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OCT. 1. 1869.

that his biography has been reprinted in this coun- cially adapted for the upper classes of schools. It try. John Keble was born on St. Mark's day, 26th is divided into four parts : Physiographic, LithoApril, 1792, at Fairford, in Gloucestershire, Eng- logical, Historical, and Dynamical, and appended land, and in 1806 was elected scholar of Corpus is a catalogue of American Localities of Fossils, Christi College, Oxford. He passed his final exami- with a list of Implements &c., and a copious index. nation in Easter term, 1810, and was elected Proba- | The way in which the subject has been treated has tioner Fellow of Oriel in the following year. He been, not only to give an account of rocks and fostook Deacon's orders in 1815, and Priest's a year sils, but to make it a history of the earth ; its conlater. He afterwards accepted a tutorship at Oriel, tinents and oceans, climate, and living races, as and in 1825 was appointed to the Curacy of Hurs- deduced from the Science of Geology. ley, of which he afterwards became Vicar. The works by which Keble became known to the world A Short Course of Qualitative Analysis, with the New are his " Christian Year,” and “Lyra Innocentium,"

Notation. By J. M. Crafts. pp. viii., 133. New the latter of which has passed through many edi.

York: John Wiley & Son. Philadelphia : Claxton, tions in England, and is equally popular in this

Remsen & Haffelfinger. country. His death occurred on the 29th March,

This work was originally written for the use of 1866, and so dear was his memory to members of a class of students in the Cornell University, who the English church, that a college has been founded take a year's course of chemistry, including labo at Oxford bearing his name. His biographer, Sir

ratory practice. The introductory portion of the J. T. Coleridge, was for many years his most inti- work is devoted to explanations of the theory of mate friend and companion, and a considerable the remainder is divided under different heads :

chemical reactiov, nomenclature, and apparatus ; portion of the work consists of letters from Keble Tests for Metals, Tests for Acids, Preliminary Tests to him, although there are many to various other persons with whom he was acquainted. The work with Non-Metallic Solids, &c. These tests are again is in two handsome volumes, uniform with the given at the end, in a tabular form, and other tables " Miscellaneous Poems" recently issued by the same

have been added, containing a number of facts in publishers. It is tastefully got up, well printed on Analytical Chemistry, given in the most concise toned paper; and prefixed to the first volume is a work appears to us to be admirably adapted.

For a limited course in this science, the photograph of Keble, and to the second a view of Harsley Parsonage.

A Compendious German Grammar. By William D.

Whitney, Professor of Sanscrit, and Instructor in

Modern Languages in Yale College. pp. xvi., EDUCATIONAL.

248. New York: Leypoldt & Holt. Plain Educational Talks with Teachers and Parents. This is an extensive work, and appears more

By Albert N. Raub, A. M. pp. X., 220. Phila- adapted for college than school, use, and for those delphia: Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger. students who require to have a deeper knowledge

This work treats of the abstract principles of edu- of German composition than can be obtained from cation, taken as a whole, and consists of a number the ordinary grammar in use in this country. Parof chapters, each upon some particular feature of ticular attention has been given to the derivation the subject, as Fashionable Education, Influence of German words from one another—the construcof Home Example, Punishments, Too Early at tion of sentences, and the correspondences between School, &c. The essays, while written in an German and English. Those portions which the agreeable style, give evidence of much thoughtful author conceives to be most important to the beobservation, and contain a great deal of useful ginner, are put into larger type, and these only may advice for teachers, whether at home or in the first be learned; but as the pupil's capacity insehool-room.

creases, should be gone through again, and the

whole included in the lessons. Affixed are a brief Elements of the Greek Language. Taken from the Greek Grammar of James Hadley, Professor in history of the language, and some exercises in the

written character. Yale College. pp. vi., 246. New York: D. Appleton & Co. Philadelphia: Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger.

FICTION, This is an abridgment of Professor Hadley's more The Galled House, or Self-Sacrifice. By the author elaborate work, with which most teachers are ac of “ The Climbers,” &c. pp. 214. Philadelphia: quainted, and is intended entirely for school use. Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger. For this purpose some trifling alterations have been This is a domestic story of a family who were thought expedient, in the form of expression, to fit early deprived of their mother, the account of it to the capacities of more youthful students, but whose death forms the subject of the opening no essential differences have been made in the chapter. She charges her eldest daughter to supply mode of treatment. Appended are a synopsis of the her place in the care of the younger members; and more important forms of dialect, and a brief account her endeavors to fulfil the promise then made; are of the principal kinds of verse, to which is added a the chief point of the tale. The work has a strongly Greek and Latin Index.

religious tendency, and is calculated to do good in A Text-Book of Goelogy. Designed for Schools and the hands of young people of either sex.

Academies. By James D. Dana, LL. D. Illus. Adam Bede. By George Eliot. Illustrated. pp. 452. trated. pp. vi., 354. Philadelphia : Theodore The Mill on the Floss. By the same author. IllusBliss & Co.

trated. pp. 464. New York: Harper Bros. PhilaThe name of Professor Dapa, on the title-page of delphia : Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger. a work on Geology, is in itself sufficient to guarantee These are the first two volumes of Harper's excellence, so far as the subject is concerned ; but Illustrated Library Edition of George Eliot's works, the Professor also possesses the happy quality of the whole to be completed in five volumes. They imparting that knowledge to others in a clear and are issued in a neat green cloth binding, and are methodical manner, which is of paramount im- printed in a large, clear, readable type, and will, portance in works intended for educational pur- when completed, form a very handsome set of books. poses. The present work is an abridgment of the Each work contains several veatly executed engravmore elaborate “ Manual of Geology,” and is espe-lings.

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OCT. 1, 1869.

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David Elginbrod. By George MacDonald, M. A. pp.

MISCELLANEOUS. 459. Boston: A. K. Loring.

Essays on Political Economy. By the late M. Frederic This author's style is too well known to require Bastiat. Translated from the Paris Edition of 1863. comment, and the present volume is one of those pp. xvi., 398. Chicago: Western News Company. stories of Scotland and Scottish character, in the These essays, translated from the works of M. delineation of which the writer is unrivalled. Bastiat, treat of “ Sophisms of Protection," " SpoliaRomola. By George Eliot. pp. 344.

tion and Law," aud “Capital and Interest,” and, Felix Holt, the Radical. By the same author. pp. as may be inferred from these titles, advocate the 278. Boston: Fields, Osgood & Co.

principles of free trade. The work is prefaced by We have already had occasion to notice the very an introduction, at some length, by Horace White, handsome and compact form in which the House - Editor of the “Chicago Tribune.” hold Edition of the works of this author are being Sailing Directions of Henry Hudson, prepared for his issued by Messrs. Fields, Osgood & Co., of which use in 1608, from the Old Danish of Ivon Bardsen. these form the third and fourth volumes.


With an Introduction and Notes ; also a Dissertasuccess which from the first attended the publication tion on the Discovery of the Hudson River. By of “Romola," is too recent pot to be remembered, Rev. B. F. De Costa. pp. 102. Albany: Joel and the tale is by many considered the writer's Mupsell. masterpiece. “Felix Holt” is a fair sample of the This is a repript of “A Treatise of Iver Boty, a thoughts and opinions of a large number of middle Gronlander, translated out of the Norsh Language class Englishmen forty years ago, prior to the pass- into High Dutch in the yeere 1560. And after out ing of the Reform Bill and the repeal of the Corn of High Dutch into Low Dutch, by William BarentLaws. In size and appearance this edition is uni- son, of Amsterdam, who was chief Pilot aforsaid. form with the Household Thackeray and Reade, and The same Copie in High Dutch is in the hands of will be completed in five volumes.

Iodocvs Hondivs, which I hawe seene. And this

was translated out of Low Dutch by Master William HISTORY

Stere, Marchent, in the yeere 1608, for the use of me The Patriots' History of Ireland. By M. F. Cusack. Henrie Hudson. William Barentson's Booke is in

pp. 320. New York : Catholic Publication Society. the hands of Master Peter Plantivs, who lent the

This is a pleasantly written sketch of the history same to me." These directions were prepared for of Ireland, from the earliest times down to the the use of Hudson, who made several voyages to Union, in 1801. As may be inferred from the title, search for a Northwest Passage. In the introducthe author views things in a thoroughly patriotic tion to the work, it is proved beyond doubt, that light, and his book should find many readers Hudson was not the first to discover the poble river among his countrymen in America, especially when, which bears his name, but which had been known as we are told in the preface, any profit accruing to the Spaniards for many years previous. The from its sale will be devoted to charitable purposes. book is most tastefully printed, and will be a prize

to all lovers of old aud curious literature. JUVENILE

A Political Manual for 1869; including a classified Shifting Winds, a Tough Yarn. By R. M. Ballan summary of the Important Executive, Legislative,

tyne. Illustrated. pp. 414. Philadelphia : Por Judicial, Politico-Military, and General Facts of the ter & Coates.

Period. From July 15, 1868, to July 15, 1869. Mr. Ballantyne has long enjoyed the reputation By Edward McPherson, LL. D. Washington : of being one of the best modern writers of juvenile Philp & Solomon. fiction. He possesses in a pre-eminent degree that This contains a list of the members forming the happy style which has peculiar charms for youth- late and present Cabinets and Congress, President ful readers, who, while they are delighted with the Johnson's last annual message, Political Votes, Con. story, may gather much useful information from it. stitutional Amendment, Papers and Orders on ReThe present work is a narrative of the perils and construction, Judicial Decisions, Votes of Legisladangers of a seaman's life, a theme of which boys tures, and Statistical tables of Election Returns, the never tire, and details the adventures of a lad and Public Debt, and a variety of other useful and inhis father, who are cast ashore on an uninhabited teresting matter for members of Congress and others island off the coast of South America. The volume closely connected with political matters. is tastefully got up, and the illustrations, of which Bundling; its Origin, Progress, and Decline in Amethere are several, neatly engraved.

rica. By Hevry Reed Stiles, M. D. Juliet the Heiress. By Mrs. Margaret Hosmer. pp.

Albany: Joel Munsell. 230. Philadelphia : P. Skelly & Co.

This work, which will be of much interest to the This is a pretty little story, illustrative of the antiquarian, gives a history of this questionable happiness which comes of doing good to others. It custom, at one time very prevalent in some portions is a nicely written little work, and in the hands of of the United States. The author quotes many children, is likely to be productive of much good. writers in support of his statements, and gives Little Drops of Rain. By the author of “ Nell's Mis- some very curious old ballads, written in condem

sion.” pp. 237. New York: Robert Carter & Bros. vation or support of the practice. This tale shows how much good resulted from the

MUSIC. efforts of the eldest daughter of a family to fill her Strube's Drum and Fife Instructor. Containing the mother's place towards the younger members. It

Rudimental Principles of Drum-beating, Scale is an unpretending little work, written in a manner for the Fife, Rudiments of Music, and a new and suited to the capacities of young readers.

entirely original system of expressing hand to Rupert Lawrence, or a Boy in Earnest. By Harriet hand drum-beating. Also the full and correct

McKeever. pp. 336. Philadelphia: J. P. Skelly United States Army duty for both instruments. & Co.

Compiled and arranged in a simple and instrucThis is a story written for boys, showing how tive manner by Gardner A. Strube, Drum Major honesty of purpose, and a courageous perseverance 12th Infantry, N. G. S. N. Y. pp. 61. New York: overcame innumerable difficulties. It is written in D. Appleton & Co. a plain matter-of-fact style ; without any of that Drum Major Strube's system of teaching the sickly sentimentality which is so distasteful to lads. 'drum and fife has been adopted for the instruction

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pp. 139.

OCT. 1, 1869.

of the Infantry of the United States Army. In ad-Character and Life, Descriptive and Historical dition to the instructions for both instruments, the Pieces, Legend and Mythology, Sylvian and Rural different military calls are given, salutes, quick- Subjects, Miscellaneous Pieces, Sacred Lyrics, and steps, and several marches in slow and double an Appendix of Pieces written by, or for, children. time, arranged for both instruments.

The poems are contributed by different members of We have received from Messrs. Fairchild & beloved daughter of the editor, cut off by a fever

the same family, but are chiefly from the pen of a Dwyer, New York, the following music from their in the prime of youth, and while differing much in “ Musical Coronet'' series. Home (A.) Evening (G). By Franz Abt. Two siderable poetic genius and great beauty and fer

style and literary excellence, many display conpretty planitive airs, suitable for female voices.

Hare Faith in One Another (G). Words by J. E. tility of thought. The vignette tail-pieces are very Carpenter, music by George S. Dwyer. Suitable tells us in the preface, he is indebted to Quarles,

cleverly drawn by the editor, for some of which, he for a low tenor.

Bewick, and others. Dancing Wavelets (F). Polka Redowa. By George The Complete Works of Mrs. Hemans. Reprinted S. Dwyer. Orerture to Fra Diavolo (D). Transcription ar

from the last English Edition. Edited by her ranged for the Piano Forte,

sister. Illustrated. 2 vols. pp. 660, 576. New The Mine Pins Quadrille (D). Arranged from

York : D. Appleton & Co. Philadelphia: Claxton, Offenbach's Opera of “The Grand Duchess."

Remsen & Haffelfinger. La Rose de Palerme (D). Polka Brillante. C.

These volumes form a portion of the Globe EdiSchubert. op. 232.

tion of the Poets, now in course of publication by

Messrs. Appleton, and contain the whole works of Cominon Praise, A Tribute to Congregational this gifted poetess. Affixed to many of the poems

Music. In Four-Part Harmonies, adapted to any are critical annotations, which materially increase book of Psalms and Hymns. By Rev. J. W. the value of the work. They form two handsome Waterbury. pp. 91. Eighth Edition, enlarged. little volumes, iụ neat cloth binding, and are illusRochester, N. Y.: D. M. Dewey.

trated with steel engravings. This work contains a collection of Chants, Tunes, and Anthems, Hymns, Introits, &c., and at the end,

THE EDITOR'S TABLE. the Psalter, pointed and numbered for chanting. It is a nicely-printed little volume, and the music

We have received the following periodicals, has been carefully arranged and edited.

pamphlets, and catalogues :
From T. S. Arthur & Son, Philadelphia--" The

Children's Hour.” A magazine for the little ones.

October. The Intelligence of Animals, with Illustrative Anec- From Messrs. Adams & Co., BostonCatalogue of dotes. From the French of Ernest Menault. Games and Novelties for the ensuing season. Illustrated. pp. xxi., 370. New York: Charles From Messrs. Carlton f. Lanahan, New York—"The Scribner & Co.

Ladies' Repository and Home Magazine.” OctoThe study of Natural History is at all times in

ber. teresting, but its attractions are greatly increased, especially in the estimation of young folks, when From Messrs. Robert Carter f. Brothers, New Yorkthe information is given in such a delightful man

Catalogues of Juvenile Books and of Theological per as in this book. We have anecdotes illustra

Works. tive of the habits and peculiarities of fishes, birds, From Messrs. J. B. Lippincott & Co., Philadelphia animals, and insects, of the food they eat, and their -Illustrated Catalogue of the Juvenile Publicaingenuity in obtaining it, and of the dwellings they tions, and their list of Approved Modern School build for the protection or concealment of them

Books. selves and their young. We have a chapter de- From The American News Company, New Yorkvoted to those domestic pests, fleas and bugs, and “ The Medical and Surgical Reporter.” A weekly although most of us are occasionally in contact journal. September. with these interesting little creatures, few are From Wm. Wood g. Co., New York—"The Medical aware of the amount of intelligence, almost amount

Record.” A semi-monthly journal of Medicine ing to reason, they possess. There are other chapters on various insects, familiar to us all, and the From Moore, Wilstach f. Moore, New York-" The

and Surgery. September. feathered and finny tribes come in for a due share of notice. The domestic animals occupy several

Theological Eclectic." A repertory chiefly of chapters, with some of the best known of the car.

Foreign Theological Literatnre. August. nivora aud quadrumana, and all are full of the From Charles J. Peterson, Philadelphia—“ Petermost interesting anecdotes. The illustrations, of

son's Ladies' National Magazine.” October. which there are fifty-four, are carefully drawn and From Messrs. RobertsBrothers, Boston—Their Cataengraved, and as a whole we think it is a work logue of illustrated presentation and other which, in the hands of young people, will induce a books. still deeper study of the great book of Nature. From Alfred L. Sewell f. Co., Chicago--The Little

Corporal.” An original magazine for boys and POETRY.

girls. October. Lyrical Pieces, Secular and Sacred, from the Home Prom Mr. P. Van Nostrand, New York-Catalogue Circle of a Country Parsonage. With numerous

of American and Foreign Scientific Books, and illustrative vignettes, and with Archæological

the “ Eclectic Engineering Magazine.” October. and other Notes. Edited by Abner W. Browne, From W. J. Widdleton, New York-A Catalogue of M. A. pp. xiv., 500. London: Sampson Low,

their General Publications. Son & Marston.

From John Wilson f Son, Boston-Supplement to The contents of this volume are of a most varied a Catalogue of Books for Unitarian Sunday. character, being short poems upon all kinds of sub Schools. Recommended by the Ladies' Commisjects, divided under seven headings : Etchings of | sion.

OCT. 1, 1869.


American Tract Society, Boston.

Claxton, Remsen, & Haffelfinger, Philadelphin. Gems of the Bog: An Irish Story. By Mrs. J. D. Westbrook Parsonage. By Harriet B. McKeever. Chaplin.

Nanny's Christmas. A Story for Children. Little Happy Heart. By Mrs. J. D. Chaplin

A New Arithmetic on the Unit System ; in which the Mother's Pearl. By Mrs. J. D. Chaplin.

Fundamental Principles of Arithmetic are illus. Jimmy Don; or, Judy and ber Baby. By Mrs. F. I. trated. By C. P. Buckingham. B. Smith.

M. W. Dodd, New York. May. By Mrs. F. I. B. Smith.

Oliver Wyndham: a Tale of the Great Plague. By Tom. By Mrs. F. I. B. Smith

the Author of “Naomi." Little Floy. By Mrs. F. I. B. Smith.

Is Christianity from God ? A Manual of Bible Evi. Studies in Bible Lands : Illustrated. By Rev. Wm. E. Gage.

dence for the People. By Rev. John Cumming, D.D.

New edition. D. Appleton & Co., New York.

Mary, the Handmaid of the Lord. By the Author of Lire of Daniel Webster. By Geo. F. Curtis. 2 vols.

“The Schönberg-Cotta Family." Cheap edition. Revised Treatise of the Diseases of Children. By

Wrongs of Women. By Charlotte Elizabeth. Alfred Vogel, M. D. Translated from the German

Cherry and Violet. By the Author of Mary Powell." by H. Rophan, M. D.

Cheap edition. Petrolia ; a Brief History of the Penn. Petroleum Re- E. P. Dutton & Co., Boston. gion, from 1859 to 1869. By A. Cove and W. A.

Filling up the Chinks. By the Author of “Cushions Johns.

and Corners." Meteors, Aerolites, Storms, and Atmospheric Pheno Sunday Echoes in Week-Day Hours. By Mrs. Carey

mena. From the French of Zurcher and Margollé. Brock. By William Lackland. Illustrated with twenty Lectures on Moses. By Rev. R. A. Hallam, D. D. three fine wood.cuts by Lebreton.

Fields, Osgood, & Co., Boston. A. S. Barnes of Co., New York.

Complete Poetical Works of John G. Whittier. MerFourteen Weeks in Geology. By J. Dorman Steele.

rimac Edition. 2 vols. Echo de Paris (French conversation). By J. H. Wor.

Too Bright to Last: a Novel. man.

Complete Prose Works of Ralph Waldo Emerson. Hymns of the Church. Ed. without Tunes. By Drs. Sybaris, and other Homes. By Edword Everett Hale. Thompson (2), Vermilyen, anit Eddy.

Miscellanies of W. M. Thackeray. House bold Edition. Map Drawing and Object Lessons. By Jerome Allen 5 vols. and James Monteith.

Writings of Miss Anne I. Thackeray. Household Edi.

tion. 2 vols. Beadle & Co., New York.

Complete Poems of James Russell Lowell. Diamond Mysterious Spy. By A. M. Grninger.

Edition. Black Rover By H. Cavendish.

The Trotty Book. By Elizabeth Stuart Phelps. Mrs. Jinks' Burlesque Songster.

Tales of a Grandfather. By Sir Walter Scott. IllasSpread Eagle Speaker.

trated Library Edition. 3 vols. Dime Dialogues.

Novels of Charles Dickens. Charles Dickens Edition. The Figure Eight. By the Author of "The Dead 7 vols. Letter."

The Uncle Sam Series :

Rip Van Winkle's Nap. By E. C. Stedman. J. W. Bouton, New York.

The Story of Columbus. By J. T. Trowbridge. Lives of the Founders, Augmenters, and other Bene. Putnam the Brave. By R. H. Stoddard.

factors of the British Museum, 1570-1870. Based The Ballad of Abraham Lincoln. By Bayard Taylor. on new Researches at the Rolls House ; in the Department of MSS. of the British Museum ; in the J. B. Ford & Co., New York. Privy Council Office, and in other collections,

Beecher's Sermons. Second Series, March to Septempublic and private. By Edward Edwards.

ber, 1869. By Henry Ward Beecher. From phono

graphic reports by T. J. Ellinwood. With view of F. A. Brady, New York.

interior of Plymouth Church. Ned Turner's Burnt Cork Songster.

J. W. Goodspeed & Co., New York.
Ned Turner's Eccentric Songster.
Call Her Back and Kiss Her Songster.

The Hand of God in History; or, Divine Providence The Liga Weber Songster.

Historically Illustrated in the Extension and Estab. The Annie Hinsdale Songster.

Jishment of Christianity. By Rev. Hollis Read.

A. F. Graves, Boston. Carlton & Lanahan, New York.

Joe and the Howards. Illustrated. The Doctrine of Reward and Punishment. By Rev.

Walter and Frank. 4th vol. of the Woodbine Series. R. W. Hamilton, D.D., LL. D.

S. C. Griggs & Co., Chicago. Sermons. By the same.

The Army Reunion : Chicago, December 15 and 16, Prayer. By the same.

1868. With Reports of the Meetings of the Society The Divine Treatment of Sin. By J. Baldwin Brown. of the Army of the Cumberland, the Army of the Misread Passages of Scripture. By the same.

Tennessee, the Army of the Ohio, and the Army of Early Years of the Christian Church. By M. D. Pres. Georgia. Publishing Committee : F. T. Sherman, sensé. Translated by Annie Harwood. 4 vols.

Wm. E. Strong, R. W. Smith, A. C. McClurg. Topics for Teachers. By James C. Grey. Vol. 1.

Harper & Bros., New York. H. H. & T. W. Carter, Boston.

Romance of Spanish History. By J. S. C. Abbott. Regenerate Life. By Arbonin.

History of Joseph Bonaparte. By J. S. C. Abbott. Swedenborg's Spiritual Diary, 5 vols.

The Minister's Wife. By Mrs. Oliphant. The Intimate Friend. By Mrs. S. P. Doughty.

McClintock and Strong's Cyclopædia. Vol. III. Mountains and Molehills. By Mrs. S. P. Doughty.

The Polar World. By George Harting.

Orange Judd f. Co., New York. J. N. Clarke, Chicago, Ill.

Agricultural Chemical Analysis. By Prof. G. C. Cald. Rebecca ; or, A Woman's Secret. By Mrs. Caroline well, of Cornell University. Fairfield Corbin.

How Crops Feed. By Prof. S. W. Johnson.

OCT. 1, 1869.

Lee & Shepard, Boston.

Reports of Cases at Law and in Chancery, argued and Patty Grury's Journey to the Cotton Islands. Vol. 2. determined in the Supreme Court of Illinois. By From Baltimore to Washington. By Mrs. C. H. Norman L. Freeman, Counsellor at Law. Vol. 44, Dale.

containing the remaining cases decided at the April Pilgrim's Progress in Verse. By Rev. E. Porter Term, 1867, and a part of those decided at the June Dyer.

Term, 1867. Down the Rhine. By Oliver Optic.

Clifford's Probate Guide. For Administrators, Exe. Through by Daylight. By Oliver Optic.

cutors, and Guardians, in the settlement of Estates ; Lightning Express; or, The Rival Academies. By being a Treatise on the Laws of this State relating Oliver Optic.

to Probate business, with numerous Forms, includ. On Time; or, The Young Captain of the Ucayga ing Precedents for Clerk's Entries; to which is Steamer. By Oliver Optic.

added an Appendix, containing the Statute of Wills. Switch Off; or, The War of the Students. By Oliver By G. A. Clifford, Esq. Second edition, revised Optic.

and enlarged. Dotty Dimple's Flyaway. By the Author of “Little Bassett's Criminal Pleading: Precedents of IndictPrudy," Illustrated.

ments and Special Pleas. By James Bassett, Esq. 8vo. The Boy Farmers of Elm Island. By Rev. Elijah Kel. T. B. Peterson & Bros., Philadelphia. logg. Illustrated.

The Prince of Darkness. By Mrs. Emma D. E. N. How Charley Roberts Became a Man. By Miss Louise

M. Thurston. Illustrated.
How Eva Roberts Gained her Education. By Miss

Major Jones's Courtship.
Louise M. Thurston. Illustrated.

Major Jones's Sketches of Travel. Home in the West. By Miss Louise M. Thurston.

The Countess of Monte Cristo. A Companion to “ The

Count of Monte Cristo."
The Little Maid of Oxbow. By May Mannering.

Popping the Question. By Mrs. Gordon Smythies.

Wives and Widows. By Mrs. Ann S. Stephens. Illustrated. The Young Detective; or, Which Won? By Rosa Roberts Bros., Boston. Abbott. Illustrated.

Shakspeare's Midsummer. Night's Dream. Illustrated The Pinks and the Blues ; or, The Orphan Asylum.

with twenty-four Silhouettes, engraved by Morse, By Rosa Abbott. Illustrated.

from designs by P. Konewka. The Cabin on the Prairie. By Rev. Charles H. Pear

The Woman Who Dared. A Poem. By Epes Sarson. Illustrated.

gent, Esq. Planting the Wilderness; or, The Pioneer Boys. Illus

The Primeval World of Hebrew Tradition. By Rev. trated.

F. H. Hedge, D. D. A Wrong Confessed is Half Redressed. By Mrs. M. E.

The Writings of Madame Swetchine. Edited by the Bradley and Miss Kate J. Neely. Illustrated.

Count de Falloux. Translated from the French Aetions Speak Louder than Words. By Mrs. M. E.

by Harriet W. Preston. Bradley and Miss Kate J. Neely. Illustrated.

German Tales. By Berthold Buerbach. With an One Goud Turn deserves Another. By Mrs. M. E.

Introduction by C. C. Shackford. Bradley and Miss Kate J. Neely. Illustrated.

Letters Everywhere. Stories and Rhymes for Chil. The Complete Works of Hon. Charles Sumner, con

dren. With twenty-eight illustrations by Theotaining all his Public Orations and Speeches. Pre

phile Schuler. pared under his supervision.

Little Lasses and Lads. With colored illustrations Speeches, Lectures, and Letters. By Wendell Phillips.

by Oscar Pletsch. New edition.

Frölich's Picture Book. Illustrating the career of Sermons, Letters, and Speeches on Slavery and its

Foolish Zoe, Mischievous John, and Boasting HecWar. From the passage of the Fugitive Slave Bill

tor. With thirty-four highly finished and characto the Inauguration of President Grant. By Rev.

teristic engravings. Gilbert Haven.

Nidworth, and his Three Magic Wands. By Mrs. Alaska and its Resources. By W. H. Dall (Director

Elizabeth Prentiss. With frontispiece. of the Russian Telegraph Expedition).

Great Mysteries and Little Plagues. By John Neal. The Sunset Land: being the Record of a Trip from

With frontispiece. the Hills of Berkshire to the Golden Gate. By Rev. Wm. Rutter & Co., Philadelphia. John Todd, D. D.

Judaic Baptism. Companion Volume to “Classic BapLiving Thoughts. By Mrs. Charlotte A. Means.

tism." Hester Strong's Life-Work; or, The Mystery Solved. Scribner & Co., New York. By Mrs. S. A. Southworth.

History of the Church. By K. B. Hagenbach. TransJubilant Voices : a Collection of new Hymn Tunes, lated by John F. Hurst, D. D

Chants, Sentences, Motets, and Anthems. Composed Great Hunts. Illustrated Library of Wonders. and arranged by B. F. Baker and D. F. Hodges. Life of J. Addison Alexander, D. D. By Rev. H. C. The Sunday School Concert: a Book of Suggestive Alexander. and Practical Exercises for the Concert. By John Sever, Francis, & Co., Boston.

C. Proctor and Samuel Burnham.
My Infant Class, and How I Conduct It. Catechism,

Eu Glad Gut; or, The Happy Boy. By B Björnson.

American Institutions. By A. De Tocqueville. Blackboard, Song, and Story. By John C. Proctor.

E. Steiger, New York. J. B. Lippincott & Co., Philadelphia.

Ahn's German Handwriting. Revised by W. Grauert. Analysis of American Law. By T. W. Powell.

Grauert's Manual of the German Language. By W. Railway Economy. By M. L. Le Chatelier.

Grauert. Part 2. Sleep and its Derangements. By W. A. Ham

Wörterbuch zu Reuter's Werken. By Fr. Frehse. mond, M. D.

Steiger's Volks-Kalender. Percussion and Auscultation. From the German. N. Tibbals & Co., New York.

By Prof. L. C. Lane, M. D. Hypodermic Medication.

Life and the True Light; or, Bible and General HisBy Prof. Roberts Bartholow, M. D.

tory Interlocked. By Rev. Wm. G. Blakie, D. D. The Trial of Job. By Rev. S. H. Durand.

5 maps and glossary of Bible localities.

Golden Gate Series. By Grace Kennedy and others. E. B. MIyers, Chicago, Ill.

Anna Ross.

Exrlier Martyrs. A Practical Treatise on the Powers and Duties of Jem the Tinker.

Four Years. Justices of the Peace and Constables in the State of Shadows Flee Away.

Lucy Smith. Illinois, with the necessary Forms of Proceeding, Later Martyrs.

Marion's Work. embracing also a collection of Original and Selected Silver Lining Series. By A. L. 0. E. Forms for Popular Use in the Transaction of Busi. The Sunday Chaplet.

House Beautiful. ness. By Elijah M. Haines. Fifth edition, revised The Holiday Chaplet.

On the Way. and enlarged.

The Children's Treasury. Nutshell of Knowledge.

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