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OCT. 1, 1869.

Pictorial Life: a Life Study. With several hundred

full-page illustrations, besides numerous small ones.

By subscription only.
W. J. Widdleton, New York.

Milman's Latin Christianity. 8 vols.
Ingoldsby Legends. Globe Edition.
John Wiley & Son, New York.
Hydraulic Motors. Translated from the French of

Prof. M. Bresse, by F. A. Mahon ; revised by Prof.

D. H. Mahon. Plates.
Fresenius' Quantitative Chemical Analysis. Revised,

with considerable additions, by Prof. S. W. Johnson,
of Yale College.

Cameron & Fergu son.
The History of the Irish Brigades in the Service of

France, from the Revolution in England under
James II. to the Revolution in France under Louis

XVI. Dy John Cornelius O'Callaghan.
Messrs. Longmans of Co.
The Lord's Prayer illustrated by F. R. Pickersgill,

Fairy Land: a Series of Scenes and Adventures in

the Kingdom of the Little People. By Richard

Doyle. With illustrations printed in colors.
History of the Norman Kings of England, drawn from

a New Collation of the Contemporary Chronicles.
By Thomas Cobbe, of the Inner Temple, Barrister.

at-Law. The History of England from the Fall of Wolsey to

the Defeat of the Spanish Armada. By James An-
thony Froude, M. A. Vols. XI. and XII. being the
fifth and sixth vols. of Queen Elizabeth's reign, and
completing the work.
Chess Openings. By F. W. Longman, Balliol College,

Pioneering in the Pampas; or, The First Four Years

of a Settler's Experiences in the La Plata Camps.

By Richard Arthur Seymour.
Roman History. By Wilhelm Ihne. Translated from

the original German by the Autbor. Vol. I. : From

the Founding of Rome to the First Punic War.
A History of Wales, derived from Authentic Sources.

By Jane Willians, Ysgafell.
Albert Durer, his Life and Works. Containing bis

Journal in the Netherlands, Letters from Venice,
Poetry, and other Writings; together with Complete
Catalogues of his Engravings on Copper and Wood,
Pictures, Sketches, &c. By Willam B. Scott.

Mythology of the Aryan Nations. By the Rev. George

W. Cox, M. A.
The Scenery of England and Wales, its Character and

Origin. Being an Attempt to trace the Nature of
the Geological Causes, especially Denadation, by
which the Physical Features of the Country have

been produced By D. Mackintosh, F.G.S. Palm Leaves. Sacred Poems, selected and translated

from the German of Karl Gerok by Miss Catherine

The Analysis of the English Language, in Three Parts:

I. Grammar; II. Etymological Derivations; III.
Praxis and Examination Papers. By I. Plant Flein-

ing, M. A., B. C. L.
The Student's Manual of the History of Ireland. By

M. F. Cusack.
The Student's Manual of the History of India from

the Earliest Period to the Present. By Col. Meadows

Taylor, M. R. A.S., M. R. I. A., &c.
The Student's Manual of Zoology and Comparative

Physiology. By J. Burney Yeo, M. B.
The Life and Letters of Faraday. By Dr. Bence

Jones, Secretary of the Royal Institution.
The Life of Oliver Cromwell, to tbe Death of Charles

I. By J. R. Andrews.
Menes and Cheops identified in History under Differ-

ent Names; with other Cosas. By Hiram Shuck. Traces of History in the Names of Places; with a

Vocabulary of the Roots out of which Names of
Places in England and Wales are formed. By Fla-

vell Edmunds.
Pulmonary Consumption : its Nature, Treatment, and

Duration, exemplified by an Analysis of One Thog. sand Cases selected from upwards of Twenty Thousand. By C. J. B. Williains, M. D., F.R. S., and

Charles Theodore Williams, M. A., M. D. Oxon. Natural Philosophy for General Readers and Young

Persons: being a Course of Physics divested of Mathematical Formulæ, expressed in the language of daily life, and illustrated with Explanatory Figures familiarly elucidating the Principles and Facts brought before the reader. Translated and edited from Ganot's “Cours de Physique," with the

Author's sanction, by E. Atkinson, Ph.D., F.C.S. On the Use and Preservation of the Eyesight. By

Robert Brudenell Carter, F. R.C S. (Examp.)
Outlines of Chemistry; or, Brief Notes of Chemical

Facts. By William Odling.
Clinical Notes on Diseases of the Larynx, investigated

and treated with the assistance of the Laryngoscope.
By William Marcet, M. D., F. R. S., &c.

pp. 372.

PP. 170.

LIST OF BOOKS RECENTLY PUBLISHED IN THE UNITED STATES. Arx's METHOD OF LEARNING GERMAN. With Pronunciation by BiscoE. Katharine's Experience. By Ellen L. Biscoe. 16mo. Oehlschlager. Revised Edition. Two Parts: 1. Practical;

Boston: Amer. Tract Soc. Cl. $1 50. 2. Theoretical. 12mo. pp. 172, 73. N. Y.: E. Steiger. Bds. $1. The Parts separate, as above, viz: Part 1, 60 cts. ; Part 2, BLACK. In Silk Attire: a Novel. By W. Black. Svo. pp. 126. 40 cts.

N. Y.: Harper & Bros. Pap. 50 cts. ALLERTON HOMES: a Story for Boys. 16mo. pp. 239. Phila. : BLAIKIB. Life and the True Light; or. The Bible and General J. P. Skelly & Co. CI. $1 25.

History Interlocked. By W. G. Blaikie, D. D. Map. ALMANACS.

N. Y.: N. Tibbals & Co. Cl. $1 75. (Edinburgh Family Christian Almanac for 1870. 12mo. pp. 60. N. Y.:

print.) Amer. Tract Soc. Pap. 10 cts.

BLUNT. Pilot Laws and Harbor and Quarantine Regulations National Temperance Almanac for 1870. 18mo. pp. 64. N. Y.:

of the Port of New York. By G. W. Blunt. Svo. pp. 156. Nat. Temp. Soc. Pap. 10 cts.

N. Y.: Blunt & Co. Hf, roan, $1 50.
Audcbox. Famous Old Fairy Tales, in Words of One Syllable.
By Harriet Audubon. Illustr. 4 vols, 16mo. Pp. 203 eacb.

BOTCE. Mangal of Practice in the Circuit Conrts of the United NY: Allen Bros. Cl., in box, $5; separate, per vol., $1 25.

States, with Rules and Forins. By A. A. Boyce. Svo. pp. Containing

600. Albany: W. C. Little & Co. Sbp. $650). Cinderella, and Other Stories,

BROCK. Sunday Echoes in Week-Day Hours: & Tale on the Puss in Boots, and Other Stories.

Collects. By Mrs. Carey Brock. lomo. pp. 483. N. Y.: E.
Little Red Riding Hood, and Other Stories.

P. Dutton & Co. Cl. $1 50.
Aladdin, and Other Stories.

BROOKB. Sermons in St. James' Chapel. By Rev. & A. Brooke. The Child of the Rock. From the German of Dr. C. G. Barth. 12mo. pp. 323. Boston: Fields, Osgood, & Co. Cl. $2.

18mo. Pp. 192. Phila.: Presb. Bd. of Pub. Cl. 55 cts, Setma, the Turkish Girl. From the German of Dr. C. G.

BUTLER Woman's Work and Woman's Culture: & Series of Barth. 18mo. pp. 120. Phila. : Presb. Bd. of Pub. CI. Essays. Edited by Josephine E. Butler. 8vo. pp. 431. N. Y.: 45 cts,

Macmillan & Co. CI. $3 50. BERJEAU. The Homeopathic Treatment of Syphilis, Gonor. CLARKE. New Method for Reed Organs._With a Selection of

rhæa, Spermatorrhea, and Urinary Diseases. By J. H. Ber Pieces for Reed Organ, Melodeon, and Harmonium. By W. jeau, M. D. Revised, with Additions, by J. H. P. Frost, M. D. H. Clarke. Obl. 4to. pp. 160. Boston: 0. Ditson & Co. Bds. 12mo. pp. 270. Phila.: A. J. Tafel. Cl. $2.

$2 50.

OCT. 1. 1869.

pp. 165.

CLEMENS. The Innocents Abroad; or, The New Pilgrim's Pro- | Jewett. A Critique on the Greek Text of the New Testament

gress. By S. L. Clemens (Mark Twain). Ilustr. 8vo. pp. as edited by the American Bible Union." By G. P. Jewett. 6JI. Hartford: Amer. Pub. Co. Cl. $3 50; shp. $t. (By Reprinted from the “Congregational Review.. 8vo. pp. 31. subscription only.)

Salem: G. M. Whipple and A. A. Smith. Pap. CLDD98. The Poems and Prose Remains of Arthur Hugh Karpoo the Hindoo Girl, and Other Stories. 18mo. pp. 216. Clough, with a Selection from his Letters and a Memoir.

Phila.: Presb. Bd. of Pub. Ci, 60 cts. Edited by his Wife. 2 vols. post Svo. pp. 928. N. Y.: Macmillan & Co. CI. $6.

KEBLE. See COLERIDGE. COLERIDGE. Memoir of Rev. J. Keble. · By Rt. Hon. Sir J. T.

KixgsLEY. Tales of Old Travel Renarrated. By Henry KingsColeridge. Second Edition. Portr. 2 vols. 16mo. pp. 619.

ley, F. R.G.S. Crown 8vo. pp. 368. N. Y.: Macmillan &

Co. CI. N. Y.: Pott & Amery. Cl. per vol. $2.

LANGE. Epistle of Paul to the Romans. By J. P. Lange and ELAM. A Physician's Problems. By Chas. Elam, M. D. Post

F. R. Ray. Translated by J. F. Hurst. Svo. Pp. vi., 155. sro. pp. 424. N. Y.: Macmillan & Co. Cl. $3.

N. Y.: C. Scribner & Co. CL. $5. ELDREDGE. Love's Labor; or, The Seed and its Blossom. By LEWES.

Abby Eldredge. 18mo. pp. 228. Phila. : Presb. Bd. of Pub. Adam Bede. By Mrs. Lewes (George Eliot). Harper's Library Cl. 60 cts.

Editiou. Illust. 12mo. pp. 432. N. Y.: Harper & Brus. Eliot. See LEWES.

CI. 75 cts. ELLIOT. The Attractions of New Haven: a Guide to the City.

The Mill on the Floss. By Mrs. Lewes (George Eliot). Har

per's Library Edition. Illustr. 12mo. pp. 461. N. Y.: Map and Ilustr. By S. H. Elliot. 1mo. pp. 141. N. Y.: x. Titdals & Co. Pap. 60 cts. ; cl. $1,

Harper & Bros. Cl. 75 cts.

Romola. By Mrs. Lewos (George Eliot). Household Edition. Esglizh Coxxon LAW REPORTS. Vol. 110. 8vo. pp. xxii., 899. J6mo. pp. vi., 344. Boston: Fields, Osgood, & Co. Cl. $1; Phila.: T. & J. W. Johnson & Co. Shp. $t.

hf. cf. $2 25. FELTON. Greece, ancient and Modern. By C.C. Felton. Portr. Lightfoot. S. Clement of Rome. The Two Epistles to the Cheap Edition. 2 vols. in 1, Svo. pp.511,519. Bost.: Fields,

Corinthians. A Revised Text, with Introduction and Notes. Osgood, & Co. Cl. $5.

By J. B. Lightfoot, D.D. 8vo. pp. 220. N. Y.: Macmillan

& Co. CI. $3 50. FISKE. The Fiske Family. Second Edition. By A. A. Fiske. 16100. pp. 209. Chicago: The Author. Flex. cl. $3.

LITTLE (A) More, and Other Stories. 18mo. pp. 216. Phila.:

Presb. Bd. of Pub. CI, 60 cts.
Found Dead. By the Author of "A Beggar on Horseback," LONGFELLOW. Complete Poetical Works.

Red Line Edition. etc. Sro. pp. 110. N. Y.: Harper & Bros. Pap. 50 cts.

Illustr. and Portr. Sq. 16mo. Pp. viii., 363. Boston: Fields, GARRET:03. Diseases and Surgery of the Mouth, Jaws, and

Osgood, & Co. Cl. full gilt, *1 50; hf. cf. $6; full Turk. mor. Associated Parts. By J. E. Garretson, M. D. Ilustr. Svo.

$8. pp. 700. N. Y.: D. Appleton & Co. Cl. $7 50.

LYLEs. Omcial Railroad Manual of the Railroads of North GARRETT. The Crust and the Cake. By E. Garrett. 16mo.

America, for 1869-70. By J. H. Lyles. 8vo. pp. 471, clxxvi. Pp. 489. N. Y.: G. Routledge & Sons. Pap. $1; cl. $1 75.

N. Y.: Thitchener & Gastaeter, Pr8. Cl. $5. GODOLPRIX. The One Syllable Library. By Mary Godolphin.

MACDONALD. David Elginbrod. By G. Macdonald. 12mo. pp. Illustr. 5 vols, sq 16mo.

459. Boston: A. K. Loring. Cl. $1 75. N. Y.: J. Miller. Cl., in box, MacLarex. Sermons Preached in Manchester. By Rev. Alex. $7 50; separate, per vol., $1 50. ContainingRobinson Crusoe. pp. 161.

Maclaren. Vol. 1. Third Edition. Fc. Svo. pp. 318. N. Y.:
Swiss Family Robinson.

Macmillan & Co. CI. $1 50.
Æsop's Fables., pp. 174.

MACLEAR. Sunday Library. Vol. VII.: Apostles of Mediæval
Sandford and Merton. pp. 288.

Europe. By Rev. G. F. Maclear, B.D. Cr. 8vo. pp. 332. N. Y.: Evenings at Home. pp. 161.

Macmillan & Co. CI. $2. GOLDEN GATE SERIES. 8 vols. 16mo. pp. 160 each. N. Y.: N.

McKEEVER. Rupert Lawrence; or, A Boy in Earnest. By Tihals & Co. Cl., in box, $6 40. Containing

Harriet B. McKeever. 16mo. pp. 336. Phila.: J. P. Skelly Anne Ross.

Four Years in a Cave.

& Co. Cl. $1 50. Jem the Tinker.

Lucy Smith.

MCPHERSON. Political Manual for 1869. By E. McPherson. Until the Shadows Flee Away. Early Martyrs.

8vo. pp. 379-509. Washington: Philp & Solomon. Pap. Later Martyrs.

Marion's Work.

75 cts. ; cl. $1. GRACE HARLAND; or, Christ's Path to Happiness. By the

MANUSCRIPT MAN (The). By the Author of "Golden Hills." Author of "The Little Watch man." 18mo. pp. 264. Phila.:

16mo. pp. 246. Phila.: Presb. Bd, of Pub. Cl. 85 cts. Presb. Bd, of Pub. Cl. 65 cts.

MARLITT. The Countess Gisela. By Mrs. E. Marlitt. TransGRACE IRVING's Friends. By the Author, of Grace Irving's

lated by A. Nahmer. 8vo. pr. 125. N. Y.; Harper & Bros. Vacation," etc. 16mo. pp. 243. Boston: Cong. S. S. and

Pap. 25 cts. Pub. Soc. CI. $1 15.

MARRYAT. Veronique: a Romance. By Florence Marryat. Geace TILDEN; or, Seven Years of Service for Christ. Ву

8vo. pp. 176. Boston: A. K. Loring. Pap. 75 cts. Alpha. 16mo. pp. 319. Boston: Cong. S. S. and Pub. Soc. MARSHALL. Order and Chaos: a Lecture. By T. W. M. MarC1. $1 23.

shall. 8vo. pp. 45. Baltimore: J. Murphy & Co. Pap 25 GBAHAME. Mrs. Latimer's Meetings. By Nellie Grahame.

cts. 18mo. pp. 72. Phila. : Presb. Bd. of Pub. CI. 30 cts. MENAULT. The Intelligence of Animals. With Anecdotes. GRASTE. Faith's Battles and Victories; or, Thoughts for

From the French of E. Menault. Illustr. 16mo. pp. xvi., Troublogs Times. By Rev. J. S. Grasty. 16mo. pp. 285.

370. N. Y.: C. Scribner & Co. Cl. $1 50. X. Y.: A. D. P. Randolph. Cl. $1.

MORNING STARS (TAE) SANG TOGETHER. A Book of Religious GREENE. Filling Up the Chinks. By Hon. Mrs. R. J. Greene.

Songs for Sunday Schools and the Home Circle. Music 16mo. 16mo. Pp. 232. N. Y.: E. P. Dutton & Co. Cl. $1.

Boston: 0. Ditson & Co. Bds. 35 cts. RALLAM. Moses: a Course of Lectures. By Rev. R. A. Hal. Mrs. THORNE's Guests. By the Author of “The New Comlam, 16mo. pp. 295. N. Y.: E. P. Dutton & Co. Cl. $1 50.

mandment." 16mo. pp. 400. Boston: Amer. Tract Soc. CI.

$1 50. HARLBr. Caliphs and Sultans. Being Tales omitted in the Usual Editions of the Arabian Nights. Rewritten and re

Myers. Margaret Gordon; or, Can I Forgive? By Mrs. S. A. arranged by S. Hanley. 12mo. pp. vii., 363. N. Y.: D. Ap

Myers. 16mo. pp. 479. Phila.: Presb. Bd. of Pub. Cl. $1 25. pleton & Co. Cl. $2 50.

Neighbor's House (THE). 16mo. pp. 400. Boston: Amer. Tract HIGGINION. Army Life in a Black Regiment. By T. W. Hig.

Soc. Cl. $1 50. ginson. 16mo. Pp. 296. Boston: Fields, Osgood, & Co. ci. NEW YORK. $1 50,

The Code of Procedure as Amended May 12, 1869, 32mo. HILLIARD. The American Law of Real Property. By F. Hil

pp. 224. N. Y.: Transcript Assoc. Roan, 75 cts. liard. Fourth Revised and improved Edition. 2 vols. 8vo. Reports of Cases in the Supreme Court. By O. L. Barboury, pp. lxx.. 835; lxiv., 932. Albany: W. C. Little. Shp. per Reporter. Vol. 53. 8vo. Albany: W. C. Little. Shp. $6. vol. $9.

OarexTariff; or, Rates of Duties on Goods, Wares, and HOSMER Joliet the Heiress. By Mrs. Margaret Hosmer. 18mo Merchandise imported into the United States, with Decisions pp. 230. Phila.: J. P. Skelly & Co. C1. 90 cts.

of the Treasury Department, etc. Arranged by E. D. Ogden. HUGHES. Tom Brown's School Days. By an Old Boy. New

Svo. pp. 169, 78. N. Y.; Bogert & Nexsen. Hf, roan, $3. Popular Edition, 18mo. pp. 379. N. Y.: Macmillan & Co. ONE (THE) SYLLABLE LIBRARY. See GoDOLPHIN.

PAULIPS. New Complete Standard Singer. For SabbathHULL The Question Settled: a Comparison of Biblical and Schools, Public Worship, etc, By P. Phillips. 8vo. pp. 224. Modern Spiritualism. By Rev. M. Hull. 12mo. pp. 235. N. Y.: The Compiler. Pap. 50 cts. ; bds. 60 cts, Boston: W. White & Co. CI. $1 50.

PHipson. Phosphorescence; or, Emission of Light by MineILLINOIS. Reports of Cases in the Supreme Court. Vols. 42, 43. rals, Plants, and Animals. By T. L. Phipson. 16mo. pp. 870. pp. 600 each. Chicago: E. B. Myers & Co. Sbp. per

xiv., 210. N. Y.; D. Appleton & Co. Cl. $1 75. (London vol. $550.


pp. 128.

CI. 75 cts.

OCT. 1. 1869.

PLANCHETTE MYSTERY: an Inquiry into Modern Signs and
Wonders. By a Truth Seeker, 12mo. pp. 45. N. Y.: S.R.

Wells. Pap. 25 cts.

Overture Pigue Dame. (Solo) Suppe.

75 cts. Ports. Hints towards Latin Prore Composition. By Alex. W.

do do do (4 hands) do Potts, M. A. 12mo. Pp. 64. N. Y.: Macmillan & Co. Cl.

Tintamarre Galop. Maziers. 10 cts. 75 cts.

Occabot Mazourka. Schwing. 35 cts. PRESTox. The Triumph of Faith: a Lecture. By Rev. T. S. Le Carillon. Scheidler. 50 cts.

Preston. 8vo. Pp. 31. N. Y.: R. Coddington. Pap. 25 cts. The Spark. Favarger. 50 cts.
RAILROAD LAWS OF TAE STATE OF New York. 8vo. pp. 72.

O How I Love Thee. Egghard. 35 cts.

do 35 cts. Albany: Weed, Parsons & Co. Pap. 50 cts.

In Wild Haste Galop. Faust. 30 cts. RENAN.

do Wandering Galop.

30 cts. St. Paul. By E. Renan. Translated by J. Lockwood. 12mo. pp. 422. N. Y.: G. W. Carleton. Cl. $1 75. Strudel Galop. Parlow. 30 cts.

Opera Garden. (8 Nos.) Oesten. Each 30 cts. Riggs. Tah-Koo-Wal-Kan; or, The Gospel among the Da Return to the Old Home. Tungman. 35 cts.

kotas. By S. R. Riggs. 16mo. Pp. 491. Boston: Cong. S. S. Marie Polka Mazourka. Gun'l. 35 cts, and Pub. Soc. Cl. $1 50.

Young Student (10 Nos.) Gustave. Each 30 cts, RIVERS OF WATER IN A DRY PLACE. An Account of the Intro

Woodland Voices. Muller. 60 cts.

Queen of Skates Mazourka. Muller. 50 cts. duction of Christianity into South Africa, etc. 16mo. pp. 294. Phila.: Presb. Bd. of Pub. Cl. $1.

Biush-Rose Waltz. Godfrey: 60 cts.

Le Sourire Mazourka. Roubier. 50 cts. ROBERTSON. Life and Letters of F. W. Robertson. Edited by 8. A. Brooke Cheap Edition. Portr.

PAILADELPHIA-G. MARET & Co. 2 vols. in l. 12mo.

30 cts. pp. xxii., 352; 359. Boston: Fields, 08good, & Co. C1. $1 50. In Shades of Night. (German Song) Luther. Speight. Under Lock and Key: a Story. By T. W. Speight.

Velocity Studies. (Book 2) Czermy. $1.

Salve Maria. (Italian Sacred Song) Rizzo. 40 cts. 12mo. pp. 389. Pbila. : Turner Bros. & Co. Cl. $1 75.

While down Life's Pathway I Stray:

do 40 cts. STONE. The Architect and Monetarian: a Memoir of A. Tefft. Starry Night. (Piano Solo) S. Smith.

75 cts. By E. M. Stone. 8vo. pp. 64. Providence: S. S. Rider & Bros. Faust Transcription. (for Piano) Wolfsohn. $1 25.

Carpival de Venice. Oesten. 65 cts. Pap. 50 cts. ; tinted paper, rubricated, Portr., $1. (Edition 60 copies.)

Oberon Barcarolle. (Piano solo) Barnett. 35 cts.

Le Reveil des Fees. do do Prudent. $1. STROBE. Drum and Fire Instructor; with a New and Original

Consider the Lilies. (Sacred Song) Topliff. 40 cts. System of expressing Hand to Hand Drum Beating. Also,

Flower of the Heath. (German Song) Abt. 40 cts. the full U. S. Army Duty for both Instruments. By G. A.

Marche Bohemienne. Kuhe. 50 cts. Strube. Obl. 8vo. pp. 61. N. Y.; D. Appleton & Co. CI.

Wedding March. (Simplified by Lenschon) Mendelssohn. $1 60.

40 cts. TEPFT. See STONE.

NEW YORK-WM. E. MILLET & Sox. THACKERAY. Henry Esmond; and, Lovel the Widower. By

Under the Elms. Wm. J. Wetmore. 30 cts. W. M. Thackeray. Illustr. 8vo. pp. 193, 60. N. Y.: Harper Hilda Song. Godfrey 35 cts. & Bros. Pap. 60 cts.

We are Wandering O'er the Mountains. J. W. Rudd. 35 cts. TIBBY THE CHARWOMAN, and her friends. By P. E. S. 18mo. Love's Golden Chain. Wm. J. Wetmore. 35 cts. pp. 180. N. Y.: R. Carter & Bros. CI. 60 cts.

Keep a Cheerful Heart. Geo. Cromwell.

35 cts,

Velocipede Song. Wm. Jay. 30 cts,
TIM THE COLLIER Boy. 18mo. Pp. 108. Phila.: Presb. Bd. of Billiards Galop de Salon. J. Van Huren. 60 cts.
Pub. CI. 40 cts.

Babbling Brook Polka. H. Taylor. 35 cts.
TROLLOPE. The Vicar of Bullhampton. By A. Trollope. We Parted in Silence (Quartett) J. W. Rudd.

30 cts. Part 1. Illustr. 8vo. pp. 141. Phila. : J. B. Lippincott & Wake my Love Serenade. C. D. Curtis 30 cts. Co. Pap. 60 cts.

Widow Bedott. W. J. Wet more. 35 cts.
TROLLOPE. Dream Numbers. By T. A. Trollope. 12mo. pp.

Our Country. (National Song) Wm. J. Wetmore. 35 cts.
Bachelor Solo and Trio. C. W. Eildbie.

30 cts. 399. Phila.: T. B. Peterson & Bros. Cl. $1 75.

Kitty Ray. Wm. J. Wet more. 30 cts. TROWBRIDGE. The Vagabonds, and Other Poems. By J. T. Rose Belisle. Wm. J. Wet more. 30 cts. Trowbridge. Portr. 16mo. pp. iv., 172. Boston: Fields,

La Plus Jolie Waltz. C. D. Curtis. 30 cts. Orgood, & Co. Cl. $1 50; hf. cf. $3.

NEW YORK-FREDERICK BLUME. Tuthill. The Young Lady at Home and in Society. By Mrs. Blume's Excelsior Music Book for Violin. (No. 27) 15 cts. Louisa C. Tuthill. 12mo. pp. 330. N. Y.: Allen Bros. CI.

Blume's Excelsior Flute Book. (No. 27) 15 cts. $2.

Blume's Excelsior Accordeon Book. (No. 27) 15 ets. TUTTLE. The Career of the God-Idea in History. By H. Tuttle. Blume's Excelsior Concertina Book. (No. 6) 15 cts. 12mo. pp. 216. Boston: Adams & Co. Ci. $1 50.

Blume's Excelsior German Accordeon Book. (No. 6) 15 cts. Watson. Book of Elegant Poetical Extracts. By J.T. Watson.

On the Beach at Long Branch Galop. (For the Piano) Blume.

20 cts. Illustr. 12mo. pp. 506. N. Y.: Allen Bros. CI. $2 25.

Not for Joseph Galop. (For the Piano) Blume. 20 cts. WATERBURY. “Common Praise :" a Tribute to Congregational Dream of the Ball Waltzes. (For the Piano) Godfrey. 40 cts. Music, in Four-Part Harmonies, adapted to any Book of Telegram Waltzes. (For the Piano) Johann Strauss. 40 cts. Psalms and Hymns. By Rev. J. H. Waterbury. Eighth Velocipede Galop, with illustrated title. (For the Piano) Edition, enlarged. 12mo. pp. 91. Rochester, N. Y.; D. M. H. von Gudera.

50 cts. Dewey. Limp cl. 50 cts.

Pericholes Letter. (Song from Perichole Opera.) Offenbach.

35 cts. Watson. The Reasoning Powers of Animals. By Rev. J. S. Watson. 12mo. pp. 471. N. Y.; D. Appleton & Co. Cl. $3.

Spaniard and Captive Indian Maid. (Duet from Perichole)

Offenbach. 40 cts. WEBB.

Blue Beard Galop. (From Barbe Bleue) Ludke. 40 cts. Alypius of Tagaste. By Mrs. Webb. 16mo. pp. 379. Phila.: Marimac Waltzes. Pestal. 30 cts. Presb. Bd. of Pub. CI. $1 25.

On the Beach at Long Branch. (For Violin) 16 cts. Poniponia; or, The Gospel in Cæsar's Household. By Mrs. Not for Joseph. (For Violin) 15 cts.

Webb. 16mo. pp. 480. Phila.: Presb. Bd. of Pub. Cl. Walking down Broadway. (For Violin) 15 cts. 81 40.

Dream of the Ball Waltzes. (For Violin) 16 cts. WAITE. Elements of Theoretical and Descriptive Astronomy.

Telegram Waltzes. (For Violin)

15 cts. For Colleges and Academies. By C. J. White. 12mo. pp. 272.

Velocipede Galop. (For Violin) 15 cts. Phila. : Ciaxton, Remsen, & Haffelfinger. Cl. $2.

CINCINNATI-JOHN CAURCHILL & Co. WHITNEY. A Compendious German Grammar. By W. D.

VOCAL. Whitney. 12mo. pp. 248. N. Y.: Leypoldt & Holt. Cl. $1 50. Auf Wiedersehen (We Meet Again). H. J. Schonacker. WOLSELEY. The Soldier's Pocket-Book for Field Service. By 45 cts. Col. G. J. Wolseley. 16mo. pp. 275. N. Y.: Macmillan & Darling Little Widow. (Song and Dance) Billy Emer800. Co. Roan limp. $1 75.

40 cts. WORMAN. Berlin Echo. By J. H. Wormad. 12mo. pp. 203.

Girl with the Calico Dress. Lucy E. Skinner. 30 cts. N. Y.: A. S. Barnes & Co. Hf, roan, $1 25.

Girl with the Gingham Gown. (Song and Dance) Eddie Fox.

40 cts. WYLIE. The Willow Basket. By Mrs. E. J. Wylie. 18mo. How is that for High? (Song and Dance) Billy Emerson. pp. 96. Phila.: Presb. Bd. of Pub. Cl. 35 cts.

40 cts. Wynne. Flossy Lee. By Faith Wynne. 18mo. pp. 209. Phila.: I Fancied her an Angel. (Song and Dance) Eddie Fox. 40 ets. J. P. Skelly & Co. Cl. 80 cts.

Keiser's Dog. (Song and Dance) Gus Williams. 35 cts.

Only. Virginia Gabriel, 30 cts. ZELL.

Paddy O'Toole. (Irish Comic Song) Ned Straight. 35 cts. Lucy at Home. By Zell. 18mo. pp. 72. Phila.: Presb. Bd. of Pub. CI. 30 cts.

Sing to me Robin. Frank Howard. 30 cts.

Weary. Virginia Gabriel. 30 cts. Two Little Cousins. By Zell. 18mo. pp. 72. Phila. ; Presb. Wouldn't You like to Know? (Song and Dance) Dave GibBd. of Pub. Cl. 30 cts.


40 cts.

OCT. 1, 1869.


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« La


Best Society Waltz. A. Shireley. 35 cts.
Doda Polka. D. Kinsel, Jr. 30 cts.
Heure du Soir. Sidney Smith. 40 cts.
Pleasant Wishes Waltz. Von Stiel. 40 cts.
Singing Leaves Waltz.

Holmes Lee. 30 cts.
Thousand Beauties. Jungmann, 40 cts.

Tempest (or Storm on the Lake). A. Shireley. 50 cts. NEW YORK-Boosey & Co. Boosey's Ballad Singer: A new ball dime series of Popular Songs. (Nos. 1 to 50) By Offenbach, Claribel, Balfe, Hat

ton, and the most celebrated composers. 5 cents each No. Buosey's Musical Cabinet. 50 cents each book. New Nos.

12+ Herold's Opera Zampa. Complete for pianoforte.
123 Donizetti's Don Pasquale. Complete for pianoforte.
18 Chopin's Celebrated Valses. Complete for piapforte.
121 Selection of Sydney Smith's Celebrated Pianoforte

Pieces, including La Harpe Eolienne, Morceaux de Salon.
Fairy Whispers, Nocturne. Chanson Russe, Romance.
Maypole Dance, characteristic piece. Une Nuit D'ete,

characteristic piece. Rippling Waves, charac'tic piece. 120 Thalberg's Six Celebrated Fantasias, to illustrate the

art of singing applied to the pianoforte, containing, Dove Preude," Duet from Mozart's Zauberflote. Serenade, from Rossini's Opera Il Barbiere di Seviglia. Barcarolle, from Donizetti's Gianni di Calais. « La ci Darem," and " Protegga il Giusto Cielo," from Mozarts Don Juan. Serenade, from Gretry's L'Amant Jaloux. "Assisa a Pie d'um Salice," Romance from Russini's Otello. 102 Selection of the Newest Comic Songs, now being sung

by the leading comic vocalists, including, Up in a Balloon. I'll have your Hat. I'll ask my Mother and let you know next Sunday Afternoon. Martha the Milkman's Daughter. Paddy's Dream, The Perambulator; or Matilda's Young Guard. Sweet Jenny; or, Where can

she be. Have you seen her lately. CHICAGO-Lrox & HALBY. The Snow Flakes White are Falling Fast. (Song) Heath.

30 cts.
Rock me ye Billows. (Song) Kucken. 40 cts.
Great God into Thy Presence now. (Anthem) Butterfield.

50 ets.
The Fellow that looks like me. (Song) W. Arlington. 30 cts.
Land of the Leal. (Song and chorus) Seibert. 30 cts.
Chicago. (Song and chorus) Higgins. 30 cts.

Campanella Waltz. Goebbarts. 40 cts.
Blue Bells of Scotland. (Variations) Wyman. 60 cts.
Spring (Galop) Wyman. 30 cts.
Evening Bells. (Rondo) Lange. 60 cts.
Good Bye. (Improvisatori) Pratt.

75 cts.
Water Witch. (Barcarolle) Mach. 40 cts.
Rosy Morning. (Mazourke. Mach. 40 cts.
Sorosis Galop. N. Orgel. 35 cts.
Fare Thee Well. (Song) D. Manning. 30 cts.
Spring Flower Mazourka. J. Raff. 50 cts.
Beautiful Bells Waltz. A, Cull.

20 cts.
Perichole Polka Redowa. A. Cull. 20 cts.
Up in a Balloon Quickstep. A. Cull. 20 cts.
March and Serenade Genevieve. A. Cull. 20 cts.
Aint I Pretty Polka. R. Goerdeler. 50 cts.
Aint I Pretty Mazourka. R. Goerdeler. 50 cts.
Lead me sometimes where She's Sleeping. G. F. Shattuck.

30 ets,
Delta Phi Waltzes. W. P. Hale. 50 cts.
Katie's Secret. A. Cull, 20 cts.
Sweet Louise Polka. R. Goerdeler. 30 cts.
Only for Tbee Waltzes. R. Goerdaler. 60 cts.
Lily Leaf Waltzes. H. Markstine. 35 cts.
Petit Fee Pulka Redowa. H. Coard. 30 cts,
Widow McGee (Song) W. S. Hays. 40 cts.
Come on Schottisch. Old Mother. 30 cts.
Heart Drifts. (Song) A. E. Muse. 30 cts.
Sioner's Safeguard. (Song) R. S. Frary. 35 cts.
Older Meraories of Thee. (Song) J. H. Kappes. 30 cts.
Central Park Lancers. W. Dressler. 50 cts.
Hatte Milstain Polka. Carlo Detta.

50 cts.
Down by the Deep Sad Sea (Song) W. S. Hays. 40 cts.
Home Sweet Home. (Var.) C. Kinkil. 50 cts.
Congenial Hearts Polka.


Lydia Thompson's March,

Flowers of Marblehead. (Song) M, Keller. 35 cts.
Down in the Valley, &c.

J. Moran. 40 cts.
I never can Forget Thee. (Song) D. S. Babcock. 30 cts.
Carnation Schottisch. E, A. Muse. 30 cts.
Sister May. (Song) T. Meuller. 30 cts.


Sleep, my Baby Sleep. (3. Eh to f.) Clement. 30 cts.
Clochette. (2. F to g.) Molloy.
Angie's Winning Smile. (3. Ab to e.) Dlamphin. 30 cts.
Act on the Square. (2. G to d.) Lee. 30 cts,

Say, my Heart, why art thou Beating. (Was ich still.) (3.

Fi to g.) Abt. 30 cts. The Wanderer's Dream. (Mir singt in Hain.) (3. F to e.

Abt. 30 cts. Stay gentle Morn a while. (3. G toe.) Abt. 40 cts. Adieu to the Woodlands. (Abschied vom Walde.) (Duet.

3. C to g.) Abt. 30 cts. Only at Home. (3. A to f.) Gabriel. 30 cts. Sweet Dora. (3. G. to f.). Allen. 30 cts. Somebody's Wife; or, o, I'd go and see my Mother. Jack

30 cts. Walk off, big Shoes! Holder. 30 cts. Down by the River side I stray. (3 F to f.) Thomas. 50 cts. The Love of other days. song and Chorus. (3. Ab to d.)

Turner. 30 cts. Out in the Cold. Words by J. S. Adams. (2. D to d.) Emer.

40 cts, Out on the Rocks. (4. Eb to e.) Sainton Dolby. 35 cts. Bouny Bess. (2. Bø to f.) J. R. Thomas. 35 cts. Flashing Eyes. (3. G to g.) Centemari. 40 cts. Non Torno. Turn not away. (4. G to g. Centemari. 40 cts. Ask me no more. (Frage nicht.) Voice, flute, and piano. (4.

Eh to g) Proch. Thady O'Flinn. (2. D to e.) Molloy. 35 cts. of thee 1 Thiuk. (Ich denke dein.) (3. Ab to a.) Reichardt.

30 cts. It is a good thing to give Tbanks. (Quartet.) Emerson.

60 cts.
Faithful Echo. (3. C. to e.) Ganz. 40 cts.
Passing away into Sunlight. (3. A to e.) Ellis. 30 cts.

Prince Arthur Galop. (3. F.) Prince. 30 cts.
Rip Van Winkle Galop. (3. Bb.) Wellman. 40 cts.
Music at Eve. Reverie. Mack, 40 cts.
Rosy Morn. Mazourka.
Water Witch. Barcarolle. "
Potpouri. Fidelio. (4.) Wels. 75 cts.
Spring Fairy. (3. Bb.) Engelbrecht. 60 cts.
Warrior Polka. (3. Eb.) Turner, 30 cts.
Blue Bells. Variations. Wyman. 60 cts.
The Organ at Home. Each 25 cts.
Walking in the Park. Var. (4. D.) Pratt. 50 cte.

LOBE. Consonanzen und Dissonanzen. Gesammelte Schriften,

Von J. C. Lobe. Leipzig. $2 20. Schoy. Die architektonisch-decorative Kunst der Zeit Lud

wig's XVI. für Industrie- und Luxus-Zwecke. Sammlung von 300 noch unveröffentlichten photolith. Blättern mit Text. Von A. Schoy. 1. Bd. 1. Abthlg. und 2. Bd. 1. Abthlg.

Lüttich. In Mappe. $18 35. 1. 1. Architektonisch-decorative Kunst. (57 Blatt in Ton

druck.) $10 45.

II. 1. Industrie und Luxus. (43 Bi. in Tondruck.) $7 90. SCHUCHT. Meyerbeer's Leben und Bildungsgang, seine Stellung

als Operncomponist im Vergleich zu den Tondichtern der Neuzeit, nebst noch ungedruckten Briefen Meyerbeer's. Von

J. Schucht. Leipzig. $1 85. Reise der österreichischen Fregatte Novara um die Erde in den

Jahren 1857, 1858, 1859, unter B. v. Wallerstorf-Urbair. Anthropologischer Theil. 3. Abth. Ethnographie. Bearb. v.

Frdr. Müller. gr. 4. Wien. $8 80. WATTENBACH. Eine Ferienreise nach Spanien und Portugal.

Von W. Wattenbach. Berlin. $1 85. DES INGENIEURS TASCHENBUCH. Herausg. von dem Verein

“Hütte." 8. Aufl. Berlin. $1 85. ARCHITECTOXISCHES SKIZZENBUCH. 96. Heft. Fol. Berlin. Per

Heft, $1 10. WIEBE. Zweite Sammlung von Zeichnungen ausgeführter

Dampfmaschinen und Dampfkessel. Von F. K. H. Wiebe.

Fol, Berlin. $6 25. SPECHT. Geschichte der Waffen. Von F. A. K. v. Specht. 2.

Lfg. Cassel. Per Lfg. $1 10. DINCKLAGE. Tolle Geschichten. Ein norddeutscher Roman.

Von E. v. Dincklage. 2 Bde. Leipzig. 1 05. Emilius. Lucia. Erzählung aus der italienischen Geschichte

des letzten Jahrzehnts. Von H. Emilius. 2 Bde. Leipzig.

$3. Goltz. Die Weltklugbeit und die Lebensweisheit mit ihren

correspondirenden Studien. Von B. Goltz. 2 Bde. 16. Ber

lin. $2 20. HAFFNER. Jungfernblut. Original-Roman. Von K. Haffner.

3 Bde. Wien. $2 20. HEUNINGER. Eines Königs Dank. Historischer Roman. Von

E. Heusinger. 3 Bde. Leipzig. $3 30. HÖFER. Aus Kriegs- und Friedenszeiten. Neue Geschichten.

Von Edm. Höfer. 2 Bde. Breslau. 3 85. JÄSSING. Vorgefühle. Neue lyrische Gedichte. Von A. Jäs

sing. 16. Leipzig. 95 cts. JENBEN. Die Juden von Cölln. Novelle aus dem deutschen

Mittelalter. Von W. Jensen. Flensburg. $1 10. KLEIN. Novellen von J. Klein. 2 Bde. Prag. $3.

gr. Fol.


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List furnished by Mr. E. Steiger, New York, by whom all books meu. tioned will be supplied. The prices quoted are in gold,

OCT. 1, 1869.


LOWENSTAM. Bunte Skizzen. Von H. Lowenstam. Leipzig. | Steppeys. Ein Wechsel. Roman, Von A. Steffens. 2 Bde. $1 10.

Leipzig. $1 50. ВЕск. Musterblätter für kirchliche Stickerei. Nebst Text:

Am sausenden Webstuhl der Zeit. Von F. Weh). Altarschmuck v. M. Meurer. Von M. E. Beck. Fol. Leip

Leipzig. 2 20. zig. In Mappe. $330. SCHMID. Mütze und Krone. Roman. Von H. Schmid. 5 Bde. Essenwkin. Die mittelalterlichen Kunstdenkmale der Stadt Leipzig. $1 40.

Krakau. Von A. Essenwein. Imp.-4. Leipzig. $17 60.

WORKS RECENTLY PUBLISHED IN GREAT BRITAIN, Abbott's Franconia Stories, 12mo. 38. 6d. cl.

Jenner's (Sir W.) Practical Medicine of To-Day, Svo, 18. 61. el. Adams's (N.) Around the Cross, sq. 18. cl. swd.

Kiuloch's Large-Game Shooting in Thibet, &c., photos. 410. 218. Adams's Weaver-Boy who became a Missionary, new edit. 38. cl. 6d. cl,

Lacordaire's (Père) Jesus Christ, 12mo. 68. el. Ainsworth's Illustrated Universal Gazetteer, 8vo. 158. hf. bd. Le Chatelier's Railway Economy, 8vo. 28. 6d. el, swd. Antidote (The), or Protest against Unhappiness, 12mo. 18.6d. cl. Le Fanu's The Wyvern Mystery, 3 vols, cr. Svo. 318. od. el. Arnold's (E.) The Poets of Greece, Svo. 108 6d. cl.

McLeod's Pupil's Atlas of Modern Geography, col. 410. 28. Barbour's (Master John) The Bruce, new edit. cr. 8vo. 68. cl. 64. el. Baume's French Syntax and Exercises, 12mo 48. cl.

Mercer's Uoder the Peak, cr. 8vo. 78. 6d. cl. Biggs's Bankruptcy Acts, 1869, 8vo. 18.6d. cl. swd.

Merchant's (The) Ready Reckoper, folio, 68. hf. bd. Binney's Sermons in the King's Weigh House Chapel, 12mo. Miller's Works-Vol. 7, "Old Red Sandstone." er. 8vo. 58, el. 48. 60. el.

Ministering Children, Sequel to, cheap edit sm. 8vo. 28. od el. Biographical Sketches of Eminent Christians, 5th Series, 28. cl. Morals of Miny Fair, new edit. 12mo. 28. bds. Blackmore's Colorado as a Field for Emigration, ito. 158. cl. Old Merry's Travels on the Continent, illust. 12mo. 28. 64. cl. Burgess's Relations of Language to Thought, 12mo. 28. 6d. cl. Olivieri's Select Italian Stories, 12mo. 28. 6d. swd.

Portlock's (Lieut. Col.) Memoirs of Major-General Colby, 48. Carlyle's Works, Library Edition, Essays, Vol 4, 8vo. 98. cl. 6d. cl. Carr's Amaryllis Sarniensis, or the Guernsey Lily, 12mo. 28.6d. Practice with Science, a Series of Agricultural Papers, Vol. 2, cl.

68. cl. Chardenal's First French Course. 12mo. 18. Bd. cl.

Punshop's The Pulpit and the Pew, their Duties, 12mo. 18. swd. Cooper's Rough Notes on Seven Campaigns, 12mo. 28. 6d. cl. Reading made Easy in Spite of the Alphabet, 12mo. 28. 6d cl. Cornish's (Rev. G. J.) Come to the Woods, and other Poems, Reid's (Capt. Mayue) Headless Horseman, illust. Svo. 78. od. el. 28. 6. cl.

Routledge's Every Boy's Annual for 1870, col, illust. cr. 850. Cousin Eustace, or Conversations on the Prayer Book, 12mo. 68. cl. 58. 6d.

Sargant's Essays of a Birmingham Manufacturer, Vol. 1, 8vo. Cowan's Paris, Notes of an Eight Days' Trip, 12mo. 28. 6d, cl. 78. 6d. Curates' Home (The), by the Author of "Among the Moun- Schiller's William Tell, in English Verse, 12mo. 38. 6d. cl. tains," 58. cl.

Scott's Life, by Lockhart, Vol. 9, 12mo. 38. 6d. Roxb. Davies's (W.) Songs of the Wayfarer, cr. 8vo. 68. cl.

Sewell's Mother's Last Words, Colored Illustrations, 4to. 18. sd. De Levante's Orthoepy and Orthography of the English Lao- St. Paul's Magazine, Vol. 4, 8vo. 78.6d. cl. guage, 18.

Sunday Library-Maclear's Apostles of Mediæval Europe, cr. Dickson's Japan, its History, Government, &c., 8vo. 158. cl. 8vo. 48. Divinum Humannm (The) in Creation, cr. Sro. 38. 6d. cl. Sunday Magazine, Vol. 1869, roy. 8vo. 88. 63. cl. Edison's Divine Right of Rule, cr. Svo. 58. cl.

Tales of the Four Seasons, edited by Heine, 8vo. 28. bds. Elementary Introduction to Physiological Science, 12mo. 28. 6d. Taylor's Chess Brilliants, 48. 6d. cl. cl.

Tennyson's Works, Concordance to, cr. Svo. 78. 6d. cl. Elliott's (C. E.) Thoughts in Verse, and Hymns, 12mo.38. 6d. cl. Timmins's Family Readings on the Collects, Epistles, &c., 12mo. Epitaphs and Epigrams, Curious, Quaint, and Amusing, 2s. cl. 10%. 60/ Foreign Protestant Pulpit, First Series, 12mo. 48.6d. cl. Tomkios's Worth and Wealth, a Poem, 12mo 28. 6d. ci. Gilbert's Sir Thomas Branston, 3 vols. cr. Svo. 318. 6d. cl. Turrecremata's De Conceptione, Preface by Dr. Pusey, sm. 4to. Gray's (T.) Poetical Works, 32mo. 18. cl.

128. Goubaud's (Madame) Knitting and Netting Book, 12mo. 18. ed. Vanny Croft, by the Author of "Contraband Christinas," &c., Hayward's Lord Scatterbrain, 12mo. 26. bds.

18mo. 28. Hazlitt's Lectures on English Poets and Comic Writers, 38. 6d. Wainwright's Julius Cæsar: Did he Cross the Channel ? 12mo.

cl. Henham's Sermons, chiefly Practical, 12mo. 58. cl.

Warner's How to Keep the clock Right by Observation, roy. Higginson's Malbone, an Oldport Romance, 12mo. 28. 6d. cl. Sro. 48. Hodder's Reconciled, or Story of Hawthorn Hall, 38. 6d. cl. Watson's Mannal of the Hand Lathe, cr. 8vo. 68. cl. Houghton's Country Walks of a Naturalist, col. plates, Worman's First Course in the Germau Language, 12mo. 4s. 6d. Ingraham's Prince of the House of David, illust. cr. 8vo. 58. cl. hf. bd. gilt.

Verey's Lost Footsteps, 3 vols. cr. 8vo. 318. 6d. cl.

CASSELL, PETTER & GALPIN'S SUBSCRIPTION WORKS. THE DORÉ BIBLE. In 30 parts, each Two Dollars. MILTON'S PARADISE LOST. Illustrated by Doré. 24 parts, each One Dollar and a Half. DANTE'S INFERNO. Illustrated by Doré. 25 parts, each One Dollar. DON QUIXOTE. Illustrated by Doré. 21 parts, each Fifty Cents. FABLES. Illustrated by Doré. 22 parts, each Fifty Cents. CASSELL'S ILLUSTRATED SHAKESPEARE. About 30 parts, each Fifty Cents. CASSELL'S ILLUSTRATED READINGS. 12 parts, each Fifty Cents. CASSELL'S BIBLE DICTIONARY. Illustrated. 24 parts, each Fifty Cents. CASSELL'S ILLUSTRATED FAMILY-BIBLE, 36 parts, each Fifty Cents. CASSELL'S POPULAR NATURAL HISTORY. Colored Illustrations. 32 parts, each Fifty Cents. ILLUSTRATED TRAVELS. In parts, each Fifty Cents. THE WORLD OF WONDERS. In parts, each Thirty Cents. THE CHILD'S BIBLE. Each Twenty-five Cents.

Canvassing Dealers liberally Dealt with by
R. TURNER, Manager, 596 Broadway, New York.

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