewis MARSHALL. Daisy Bright. By Emma Marshall. 16mo. pp.

Carroll. Illust. 12mo. pp. 192. Bost.: Lee & Shepard. 176. Bost.: H. Hoyt. Cl. 90 cts,
Cl. full gilt. $1 50.

MARSHALL. The Little Peat-Cutters; or, The Song of Love.
CAZIN. Phenomena and Laws of Heat. By A. Cazin. Tr. By Emma Marshall. 18mo. pp. 161. N. Y.: R. Carter &

and ed. by E. Rich. Illust. 16mo. Pp. 265. N. Y.: Scribner Bros. CI. 60 cts.
& Co. Cl. $1 60.

MARTIN. The New Administration ; Biographies of Grant
CLARKE. The Oneness of the Christian Church. By Rev. D. and his Cabinet. By E. W. Martin. 12ino. pp. 155. N. Y.:

Clarke. 12mo. pp. 105. Bost.: Lee & Shepard. CI. *1 24 G. S. Wilcox. Pap. 50 cts.
COLEMAN. The Apostolical and Primitive Church Popular in MARLITT. Over Yonder. From the German of B. Marlitt.
its Government, and Informal in its Worship.

With a

Reprinted from Lippincott's Magazine. 8vo. Pp. 43. Phila.:
Manual of Prelacy and Ritualism. By L. Coleman, D. D. J. B. Lippincott & Co. Pap. 30 cts.
12mo. pp. 413. Phila.; J. B. Lippincott & Co. Cl. $2.

MASSACHUSETTS. Reports of Cases in the Supreme Court of
CONSOLATIONS IN CONFLICT, SICKNESS, AND SORROW, Sq. 18mo. Massachusetts. By H. Gray, Jr. Vol. 15. 8vo. pp. ix.,
Bost. : Am. Tr. Soc. ci, full gilt, 75 cts.

667. Bost.: Little, Brown & Co. Shp. $550.
Cooke. Hilt to Hilt; or, Days and Nights in the Shenandoah, May. Dotty Dimple at School. By Sophie Yay. Ilust.

etc. By J. E. Cooke. 12mo. pp. 270. N.Y.; G. W. Carle 18mo. Pp. 168. Bost. : Lee & Shepard. Cl. 75 cts.
ton. cí. $1 50.

Missor'RI. Reports of Cases in the Supreme Court of Mis-
DAVIS. Tale of a Physician; or, The Seeds and Fruits of souri. By T A. Post. Vol. 42 8vo. pp. 674. St. Louis:

Crime. By A. J. Davis. 12mo. Pp. 325: Bost. : W. White M Kee, Fishback & Co. Shp. $6.
& Co. Ci. $1.

MOORE. Poetical Works of Thomas Moore. Globe edition.
DAVIS. Friday Lowe. By Mrs. C. E. K. Davis. 16mo. pp. 16mo. pp. 512. Phila.: J. B. Lippincott & Co. CI. $1 50.
346 : Phila : J. C. Garrigues & Co. C1. $1 25.

New (THE) COMMANDMENT; or, Ella's Ministry.
DAWES. Lindenwood ; or, Bertha's Resolve. By Mrs. S. E. 378. Bost: Am. T'r. Soc. CI. $1 50.
Dawes. 16mo. pp. 416. N. Y: Am. Tr. Soc. C. $1.

DROPS FROM THE BROOK BY THE WAY. A Text and Prayer for revised, with an Appendix, containing Colors and Coloring,

Every Day in the Year. Sq. 18mo. pp. 196. Bost. : Am. Tr. Theoretical and Practical; comprising Descriptions of a
Soc. Cl. full gilt $125. (London print.)

Great Variety of Additional Pigments, their Qualities and
ELLIS. Memoir of Jared Sparks, LL.D. By Rev. G. E. Ellis.

Uses. To which are added Dyes and Modes and Operations
Port. Svo. pp. 102. Cambridge: J. Wilson & Son, Prs.

of Painting, etc. ; together with Chevreul's Principles of
CI. $1.

Harmony, and Contrast of Colors. pp. 356. Phila. :

Henry C. Baird. CI. $1 50.
Foster Watchwords for Little Soldiers. By Sarah H. Fos-

ter. 16mo. pp. 184. Bost. : Sab. Sch. Soc. CI. 80 cts. PALFREY. Agnes Wentworth. By Miss Palfrey (E. Foxton).
Foxton. See PALFREY.

12mo. pp. 316. Phila. : J. B. Lippincott & Co. CI. $1 50.
Fulton. The True Woman. By Rev. J. D. Fulton. With PARKER. Springdale Abbey. Extracts from Diaries, etc. of

« Woman vs. Ballot." 18mo. pp. 213, 50. Bost.: Lee & an English Preacher. Edited by J. Parker, D. D. 12mo.
Shepard, Pap. 50 cts. Cl. $1.

Phila.: Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger. Cl. $2.

GOBINEAU. Typhaines Abbey. By Count A. De Gobinean.

The Danish Islands; Are we Bound in Mopor to
Transl. by C. D. Meigs, M. D. 12mo. pp. 438. Phila. : Clax-

Pay for Them? By J. Parton. 8vo. pp. 76.

Bost.: Fields,
ton, Remsen & Haffelfinger. Cl. $1 75.

08good & Co. Pap. 25 cts.
GOLDEN LINK8; or, Thoughts for the Hour. Sq. 18mo. pp. 141.

PECKHAM. Father Gabrielle's Fairy. By Mrs. Peckham.
Phila.: Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger. CI. $1 25.

16mo. pp. 193. Bost.: Am. Unit. A8R0C. CI. 80 ets.
GOULD. Curious Myths of the Middle Ages, By S. Baring Perry. Carthage and Tunis, Past and Present By A. Perry.
Gould. Illust. 16mo. pp. x., 660. Phila.: J. B. Lippin-

Svo. pp. 560. Provideuce: Prov. Press Co., Prs. CI. $50.
cott & Co. CI. $2 50. (London print.)

PoslevOY. Life of Father De Ravignan, S. J By Father De
HERBERT. Prose and Poetical Works of George Herbert. Ponlevoy. 12mo. pp. xvi., 693. N. Y.: Cath. Pub. Society.
Globe edition. 16mo. pp. xxxvi., 466. N. Y.: D. Appleton

CI. $1.
& Co. Cl. $1 50.

PUTNAM. Little Freddie Feeding his Soul, By Say Putnam.
HOEY. A House of Cards. By Mrs. Cashel Hoey. 8vo. Pp.

18mo. pp. 125. N. Y.: R. Carter & Bro8. Cl. 60 ets.
189. Bost.: Littell & Gay. Pap. 75 cts.

REID (H.). A Practical Treatise on Manufacture of Portland
HOLT. Mistress Margery ; a Tale of the Lollards. By Emily Cement. By Henry Reid, C. E. To which is added a trans-

S. Holt. Sq. 16mo pp. 212. Phila : Claxton, Remsen & lation of M. A. Lipowitz's work, describing a New Method,
Hafelfinger. C1. $1 50. (London print.)

adopted in Germany, of manufacturing that cement. By
Home PICTURES FROM THE English Poets. For Fireside and W. F. Reid. Svo. pp. 188. 25 wood engravings and 5 plates.
School Rooms. Ilustr. 12mo. pp. 291. N. Y.: D. Apple-

Phila. : Henry C. Baird. Cl. $7.
ton & Co. Ci. $1 50.

ROBINSON. Dolores ; a Tale. By B. Robinson, 8vo. Pp. 180.
Horton. The Wife's Messengers. By Mrs. M. B. Horton.

N. Y.: E. J. Hale & Son. Cl. 75 cts.
12mo. pp. 323. Phila.; J. B. Lippincott & Co. Cl. $1 75. Ror. The Cloud in the Heart. By A, S. Roe. 12ino. pp.

315. N. Y.; G. W. Carleton. Cl. $1 50.
JENNY'S GERANIUM; or, The Prize Flower of the London
Court. 16mo. pp. 157. Bost.: H. Hoyt. CI. 90 cts.

ROMAN (TAE) CATHOLIC Not “The One Only True Religion :

not “An Infallible Church." 18mo. pp. 181. Phila.: The
JOHN BRETT's HOUSEHOLD. 18mo. pp. 310. Phila. : J. C. Gar Author. 75 cts.
rigues & Co.
CI. 90 cts.

SAMSON. Physical Mediæ in Spiritual Manifestations. By G.
KATE AND HER BROTHER; or, The Young Orphan. 16o. pp.

W. Samson, D. D. 18mo. pp. 185. Phila. : J. B. Lippincott
131. Bost. : H. Hoyt. CI. 80 cts.

& Co. Cl. $1 25.

SHARSWOOD. An Essay on Professional Ethics. By G. Share-
LAWRENCE. Breaking a Butterfly. By H. Lawrence. Au-

wood. Third edition. 12mo. pp. 220. Phila.: T. & J. W.
thor's edition, illust. 12mo. pp. 395. Phila. : J. B. Lippin-

Johnson & Co. CI. $2.
cott & Co. CI. $1 50.
The same, cheap edition. Ilust. Svo. N. Y.: Harper & SOUTHWORTH. How He Won Her. By Mrs. E. D. E. N.
Bros. Pap. 35 cts.

Southworth. 12mo. pp. 512. Phila.: T. B. Peterson & Bros.
Leslie. Teddy's Dream ; or, The Little Sweep's Mission. Pap. $1 50 CI. $1 75.
By Emma Leslie. 18mo. pp. 171. N. Y.: R. Carter & SPARKS. See Ellis.
Bros. CI. 60 cts.

Spurgeon. Evening by Evening: or, Readings at Eventide,
LILY SERIES. 6 vols. 18mo. pp. each 108. N. Y.: R. Carter for the Family or the Closet. By C. H. Spurgeon. 12mo.
& Bros. Cl. in box $2 50. Containing:-

pp. 400. N. Y.: Sheldon & Co. Cl. $175.
Young Forester,
Little Beggar.

ST, AGATHA. Preparation for Death. Transl. from the Italian
Ivan the Trusty.

of Alfonso, Bishop of St. Agatha. Edited by Rev. 0. Shiply.
Two Orphans.

12mo. pp. 266. Pbila. : J. B. Lippincott & Co. Cl. $1 75.
Flower of the Forest.

(London print.)
Little Woodman.

STEPHENS. The Curse of Gold, By Mrs. Ann S. Stepheng.
LITTLE JACK's Four Lessons. By the author of “Sunday all

12mo. pp. 406. Phila.: T.B. Peterson & Bros. Pap. $1 50.
the Week," etc. 16mo. pp. 109. N. Y.: R. Carter & Bros.

Cl. $1 75.
LITTLE (Tue) Peat Cutters. 16mo. pp. 189. Bost.: H. Hoyt. STRONG. Children of Many Lands. By Rev. J. D. Strong.
CI. 90 cts.

18mo. pp. 108. Bost.: Am. Tr. Soc. CI. 60 cts.
LIVING QUESTIONS OF THE AGE (THE). By the author of “The Tin (The) TRUMPET; or, Heads and Tails for the Wise and

Philosophy of the Plan of Salvation," etc. 12mo. PP. 300. Waggish. Cheap edition. 12mo. pp. 202. N. Y.: D. Ap-
Chic.: Clarke & Co. $1 50.

pleton & Co. Pap. 50 cts.

MAY 1, 1869.

TEESCH. Realities of Irish Life. By W. S. Trench. Sq. 16mo. | WALWORTH. Warwick; or, The Lost Nationalities of Bost. : Roberts Bros. Pap. 75 cts. CI. $1.

America A Novel By M. T. Walworth. 12no. pp. 470. S81GTE Gun, Rod, and Saddle. A Personal Experience.

N. Y.: G. W. Carleton. CI. $1 75. by tbique. 12mo. Pp. 273. N. Y.; W. d. Townsend & Wiley. Elocution and Oratory; a Treatise on the Arts of Adams. CI. 32.

Reading and Speaking. By C. A. Wiley. 12mo. Pp. 14. TELOCIPEDE (The); its History, Varieties, and Practice.

N. Y.: Clark & Maynard. Cl. $175. Illust. 16mo. pp. 107. N. Y.: Hurd & Houghton. Pap. 50 cts. Woons. Woman in Prison. By Caroline H. Woods. 16mo. WALKER Memoir of James P. Walker. With Selections pp. 193. N. Y.; Hurd & Houghton. Cl. $1 25. from his Writings. Portr. 12mo. Pp. 262. Bost. : Am. Yoke (THE) AND BURDEN, 12mo. pp. 401. N. Y.: U.S. Pub. Cai. Asso. CI. $1 50.

Co. CI. $1 75.

WORKS RECENTLY PUBLISHED IN GREAT BRITAIN. Alexandra Alphabet, in Golden Letters, sq. 18. bds.

Leland's Hans Breitmann's Christmas, 16mo. 1.8. swd. Aliea's Four Discourses of Chrysostom, cr. Svo. 38. 6d. cl. Leland's Hans Breitmann as a Politician, 16mo. 18. swd. Archie Mason, an Irish Story, 12mo. 28. 6d. cl.

Le Robinson Suisse, traduit par Suchau, fc. 38. 6d. cl. Barry's Elijah, or the Baalim in Israel, 12mo. 28. limp. Lilly white's Cricketer's Companion, 12mo. 18. swd. Beje's English and French Idioms, 12mo. 28. 6d. cl.

Lytton's Ernest Maltra vers, 12mo. 28. 0rd. bds. Breaking a Butterfly, by author of “Guy Livingstone,” 3 vols. Marsden's Treatment of Certaiu Forms of Cancer, Svo. 68. 6d. 312.642.

Mazzini's Life and Writings, Vol. 5, cr. 8vo. 98. cl. Bright's Speeches en Public Affairs (Horten), 16mo. 18. 4d. Miller's The Coventrys, a Temperance Tale, 12mo. 18. swd.

Milner's Lily of Lumley, cr. 8vo. 78. 6d. cl. Brusne's Adrentures in the Apaché Couptry, cr. 8vo. 88. 60. Mohegan Maiden, 12mo. 18. swd.

Mossman's Origin of the Seasons, cr. 8vo. 108. 6d. cl. Brown's Book of Landed Estate, royal 8vo. 218. hf. bd. Müller's Facts and Arguments for Darwin, cr. 8vo. 68. cl. Borpley's Idonea, and other Poems, fc. 38. 6d. cl.

Neale's Via Fidelium, being Litanies, Stations, &c., 18mo. Copia's Law of Patents for Inventions, 12mo. 28. limp.

18. 611. Carer's Bills of Costs for Grants of Probate, 4to. 58. cl.

Oswald the Hermit, a Domestic Drama, Sro. 18. swd. Carcarron's Reminiscences of Athens and the Morea, cr. 8vo. Oxenden's Short Lectures on the Gospels, Vol. 2, 12mo. 28. 6d.

cl. Catalli, Tibolli, Propertii, Poemata Selecta, by Wratislaw, Oxford Spectator, reprinted, 12mo. 38. 6d. cl. 3. 64. cl.

Perowne's Hulsean Lectures on Immortality, 8vo. 78. 6d. cl Ctallis's Principles of Pure and Applied Calculation, 8vo. Pioneers of Civilization, 12mo. 38. 6d. cl. 158. el.

Plato's Meno, tr. with Notes, by Mackay, cr. 8vo. 78. 6d. cl. Capman's Vision of Socrates, and other Poems, fc. 28. 6d. cl. Potts's Bardick, tbe King of the Teiga, 16mo. 78. 6d. cl. Chronicles of Great Britain and Ireland, Vol. 3, royal Svo. Practical Mechanic's Journal, Vol. 4, Third Series, tto. 148. cl. 108.

Rassam's Narrative of the Mission to Theodore, 2 vols. 8vo. Cole's Military Forces of the Crown (2 vols.) Vol. 1, Svo. 288. cl. 12. cl.

Reilley's Map of the Volpelline, etc., 78. 6d. in case. Create's and Rohrig's Metallurgy. Vol. 2, 8vo. 368. cl. Religious Republics, Six Essays on Congregationalism, 8vo. D'Es-ingé's Wood Nuts from a Fairy Hazel Bush, cr. 8vo. 88. 6d. cl. el.

Ride and Read, by Author of " A Trap to Catch a Sunbeam," Devotional Aids for the Sick, 12mo. 28. limp.

18. Diss' Taking the Bastile, 12mo. 38. hf.-bd.

Salts and Senna, a Cathartic in Seven Doses, 12mo. 28. 6d. cl. Elsards's Extravagant Use of Fuel in Cooking, roy. 8vo. Saudy's Problem for Trisecting an Angle Geometrically, 8vo. 5. el.

18. Edwards's Victorious Life, cr. Svo, 78. 64. cl.

Scott's Life, by Lockhart, Vol. 4, 12mo. 18. 61. hf. bd. kriek Thorburn, 3 vols. cr. Svo. 318. 6d. cl.

Siincox's Poems and Romances, cr. Svo. 68. cl. Fena on English and Foreign Funds, rewritten by Nash, 8vo. Skelton's English Commercial Correspondent, cr. 8vo. 28. js,

Smith's (J. Denham) Life in Christ, 16mo. 18. 6d, cl. Ford's Handbook for Travellers in Spain, 2 vols. 12mo. 21s. cl. Squires's Pharmacopæias of Seventeen London Hospitals, Gardiner's Prince Charles and the Spanish Marriage, 2 vols. fc. 5.8. 3*, cl.

Terenti Comediæ, with Notes, etc. by Wagner, er. Svo. 108. 6d. Gibbon's Autobiography and Correspondence, cr. 8vo. 38. 6d. cl. el,

Thackeray's Works, Standard Edition, Vol. 18, 8vo. 108. 6d. cl. Gnáth's Short Poems of Sacred Travel, fc. 58. cl.

Theocritus, tr. into English Verse, by Calverly, cr. 8vo. 78.6d. Harrisson's Athletic Training and Health, fc. 28. 6d. limp.

cl. Homer's Odyssey, tr. into Dramatic Verse, by Bigge-Wither, Tottenham's Harry Egerton, or Younger Son of the Day, los, cl.

3 vols. 318. 6d.
Horace's Odes, tr. into Eoglish Verse by Yardley, fc. 4to. 68. cl. Vaughan (Robert), a Memorial, cr. 8vo. 18. cl. limp.
Illo-trated Book of Songs for Children, 16mo. 18. od. bds. Vaughan's Voices of the Prophets, 12mo. 28. 6d. ci.
In the Choir and Out of the Choir, 12mo. ls. limp.

Vogel's German Commercial Correspondent, cr. 8vo. 28. 6d. cl. Jerkin' Within an Ace, cr, Svo. 108. 6d. cl.

Webster's Complete Euglish Dictionary, by Goodrich, 4to. Keble's Miscellaneous Poems, 12mo. 68. cl.

318, 6d. cl. Labone's Lectore on Sound, or Human Voice, 8vo. 28. swd. Walmsley's Ruined Cities of Zulu Land, 2 vols. er. Svo. 188. cl. Leeky's History of European Morals, 2 vols. 8vo. 288. cl. Winslow's Emmanuel, or the Titles of Christ, 18mo. 28. 6d.


May 21st, 1869.
MR. FREDERICK MULLER, at Amsterdam, will sell by Auction, the 21st of May

and following days, a Valuable and Important Collection of ANCIENT, RARE, AND CURIOUS BOOKS AND MANUSCRIPTS,

In all classes of Literature, including a Choice Collection of

Relating to the History of

NEW NETHERLAND AND BRAZIL. CATALOGUES may be had in New York of Messrs. F. W. CHRisTERN, Jos. Sabin & Sons, L. W. Schmidt, B. WESTERMANN & Co.; in Philadelphia, of Mr. G, W. Cuilds,

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