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OCT. 1, 1869.

MR. Gough, the temperance lecturer, is said to As a set-off to a very agreeable, if not generally have written his own life, which is in the press, accurate volume, "The Wedding Day in all Ages and illustrated by George Cruikshank.

and Countries,” by the late Edward J. Wood, is a LORD Lytton's new translation of Horace, to be volume, published in Italy, called “History of published immediately by the Blackwoods of Edin. Nuptial Customs in Italy compared with those of burgh, is in the press. The Latin text will appear the other Indo-Italian Nations,” by Prof. De Guberon one page, the metrical translation on the other. nati, author of a “History of Sacerdotal Celibacy." The Rev. W. P. Pope, an English Wesleyan

Thomas D'ARCY McGhee's “ History of Ireland," Methodist minister, has undertaken to edit a new originally published in the “ New York Tablet," work in the form of a Biblical and theological dic- has been reprinted at a low price by rival publishtionary or encyclopædia, exhibiting the various ers in Dublin and Glasgow, and sells largely in phases of religious thought, &c., of the present England as well as in Ireland. There is a cheaper day, and to meet the requirements of Biblical stu- issue in weekly penny numbers. dents on subjects of general information.

The pew which Robert Burns used to occupy in CHARLES Dickens, who was left executor to the St. Michael's Church, Dumfries, was lately put up Rev. Chancy Hare Townsend, a promising young to auction, to be removed. The highest bid was poet in England, when he and Macaulay were to five pounds sterling, and its present owner withgether at Cambridge, is about publishing an ac- drew the lot. He had cut his initials, “R. B.,” on count of his friend's very peculiar religious opin- it, and its authenticity was undoubted. ions.

OLIVER CROMWELL, thanks to his Letters and Ismail Pasha, Viceroy of Egypt, is establishing Speeches, collected and edited by Carlyle, is almost an academy in Cairo, which he will eventually as much of a literary as a political character now. convert into a University. Professor Bruysch, of As yet no public statue of Cromwell is to be found Gottingen, who is famous for his extensive know- in London, but one has been placed by the cottonledge of the history and antiquities of Egypt, has lords of Manchester in their newly-erected town1 equested leave of absence for some years, in order hall. to comply with the Pasha's invitation to co-oper A NEW weekly illustrated journal of science, ate with him in organizing the Cairo academy. called “Nature," announced by Messrs. Macmillan,

The literary club known as the Athenæum, not of London, to be begun on the first Saturday in being able to accommodate all who desire to be October will be edited by_J. Norman Lockyer, members, the Junior Athenæum has been estab- while Professors Frankland, Brodie, Huxley, Kingslished. It has done itself honor by electing Charles and others, will be on its staff, which in fact unites

ley, Odling, Oliver, Bastian, Charles Darwin, M. A., Reade, and Wilkie Collins as members.

"all the talents' of the day-that is, in scientific The popular idea is that, being eternal, eternity literature. has no end. It is said that Gerald Massey's forth

The “British and Foreign Mechanic and Sciencoming work will attempt to refute this theory.

tific Instructor” is the title of a new weekly scien“A VINDICATION OF LORD Byros,” one volume tific journal, announced for publication in London, crown octavo, by Alfred Austin, is announced by under the editorship of Mr. Edward Henri Todd. Chapman & Hall, London.

BLANCHARD JERROLD contributes an interesting Twenty-six new operas were produced in Italy paper on Gustave Doré to the “Gentleman's Magaduring the present year; not one of them can live. zine” for September. In speaking of the way in Italy is very backward. Even in Florence, the which people are apt to underrate Doré, on account capital, the theatre is not lighted with gas.

of the apparently easy, off-hand style with which

he produces some of his most marvellous effects, "The PARLIAMENTARY BUFF Book” is a recent he says, “The world has been taught to accept for volume, published in England, giving the votes of sleight-of-hand that exquisite easy skill which is each member of the House of Commons during the the growth of laborious hours passed in the earliest sessions of 1866, 1867, and 1868.

gray lights of mornings; when holiday, and much A NEW half-crown volume, entitled “Sporta

of working Paris was still under the Edredon! It scrapiana,” is advertised in London as containing was in the early working days when I first knew the amusing correspondence with a Wiltshire him, when he was drawing hard in the morning at school.girl, who, by a valentine to the pope, gained home, and spending his afternoons in his studio in his autograph blessing, a fac-simile of which is the Latin quarter, printing against the unfriendly

present for the future.

The foolish illgiven. THERE is promised, edited by M. Pierre de Tchi. consummated by a swift hand, whereas he should

directed spectator sees the labor of a few hours hatchef, a reprint of Humboldt's “ Central Asia,” recoguize the fruit, slowly ripened, of a noble life in which will be narrated and described all the passed in art." discoveries made since the work was first published.

A LONDON firm of lithographers, Messrs. WhiteThe Life of Mary Russell Mitford, author of "Our man & Bass, have recently perfected a new process Village," “ The Tragedy of Rienzi," &c., will con- of photo-lithography, whereby drawings, pen-andsist of a selection from her letters, with an intro- ink sketches, old engravings, maps, plans, leaves duction by one of her earliest friends, edited by from scarce books, or precious MSS., &c., may be Mr. A. L'Estrange.

transferred direct to the stone without the iuterTHE “London Morning Star" announces that the vention of the draughtsman, so that the lithograph next number (for November ?) of “ Macmillan's is in every case an exact fac-simile of the original Magazine” will contain a reply' by Mrs. Stowe to design. the various animadversions which have been made Tue German philologists were to hold their on her" True Story of Lady Byron's Life,” which twenty-seventh meeting at Kiel, from the 27th to she simultaneously published in the “ Atlantic the 30th of September. Papers were promised by Monthly” and “Macmillan's Magazine” for Sep- Prof. Von Gutschmid, Dr. A. Momsen (brother of tember. The response, of course, will appear in the historian), Prof. Gosche, Dr. Schuhrig, Dr. Kiesboth of these periodicals.

sling, and Dr. Dethleffsen.

OCT. 1, 1869.


THERE is nothing new under the sun; even the stains, &c. V. Miscellaneous Notes, mechanical velocipede was known to the ancients. There will arrangement of books, classification, sizes of books, soon be a velocipede literature. A new tricycle, to paper, type, remarks on binding, &c., and much be called the Velocimane, has been invented by other information likely to be useful to Bibliopoles. the Rev. R. H. Charsley, an Oxford clergyman, who The only name given on the prospectus is John has patented it in the British dominions. It in. Power, 3 College Terrace, Cambridge Road, Hamvolves hand-work as a means of locomotion, and mersmith, London, who is, we presume, both author the whole principle will be explained in a forthcom- and publisher. ing volume by the reverend inventor.

“ Too Bright To Last" is the title of a new novel In most Atlases is a map of“ The World after just issued by Messrs. Fields, Osgood & Co., printed Mercator's projection." Very few know who Gerard from advance sheets. It is a pleasantly written Mercator was. This geographer was born at Rup- tale, with a somewhat tragical ending, but not less pelmonde, in Holland, in 1512, and died at Duis- interesting on that account. bourg in 1594. He obtained the favor of the

The“ Proof Sheet,” for September, published by Emperor Charles V. by presenting him with some Collins & M'Leester, Philadelphia, contains several well-executed terrestrial globes. In 1559, he settled articles of consideralbe literary excellence; but its at Duisbourg, as cosmographist to the Grand Duke great merit is the beautiful way in which it is of Cleves. He was the best map-maker of his printed. It is quite a model of what good printing time, and is said to have invented the plan of lay- ought to be. ing down maps and charts by a projection of the earth in plano. It is incorrectly believed by many preparation a new work of much interest, entitled

MR. J. W. BOUTON, of New York, announces in persons that Mercator did not acknowlege that the earth was globular. After having been neglected Benefactors of the British Museum,”' by Edward

* Lives of the Founders, Augmenters, and other for a long time, honor to Mercator has just been ren- Edwards. It will contain lives of some of the most dered by laying, with great solemnity, the first stone eminent men of letters who lived during the last of a monument to him at Duisbourg.

three centuries, whose collections of valuable books Tas concluding volumes of “ Kinglake's History and rare MSS. are to be found in that institution, of the War in the Crimea" cannot appear for some' with some particulars of the collections themselves. time, as the author is going out to the Crimea to It will forin one large octavo volume, and will constndy the ground of the battle of Inkerman. He

tain many illustrations. left the Crimea in October, 1854, before the action

Messrs. CAMERON & FERGUSON, Glasgow, hav, in of Balaclava, and, of course, before the battle of Inkerman. Dr. Russell says, in the "Army and preparation a “ History of the Irish Brigade in the Nary Gazette," which he owns and edits," he is

Service of France, from the Revolution in England ceedingly contraried' by the fact that the French under James II., to the Revolution in France under came to the aid of our troops, and is doing his best Louis XVI.,” by John Cornelius O‘Callaghan. This to get rid of it ; and he is also much put out by the is a most interesting subject, and should command evidence that there was no ' personal government an extensive sale in this conntry. of the fight, though he is searching for any trace of

MESSRS. HARPER BROTHERS have added to their it sedulously. One division, to which hitherto no Library of Select Novels, “ In Silk Attire,'' a novel great credit has been assigned, will come out in by William Black, and “Found Dead," by the his pages brilliantly, and some regiments may look author of "Lost Sir Massingberd," both unabridged out for squalls in the ink-bottle.'

reprints of these popular authors' latest works. Op the following anecdote, which we find in a

Messrs. HURD & Houghton's list of announce. foreign paper, it may be said, it is good enough to ments for October includes “ Art Thoughts," being be true. “A new specimen of the numerous eccen. I the observations and experiences of an American tricities of Richard Wagner, the inventor of the amateur in Europe, by James Jackson Jarves ; "An music of the future,' is given in a book lately pub- American Family in Paris ;" "A Little Boy's Story," lished by Herr Mendes, under the title of Wagner from the French of Julie Gourand, translated by at Home.' There is a room in Wagner's house, Howard Glyndon, with illustrations from designs says the author, with a gorgeously decorated ceil. by Emile Bayard ; “Stories from my Attic,” by the ing and tapestry of leather embroidered with gold. author of “ Dream Children;" “White and Red," by On the walls are portraits of Goethe, Schiller, and Mrs. Helen C. Weeks; Sir Walter Scott's “ Lady of Beethoven. The two poets are placed facing each the Lake," latest revised edition, with notes, and other, but opposite Beethoven there is nothing but illustrated by F. 0. C. Darley; “William Gay,” a looking-glass. On turning to Wagner for an ex- by Jacob Abbott, in 4 vols.; Poems by Emma C. planation, the musician placed himself in front of Embury; Poems by William Wilson, edited by B. the glass, in which his face was reflected, thus sup- J. Lossing; “Old Horse Gray,” by Edward Hopper; plying the deficiency. It is added that 'this is the “Contributions relating to the Surgery of the War,'' only kind of portrait of himself that Wagner allows by Frank H. Hamilton, M. D.; and "The Holidays," to be kept in his house."

treating of the social festivities, customs, and carols A useful and interesting little book is announced of Christmas, Easter, and Whitsuntide, by Nathan for publication in England, entitled “A Handy

B. Warren, with illustrations by F. 0. C. Darley. Book about Books, for Book-lovers, Book-buyers,

MESSRS. LINDSAY & BLAkiston, Philadelphia, hare and Book-sellers." It is a compilation of useful published their “Physician's Visiting List for information, intended for the use of those who have 1870.” In addition to the Almanac, it contains not opportunity to consult more pretentious works. some useful memoranda, Marshall Hall's ready It contains, I. A descriptive list of some of the best method in Asphyxia, Poisons and their Antidotes, works on Bibliography and useful books of refer- &c., and the diary contains blank leaves for Visita ence. II. Memoranda of events connected with ing List, Addresses, Accounts, Engagements, &c. printing, printers, books, and authors, chronologi- It is issued in a neat pocket-book form, in leather, cally arranged. III. A dictionary of terms and with tuck. contractions used in describing books and bindings MESSRS. J. B. LIPPINCOTT & Co. have published in English, French, and German. IV. Useful Re- the first part of Anthony Trollope’s new novel,“ The ceipts for repairing bindings and books, removing Vicar of Bullhampton,” now in course of publica

OCT. 1, 1869.

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tion in their magazine. It is issued in a paper of a Somewhat Busy Life,'' entitled “Great Myste. wrapper, and is illustrated with many engravings. ries and Little Plagues." They have also the following works in preparation: Messrs. SHELDON & Co., New York, having pur. “ Analysis of American Law," by T. W. Powell; chased froin Messrs. Mason Brothers, New York, “ Railway Economy,” by M. L. Le Chatelier; "Sleep their entire list of Educational Works, many valuand its Derangements,” by W. A. Hammond, M. D.; able additions have been made to their already “Percussion and Auscultation,” from the German, by extensive catalogue. The additions include LossProf. S. C. Lane, M. D. ; “Hypodermic Medication,” ing's complete series of Pictorial Histories, in foar hy Prof. Roberts Bartholow, M. D., and “The Trial volumes, the last of which, the “Grammar-School of Job,”' by Rev. S. H. Duravd. The new volume History,'' will be ready shortly; Burritt's “Geoof the “Sunday Magazine," of which Part I. will graphy and Atlas of the Heavens,” Pinney and Arbe issued on the first of October, will contain, nault's “ French and Spanish Lives," and many among other things, the following serial works : other valuable School and College text-books. ** Sundays on the Continent," by Thomas Guthrie, D. D., the editor ; “ Episodes in an Obscure Life," ration " A Treatise on the Richard's Steam Engine

MR. D. Van NOSTRAND, New York, has in prepabeing Experiences in the Tower Hamlets, by a Curate; “St. Paul's Companions,” by John S. How with notes by F. W. Bacon, M.E. ; “ Metals Used

Indicator," by Charles T. Porter, revised edition, son, D. D.; “Our Lord's Miracles," by George in Construction,” by F. H. Joynson ; " Iron Truss Macdonald, LL. D. ; “ The Portrait of Charity, as presented by St. Paul,” by William Hanna, D. D.; A.; * The Plane Table, and its Use in Topographi

Bridge for Railroads," by Col. W. E. Merrill, U. S. Upward Glances," being recent revelations of Astronomy, by Rev. Chas. Pritchard; " How to the Manufacture of Iron,” by Peter Truran, trans

cal Surveying ;" A Treatise on Roll Turning for Study the Old Testament,” by Prof. Lindsay - Alex lated and adapted by 'J. B. Pearse, Penn Steel ander, D.D.; and "The Struggle in Ferrara,” a story Works ; " Treatise on Ore Deposits,” by Bernhard of the Reformation in Italy, by William Gilbert.

Von Cotta, translated from the German by Fredk. MR. LORING, Boston, has lately added to the list Prince, Jr., and “A Manual of the Mechanics of Enof his Railway Novels, “ Veronique, a Romance,” gineering, and of the Construction of Machines," by Florence Marryat. The scene of the tale is liy Julius Weisbach, Ph. D., translated by Eckley chiefly in India, and in her descriptions of Indian B. Coxe, A.M. society and manners, the authoress shows herself

MR. W. J. WIDDLETON, New York, has purchased to be thoroughly acquainted with the subject. It is of a highly sensational character, and will be of Messrs. Sheldon & Co. the plates of Milman's eagerly read by all admirers of that class of litera- in eight crowo octavo volumes, for some time out of

“ Latin Christianity," a standard and popular work

the market. Mr. Widdleton had already published MR. JAMES MILLER, of New York, has issued “Par- Dean Milman's other works, and now offers a new ley's Fireside Library," a set of juveniles, consist- edition of the Complete Works, uniform, in a handing of new editions of two books, by the famous some style, and at a reduced price, including the Peter Parley, viz.: “Merry Stories," and " A Thou- Latin Christianity.” sand and One Stories," together with H. C. Watson's “ Camp-Fires of the Revolution.”

CORRESPONDENCE Messrs. T. B. PETERSON & BROTHERS have pub- To the Eilitor of the Publishers' Circular, lished “Roland Yorke," a sequel to “The Chan Sır: In your issue of Aug. 2d you quoted some nings,” by Mrs. Henry Wood. It is printed from figures in regard to the number of “Old Town the writer's manuscript and advance sheets, for Folks” and “Gates Ajar" sold by our house up to which the publishers paid her one hundred and that time. The statement contained simple facts, fifty pounds, and is issued in this country in ad- and made no invidious comparisons with the sales vance of the English editions. By all admirers of of any other house ; but with characteristio modMrs. Wood's povels, this work will be read with esty (and we might add, with characteristic gramdelight, and by those who have read her previous, mar) Mr. J. R. Walsh, of the Western News Comand most charming tale, “ The Channings,” it will pavý, hastened to deny its truths, and to give you be considered an indispensable sequel.

on his own unquestionable authority “a statement, Messrs. ROBERTS BROTHERS, Boston, have in pre- which is official, of the number of each book received paration a long list of illustrated Gift Books for the by them (S.C. G. & Co.) and the Western News Co." winter season. Their list includes Shakspeare's The utter absurdity, or, to speak plainly, the “Midsummer Nights' Dream,” illustrated with 24 impudence of this attempt to give an “official silhouettes, engraved by Morse, from designs by statement” of figures which no man living outside Konewka. It will be an elegant octavo volume, of the members of our own firm could know struck and may be had in either cloth or morocco. “The us as so apparent that we at once determined to Woman who Dared,” a poem by Epes Sargent, a leave your facts and his assertions to the intelliparrative in blank verse of how a lady had courage gence and good sense of the trade. We find, howenough to overstep the limits of conventionalism, ever, that our silence may be misunderstood, and and pop the question.” “The Primeval World of leave you under the possible suspicion of making Hebrew Tradition,” by Rev. F. H. Hedge. D. D. untruthful statements. Mr. Walsh's affirmation is “The Writings of Madame Swetchine," edited by the probably founded on our purchases of Messrs. Fields, Count de Falloux, and translated from the French Osgood & Co. It is well known that many houses by Harriet W. Preston-a companion volume to, buy of Messrs. F., O. & Co. only during their special and uniform with, the “Life of Madanie Swetchine." sales; and at other times have their own sources of “ German Tales,” by Berthold Auerbach, with an supply, which, for reasons well understood iu the introduction by C. C. Shackford. “ Letters Every- trade, are considered confidential. where," a children's book, with illustrations by Mr. Walsh well knew when he made his stateTheophile Schuler. “Little Lasses and Lads," with ment that our main supplies of these books had colored illustrations by Oscar Pletsch.“ Frölich's come in this way froin other parties than F., 0. & Picture Book." Nidworth, and his Three Magic Co., but as the information did not come to him Wands,” by Mrs. Elizabeth Prentiss; and a work direct he probably could not consider it in his by John Neal, author of “ Wandering Recollections “official” capacity; it is singular, Lowerer, that his

OCT. 1, 1869.

unaffected anxiety "that credit should be given in | Lippincott's Magazine. October. the proper quarter" did not bring to his judicial The Vicar of Bullhampton : Part IV. (A. Trolmind, acting in its judicial and "official" capacity, lope).—The French Fever (T. C. De Leon. )-Two the fact that Messrs. S. C. G. & Co. had aided him Names.—The Lonely Ones (P. Heyse).—What I to dispose of some 400 copies of " Gates Ajar” Saw of the Suez Canal.—Beyond thé Breakers : which he had procured of Messrs. F., O. & Co. Part IX. (R. D. Owen).—Dick Libby.-The Freed

So far from being an exaggerated statement of man and his Future (G. Fitzhugh).-From a Garour sales to Aug. 2d, your figures, being founded on ret (E. Fawcett).—Magdalena : concluded (E. Maran earlier statement, did not give the full amount litt).--The Democratic Movement in France (K. of our sales of either of the books in question. Blind).—The Pleasures of Poverty:-Our Monthly

Yours, &c., S. C. GRIGGS & Co. Gossip.-Literature of the Day. Philadelphia : J. CHICAGO, Sept. 20, 1869.

B. Lippincott & Co.

National Quarterly Review. September.
September 21.--At his country residence, Far

The Byzantine Empire.-Popular Illusions.Rockaway, N. Y., Mr. James Sablier, of the well- Primitive Races of Europe.-The Queen of Scots known publishing firm of D. and J. Sadlier & Co., and her Traducers.—The Troubadours and their Barelay St., New York.

Ipfluence.--Ethics and Æsthetics of our Summer The London “Bookseller” records the death of Resorts.-King Arthur and his Round Table Knights. the following members of the book-trade in Lon

-Our Higher Educational Institutions.—Note to don:

June Article on Vassar College.-Notices and CritiAugust 16.–At his residence, Clapham Road,

cisins. aged 81, Mr. WILLIAM MANSFIELD, formerly of the Our Young Folks. October. firm of Peacock & Mansfield, Salisbury Square. Mr. The Story of a Bad Boy : Chaps. XVIII. XIX. Mansfield, who was much respected by all who (T. B. Aldrich).-Summer's Done (Lily Nelson).knew him, retired from the business in 1860. The Swan Story (Helen C. Weeks).—The Ghosts of

August 28.-At Ryde, Isle of Wight, aged 64, the Mines (Major Traverse).—Why ?-How To Do Mr. Thomas Houlston, of the firm of Houlston & It: No. 5 (E. E. Hale).—The Great Pilgrimage (J. Wright, Paternoster Row.

H. A. Bone).-How Spotty was Tried for Her Life GEXERAL PEYRONNET Thompson, formerly M. P. Ella Williams).—The William Henry Letters : for Hall and Bradford, has died, at the advanced 13th Packet (Mrs. Diaz).—Ancient and Modern age of 86. He was a sound scholar, a good linguist, Coral Reefs (Eliz. C. Agassiz).—Golden Rod and an excellent musician, and a thorough mathema- Asters.--Autumn Days (Marian Douglas).- Three tician. He was editor of the “Westminster Re- in a Bed (G. Cooper).—Round the Evening Lamp. view" for a time, his most remarkable contribution -Our Letter Box. Boston: Fields, Osgood & Co. thereto being the well-known “Catechism of the Overland Monthly. October. Poor Laws.” In politics he was a very advanced Knapsack and Blanket.-Are Our Public Schools Liberal.

a Failure? No. II.- Why She Never Married CharPERIODICALS.

ley. — Our Antipodean Cousin. — Un Pasear en Atlantic Monthly. October.

Grande. — Exile. — Autographomania. - The SeaThe City of Brass.-The Egotist in Life.- Parlor Lion at Home.--I cannot Count My Life a Loss.Singing. - The Foe in the Household : No. VIII.- Geological Notes from Oregon.-Tennessee's PartGaribaldi.—Hunting in the British Islands.-Ger- ner.—The Cruise of the “Monadnock;" No. III. man Songs, and a few other matters. The Brick Ballad to the King.–The Northwest.–Etc.-CurMoon: No. I.--Earthquakes of the American Con- rent Literature. New York and San Francisco : A. tinents.

- An August Pastoral. — Pennsylvania Roman & Co. Dateh.-Wettstein.—The Increase of Human Life: Phrenological Journal. October, No. I.–At Rydal.—A Dredging Excursion in the

George W. Childs.-Philip Phillips.—John A. Gulf Stream : No. I. Boston: Fields, Osgood & Co. Roebling.-George L. Miller. — Phrenology, Is it a Catholic World. October.

Science ?-Answers to Objections.—The PhrenoloAn Imaginary Contradiction.—Sacred Ambition. gist’s Prophecy.-Salem Witchcraft.-An Elaborate -Pagavani.—The Council of Trent. — Matthew Review.--Our Convicts, What Shall be Done with XXVII.—Angela : Chap. IV.—Morality of the City Them ?-Vaccination, Is it Useful ?-A New Method of Rome.-St. Oren's Priory : Part II.-Appeal to of Warning Houses.—The Tiger.—The Chinese Young Christian Women.—Lost and Found; a Question.-Shall we have “Celestial” Laborers ?Wayside Reminiscence.—The Church in Paris and Etc., with Portraits and other. Illustrations. New France.—The Total Eclipse of August 7.-Religion York: S. R. Wells. in Prisons. — Catholicity and Pantheism. — The Putnam's Magazine. October. Seren Bishops.—Lines on the Pontifical Hat in

Cinella: Part I. (E. Spencer).—The Last of the Mme. Uzielli's Oratory.--Foreign Literary Notes.- Troubadours (H. Coppée).- The Dream of Pilate's New Publications. New York : Catholic Publica- Wife (C. P. Čranch).–Lavinia : concluled (Carotion Society.

line Chesebro).-Old Boston and St. Rotolph's Harper's Magazine. October.

(Mrs. N. Hawthorne).—Something about Fungi A Health Trip to Brazil. - The Woodcock.-Border (E. C. Wright).-The Charge at Valley Maloy (J. Reminiscences.—To my Friend.—The Helderbergs. T. McKay).- Treasure Trove (Sidney Hyde).-The Lighthouse on Marlborough Reef.—A School- Childhood; a Voluntary (Mary Dean).—Princess Girl of the Period.--A Brave Lady.—The Story of Belgiojoso in Italy (H. T. Tuckerman).—Leaves Leah and Rachel.-Loyola and the Jesuits. ---Lt. from a Publisher's Letter-Book : No. I. (G. P. PutBarker's Ghost Story.-Under the Trees.- The New nam).-Notes Among the Indians (V. Colyer).Timothy: Part XI.—My Enemy's Daughter: Chaps. To-Day: a Romance (R. B. Kimball).-A Mining XXIX. and XXX.-Ismail Pacha. - Fido-Public Adventure in New Mexico (R. Pumpelly).–Fallen Lodgers.--A Sea of Troubles !- Editor's Easy Chair. Angels (Mrs. J. J. Piatt).—Literature at Home.-Editor's Book Table.—Monthly Record of Cur. Fine Arts.—Table Talk.-Literature, Science, and rent Events.-Editor's Drawer. New York: Harper Art Abroad.-Current Events. New York: G. P. & Bros.

Putnam & Son.

OCT. 1, 1869.

The Radical. October.

Charades.-Enigmas.--We'll go to the Woods. Free Religion and the Free State (Samuel John New York: Hard & Houghton. son).-Ego: a Philosophical Poem of Progress (F. The Sunday Magazine. October. G. Fairfield).— The Eleatic School (C. D. B. Mills). Episodes in an Obscure Life. Being Experiences -Notes upon the Conversations at a Radical Club in the Tower Hamlets : Part I. (By a Curate).(Elizabeth Peabody):-- Margaret Fuller Ossoli (C. Some Harvest Thoughts (Rev. J. O. Dykes),--My C.).—What is True Religion? (H. B. Blackwell). Mother's Knee: a Poem (Rev. John Monsell, LL. D.). --- English Socialists : soune Reminiscences (Richard The Rainbow: a Poem (Rev. John Monsell

, LL.D). J. Hinton).-In Brief.

-Sundays on the Continent (the Editor). — Bird Riverside Magazine. October.

of Joy: a Poem (Rev. Henry Dounton).-On the Du Guesclin and the Black Prince.-White and Miracles of our Lord (George Macdonald, LL. D.): Red: Chap. IX. (Helen C. Weeks).- Tumble Down The Companions of St. Paul: I. Barnabas (John S. Brook. - House Building in Pomerania (E. J. Howson, D. D.).-Upward Glances (Rev. C. PritchKuntze).-Phebe (Mrs. Mary E. Nealy).—The ard.-Immortality brought to Light: a Poem (A. Judge's Pets (E. Johnson).–Story of a Book: No. 4. Waring).—The Struggle in Ferrera: Chaps. I. III. – A paper-Mill (M. S. Bidwell, Jr.). — The II. (William Gilbert).-How to Study the Old Tes Wooden Captain. - Miss Henry Flurry (É. Pren- tament (W. Lindsay-Alexander, D. D.).-The Portiss).-Grouse Shooting in Washington Territory trait of Charity, as Presented by St. Paul (William (P. W. Ames).-The Little Housekeepers (Anne Handa, D. D.).—Questions which are always TurnW. Silvernail).—Life of a Hunter in South Africa: ing Up : I. The Spirit of Religious Faction (Rev. the Blesbok (F.J. Mills).-Kitty and the Bluebirds Prof. William Milligan). Philadelphia : J. B. Lip (Mary E. Atkinson).--A Little French Author.- pincott & Co. What Happened to the Thistle (H. C. Andersen).



indicated in this statement is alone sufficient to The Epistle of Paul to the Romans. By J. P. Lange, claim our admiration, but the same laborious vare

D. D., and Rev. F. R. Fay. Translated from and recondite skill are everywhere visible. The the German by J. F. Hurst, D, D. With addi- preliminary chapters contain a history of St. Paul, tions by P. Schaff, D. D., and Rev. M. B. Riddle. the character of the Pauline Epistles, with a history pp. vi., 455. New York: Charles Scribner & Co. of that to the Romans, its certification, purpose,

This work forms the fifth volume of the New place and time of composition, and contents, with Testament portion of Dr. Lange's Commentary on the authority upon which each statement is made, the Holy Scriptures. The subject is at once the and a catalogue of the literature on this epistle. most interesting and difficult to the commentator, The general typographical arrangements are excelas it is pre-eminent above all the other epistles, lent. The work may be looked upon as a noble for the depth and force of its teachings. It addition to modern theological literature, and was written by St. Paul for the purpose of should find its way readily into the library of clearing away the doubts and obscurities which every minister or student of theology. had already manifested themselves among the Shining Light. By the author of “Memorials of early Christians in Rome, weakening their faith, Capt. Hedley Vicars.” pp. 131. New York: and undermining the sublime purity of Christ's Robert Carter & Bros. teachings. It was held, by Luther and other As the title indicates, this little book is of a releaders of the Reformation, to contain the most ligious character, and contains several short poems convincing proofs of the alleged errors of the and chapters suitable for thoughtful readers, on Romish Church, and has since been considered by perfect faith and resignation. Protestants as their most powerful bulwark. It Sabbath-School Manual, or Religious Exercises for has at various times engrossed the attention of a host of learned divines, but on account of the im

the Morning and Evening of Each Sabbath in the

Year. For the use of Sabbath-schools and Pri. mensely increased difficulties of the task, with a less favorable result than has attended their other

vate Families. By N. C. Brooks, LL.D. pp. 230. efforts. The present work embodies the labors of Scripture Manual, or Religious Exercises for the nearly every preceding commentator; and in pre

Morning and Evening of Each Day in the Month. paring Dr. Lange's work for the English reader,

For Academies, Schools, and Private Families. much has been added, increasing the size of the

By N. C. Brooks, LL.D. pp. 230. Philadelphia: volume by nearly one-half. The Exegetical and

Claxton, Remsen, & Haffelfinger. Doctrinal parts were prepared by Dr. Lange, and

These are two nicely-arranged little manuals, the Homiletical sections by Rev. F. R. Fay. The containing prayers, short hymns, appropriate texts, difficult task of translation has been performed by &c., suitable for reading aloud in the school-room Dr. Hurst, who has also added some Homiletical or family, for both of which purposes they are selections from the best English sources. Addi- equally well adapted. The former is arranged for tions have also been made to other portions of the Sabbath, and the latter for every-day use, and they work, the authorship of each being indicated by will be found of great value to teachers and parents. initials. Dr. Schaff informs us, in the preface, what portion of the work has been performed by

BIOGRAPHY. himself and each of his co-editors, and he also A Memoir of the Rev. John Keble, M. A., late Vicar in forms us that he has examined nearly all the of Hursley. By the Right Hon. Sir J. T. Coleauthorities quoted by Dr. Lange, from Chrysostom, ridge, D. C. L. Second Edition, with corrections down to the latest editions of Tholuck and Meyer, and additions. 2 vols. xvi. 309-649. New York: and also the principal English commentators, as

Pott & Amery. Stuart, Hodge, Alford, Wordsworth, Jowett, Forbes, It will be gratifying intelligence to all admirers ye. The awount of hard work and close attention of the works of the author of "The Christian Year"

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